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ABS is standard on ES. Traction control is a new ES option.


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  • Terribly Engineered Vehicle - 1995 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    I picked up this vehicle used for a good price. It initially didnt have many problems, but after a while I had a MAJOR problem with the electrical system where the airbag light will come on, the windows wont go up or down, and the heat a/c wont come on. This usually happened when it was hot out (which is precisely when you need the windows to go down and A/C on). I found out later that this was a common problem in this model, because all of these features are in a single circuit on the modular control unit. The cost to fix the problem is higher than the Book Value of the car, bc you need to change out the whole unit. Dont buy this car.

  • Still Runnung strong - 1995 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Got this car in 2000 used with 70,000 miles on it have done regular maintenance oil change lube job etc, in 2003 serpentine belt broke, 2005 transmission replaced 2009 water pump gone replaced, after all that the car is very good strong ride comfortable and now going into 150000 miles the car is still pulling strong.

  • I LOVE MY DODGES! :} - 1995 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Bought in immidate need of a car after my caravan was totaled didnt have much info barely looked it over and honestly hated it. My radio/clock didnt work, bad AC,wipers just never were enough even new, had to replace brake lines, now brake pads and forever adding oil. Horn stopped working, and highlights werent bright though bulbs were good. I barely got 17mpg in town, as much as I hated and didnt keep up manitence it was still A TANK! It got me where I needed to go and is still running strong with all that needs working on at 166000+ miles. I will miss the size, just bought a neon, but otherwise wont miss the car. Needs alot of manitence so much I just couldnt keep up. owned 18 months

  • Solid car, good value for the money - 1995 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Bought it used with 40,000 miles, now has 150,000. 3.5 liter engine. The water pump and timing belt needs replacement every 70,000 or so. Tie rod ends last about 5 years. Its a solid car, nothing fancy in terms of creature comforts, but dependable. I keep track of repair costs and it averages about 1.2 cents per mile driven, much better than 2.4 and 2.8 for my two Bonnevilles. It needs to warm up a while before driving in our cold winters. Daughter has it at college, and still is dependable.

  • Love My Intrepid - 1995 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Ok, its not perfect. It has the same tie-rod issues everybody seems to have. But I presently have 268,000 miles on mine, and it still runs like a top. Extremely nice handling, very comfortable ride, reliable, original engine. AC has been out for years, and its starting to show a little rust on the doors, and sure, I replace a part here and there over time, but I cant kick. It still feels like a luxury car, and I still love the design of it, inside and out.

  • I love my car - 1995 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    my intrepid is my first car. i got it from my grandfather my junior year of high school. i had to rebuilt the trani at 120,000 and until 208,985 i havent had a single issue with it. fuel pump, water pump, front tie rod, and timing belt are the only issues ive had with her. its the perfect first car, sporty, efficient, reliable, and comfort, dodge so needs to start rolling them out again. i call her my old man sports car becuase of the comfort as well as the pep that it has. most amazing car ever, ill hate to get rid of it.

  • Still love this car - 1995 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Still gets 20 in the city and 28-30 highway. Had to replace the timing belt and water pump(second one) and the starter but heck it is almost 15 yrs old!!! I will just cry when I finally have to give it up but let me tell you, I will drive it until the wheels fall off or I can qualify for the $4500 credit - not likely due to the mileage it gets. Never a clunker and there are still a number of these big guys out on the road here in GA.

  • A Rough Fifteen Years - 1995 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    I bought this intrepid from its third owner. Considering the abuse it recieved from the last owner, I was amazed to see it even run. It has the 3.3L and it gets 16mpg in town and 28mpg on the highway. I will swear by the intrepid as long as Im a qualified technition.

  • Good car - 1995 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    It has a very strong 3.5 liter, 24 valve engine. Problems we have encountered are the water pump goes out at 70,000 miles, according to the mechanic who says he fixes about 4 a week. If you are lucky, the pulley seizing on the pump will shred the timing belt and kill the engine immediately, otherwise, the engine will overheat and warp the heads, increasing the cost from $700 to $2800. Some sort of bolt on the steering mechanism has stripped a couple of times, needing the front end to be dropped down to replace, which has been spendy.

  • Best car Ive ever owned - 1995 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    I bought the car in 1997 used with 19,000 miles and its still running strong at 160,000. Ive never even changed the transmission fluid! The engine is still strong and has never had any mechanical issues except normal wear and tear. In fact, it still has the original exhaust system! I wish they never stopped making them. Unfortunately its time to retire the old girl. Im selling to my niece.

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