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This Year's Model Updates:

Minor appearance tweaks such as chrome badging and improved floor carpeting debut for 1999. A new engine immobilizer is available on the ES.

  • Large interior, available 3.2-liter V6 engine on the ES model, good looks.
  • Facing tough competition from home and abroad.

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  • Great Car - 1999 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Wife has this car for past 7 years. We ran it till 220,000 miles and sold it for $1000. What a great car. 28 mpg, very reliable. The car held together very well. Almost everything worked perfectly when we sold it. It was her car through medical school, residency, fellowship and finally her first year as an MD. Just based on this car, I would certainly buy another dodge car. Cant say enough about the engine and transmission. Ive owned nissans for years, but this dodge really proved that the domestics are doing some things right in the sedan category.

  • Kinda untrustworthy but decent - 1999 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    I bought this car used maybe two years ago with 73K and 93K the engine blew. I felt something coming for awhile, and continued to get it check, but nothing was found. Car would feel as though it wanted to shut down so many times, and even sometimes it would as though I were missing a sensor. Got a sensor replaced and it drove better until it finally shut down for good. I also do not like the brake system on this car, very hard.

  • do not buy this car - 1999 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    I am a 21 year old. This is by far the worst car I have ever owned. The first year was okay, Purchase car 4/11/08 from 2 owner WITH 94K. Motor start go BAD 104K AND TRANS TOO ON 5\23\11. Also the power window motor went out 3 time. Water pump went bad too. service and change oil and fluids every 1500 miles. First, the car started burning oil too fast. I was putting about 3 quarts of oil in it every weeks. Daimler-Chrysler should be ashamed of this 2.7L engine. i will never buy dodge again

  • Looks will last, not performance - 1999 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    This car was bought new in 99 by my mother. The car was passed to me in 2006. Since then, every little thing went wrong. First, the car started burning oil too fast. I was putting about 3 quarts of oil in it every 2 weeks. Then the cam sensor and starter went bad, causing the car to stall. They were replaced but 5 months later the same problem arose. Soon after I was putting 3 quarts of oil every 3 days. It could not survive trips longer than 2 hrs. Tire rod problems caused tires to wear down quickly. Finally the cover to the part you put oil exploded while driving. It died at 160k miles, I will admit it was poorly maintained but still lasted 12 years.

  • The 1999 Dodge Intrepid is a piece of junk. - 1999 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    The intrepid was o k at first but after it got a few thousand miles it started having a lot of trouble.The 2.7 motor is too weak for this car and gives a lot of problems.We had to replace the motor at about 80,000 miles.I am just glad we had a warranty.After that the computer was going out.Sometimes the intrepid would die going down the road and not start for about 10 minutes.One trip it died on me 10 times within a 70 mile trip.A mechanic said a computer for it would be around $1000.00.To me the intrepid was not worth that.The heater fan only worked on high.Some of the windows would not go down.All I can say is the Intrepid was my firdt and last Dodge.

  • Best Rear Seat in the Business! - 1999 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    I bought my 99 Intrepid used, after riding in a co-workers older model and finding a back seat that actually accommodated an overweight adult male. I rented a Chrysler Concorde on a trip east for a family funeral, and spent 3 days driving around my parents plus my sister and the widow. They had no trouble getting into and out of the back seat repeatedly. My middle daughter is 59" and not thin, and she preferred the back seat to the front because she could actually cross her legs without a problem. I always felt virtuous flying down the interstate with the low front end and raked windshield, as the SUV air plows spent $$$ pushing air out of the way. No other "family" car has that back seat

  • Use synthetic oil in the 2.7 engine - 1999 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Ive driven this car daily for 4 1/2 years, I have 160,000 on it currently, and the only things Ive had to fix are the electric cooling fans, starter, alternator, battery, and a couple of trans sensors. Ive studied this engine, and to take care of the sludge problem you need to run pure synthetic oil of the best variety you can find, it will pay for itself by giving you more performance, better gas mileage, and of course not blowing up. Most people treat their cars like crap and expect them to do everything cheaply, these folks will be the ones with the blown engines at 60,000. Also, run premium gas, that will also pay for itself with better mileage. Good car, Ill get 350,000 out of it

  • Nice, until you hit the "wall" - 1999 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    I was pretty happy with my Intrepid - only minor issues for 10 years. Biggest item: Starter needed replacement after 7 years and AC gave in. After 10 years, crank sensors gave in (2 different ones), resulting in stalling engine (not funny!) and Starter had to be replaced, again. Engine started to burn oil rapidly, Fan only worked on MAX or not at all. Brake lines had to be replaced - lucky I wasnt in an accident. In the 11th year - BUMM - Power Control Module is giving up! Cost: 50% of what the cars worth. The Mechanic said, the location of the module is bad: too hot and too exposed = design issue. Next issue on the horizon: Oxygen Sensor for the Cat. Convrt. No sludge - not enough miles.

  • TANK! - 1999 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    I have owned my 99 intrepid for about 6 months put it through hell and back. a week after i got it i smeared a deer. sat in the garage till Jan. got the new door and fender that was messed up from hitting the deer. yesterday i rear ended someone and totaled his car. only scratched my car. I hit him doing 40. and Im still driving it. no problems besides deployed airbags now. Love this car! Im getting another one!

  • keep maintained - 1999 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    this is a fun car to drive. 1st time owning a dodge. as long as maintained is a good car / risky if buying pre-owned. Common issue is head gasket, pistons & value guides causes car to smoke. After having these issues fixed I havent been able to go to beach (anything to do with driving over mountains, huge inclines as such) but in city has been good car. Had car accident totaled vehicle I will not purchase another 1 but if had not been totaled I would still enjoy this car. Maintenance has not been to bad, really suggest just keep it up and should be an ok car.

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