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This Year's Model Updates:

The high-performance R/T model is dropped, although the new SXT offers virtually all of the go-fast goodies, including the 244-horsepower V6 and firmer suspension tuning. Music buffs will appreciate the new six-disc CD changer that replaces the former four-disc unit.

  • Plenty of passenger and luggage capacity, agile handling, powerful engines.
  • Dated ergonomics, blind spots when backing up, engine noise when pressed.

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  • 12 years old, 186K miles and still running like new - 2003 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Bought new in 2003, this car never let me down or left me stranded. Replaced generator at 121K (2011), front-left wheel bearing hub in 2015 (180K), total cost for both repairs $300 (self-replaced). Original exhaust system still solid. Replaced front pads and rotors at 120K, rear at 140K. Gone thru two batteries as well. A good, simple, cheap car.

  • LOVE DODGES! - 2003 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    I recently purchased my 2nd Dodge Intrepid. They are very dependable cars,as long as theyre taken care of. My 1st Intrepid was a 2000. Owned it 3 years and only replaced a tire rod and the power steering pump(previous owner neglected it). I accumulated alot of miles on that car. When I let it go it had 215,000 miles and still going strong. My current intrepid is a 2003. Sitting at 146,000. Excellent car. I change my oil every 5,000 miles. 4qts of synthetic blend oil and 1 qt of Lucas engine treatment. These cars are CHAMPS as long as theyre taken care of!

  • Best car owned - 2003 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    When GM discontinued their oldsmobile line (which i owned all cutlass models) i decided to purchased my 2003 Intrepid SXT. I wanted a car to carry my friends and for camping. I was suprised that my car, the the back seat down, held more than a honda crv. It presently has almost 115,000 and just did the regular maintainence recomendations. I was suprised on the open road I have gotten approx 27 mpg with the air on. Hopefully they will bring back the production of the intrepid as they have with other models. I would purchase another if they do.

  • Wish I could clone this one!! - 2003 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    This is my second Intrepid. I bought my 2003 SXT brand new over 8 years ago. I currently have 259000 miles on it. Only 1 tune up done at 115000 miles, oil changed every 6000 miles. Mostly regular maintenance was all it needed until about 200000 miles. With age and mileage things wear out, radiator, water pump, ac compressor and condensor. But engine and transmission still strong. Looks, runs and sounds almost like new. I hear people a lot saying all Intrepids have serious engine or transmission problems and they dont last. I think most of their problems were probably lack of proper care and maintenance. Best car in the U.S. Wish they were still made, Id buy another one in a heartbeat.

  • These cars can go a long way - 2003 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    We purchased this car for my daughter with 177000 miles. These miles were accumulated mostly be a salesman in rural Oklahoma. Shortly after we purchased it, we had to replace the alternator. I have replaced one of the mirrors where my daughter backed into a pole at Sonic. All new drivers should have cars with black mirrors so they dont have to go to the body shop for mirror replacement. Car has a huge back seat. My daughter complains about lack of power merging onto the interstate. If we get anywhere near the Edmunds private party price for this car, it will have exceeded our expectations for value. Presently has 193,000 miles.

  • Never Again - 2003 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Stay Away, I will never own Dodge again. within 1 month of owning, blown head gasget, blown pressure relief valve, Replaced. Then engine lght stays on..no power uphills, sludge build up in engine (oil changed correclty) Misses, overheats. Cant see when backing up vision field limited. I would highly recommend if you are thinking of buying an intrepid research not only this year but many others have severe engine trouble. I cant wait to trade it in if I can ever get it to run long enough to trade in! Value drops.

  • Nice looking and roomy - 2003 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    My wife and I bought it used because she liked the loook of the outside and we really had to buy something that day. The price was right but the car stinks. It is a nice looking car and it is roomy. We have had the car in the shop at least once a month and we always think that it is the trans but it turns out to be something else. The car was not worth the stress and inconvience. i will never own another dodge, this is my third and it is the same story, cheap and ineefective.

  • Liked it, lost it - 2003 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Bought it with 23k on the clock, great car, never let me down once. Had to swap some brake rotors out as they warped a couple of times. Bought the 2.7 that has a timing chain instead of a belt, never missed a beat. Someone pulled out in front of me and now I have to find another one! Aaarghh! Anyway, car was roomy, fun and very dependable. If I can find a decent one equal to my insurance check, Ill snag it, but they are a dying breed. Highly recommend this car, good value for money I think.

  • enjoy but be aware of potential prblems - 2003 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Ive had this car for over 4 years and have put on 85,000 miles. The engine is quiet & without problems primarily because I have used mobil 1 since new. The 2.7 engine has a history of sludging and failing by 100k (many times earlier) if you do normal oil changes with regular oil. I.e., the oil cooks in the engine. However, if you can find a low mileage version (2.7 L) or one with 3.5 L engine, you should be okay AS LONG AS YOU USE MOBIL ONE. (if you dont believe me ask any mechanic with real experience with the 2.7 L engine. YOU SHOULD BE REALLY SUSPCIOUS OF A HIGH ENGINE 2.7 L (definitely have mechanic check one of these).

  • "THE INTREPID" - 2003 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    I bought my Dodge Intrepid just last year and its been a great car, matter of fact the best four-door sedan I have ever driven or bought even so it gives me some difficulties like I had to get the transmission rebuilt at 91,000 some odd miles but does get me from point A to point B when I need it to.

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