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Changes to this family sedan for the 2001 model year include optional side airbags, a shoulder belt for the central rear passenger, an internal trunk release, three new interior colors, two additional exterior colors, and an additional power outlet in the center console if you get a model with bucket seats. For those cars equipped with the Infinity sound system, you'll receive steering wheel-mounted controls and a four-disc in-dash CD player. SE is now the base Intrepid designation (previously is was the mid-level model) and it includes higher grade fabric this year. All engine choices meet LEV standards and all models receive thicker side glass and upgraded windshield moldings for a quieter ride.

  • Huge interior, gigantic trunk, composed ride, attractive looks.
  • Cheap interior materials, lots of engine and road noise, large size makes parking a chore.

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  • I love my car - 2001 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

  • Best Car Ever!! 2014 and Still Going Strong 232000 miles - 2001 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    I bought this car in 2008 for only $1400 because it had 150,000 miles. In 6 years I have had to go only regular maintenance - oil, tires, plugs, breaks oh and 1 tire rod. Its so much fun to drive but the shop I take it to says I have to change the timing belt they are concerned it has soo many miles. Honestly, I know they are right and it should be done. Great Car in fact the best car I have ever bought and Ive had only new cars up to the day I bought it...it was suppose to be an interim car til I decided what next. 6 years later I still Love IT

  • Cheap, but very reliable - 2001 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Cheap (i.e. painted plastic bumpers), difficult to maintain (i.e. water pump driven by timing chain, $1,200 to replace). Poor quality (i.e. electric issues, plastic pieces breaking). 220,000 miles and still runs strong. Regular oil changes with good oil, never had any issues so far. It will die one day, probably because either being involved in an accident or an expensive repair.

  • My first car - 2001 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    This was the first car I ever had, and I must say I loved it. I got it when it was just over 100,000 miles and I had it until 118,000. It would be still running today, but a drunk driver hit it and it was totaled. It was a great, reliable car. But it is important to keep up with oil changes and services. The interior is very comfortable and can easily fit five people-six uncomfortably. The trunk is huge, which was a great plus. This body style looks a lot nicer than the old one, all in all I think this is a great car.

  • Intrepid---241,000 miles-- - 2001 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Well, I have decided after driving my 2001 Intrepid for 241,00 miles, it warranted a review for consumers. I did not have any mechanical issues with the car until it reached the 170,000 mark. I have always maintained the normal with the required oil changes, etc. At the 100,000 mark...one of the cooling fans quit working..timing built, alternater replaced,...I loved my Intrepids solid performance and was not ready to purchase a different automobile, decided to make the necessary mechanical repairs. To my pleasant surprise my Intrepid is reached 241,000 miles!!!

  • The only car Ill buy now! - 2001 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    Absolutely love it! I bought it three years ago and now it has over 200,000 miles on it. Still runs like it was brand new. I havent had any problems with the engine. Everything is original. It sat for over a year due to having no license and the only thing that had to be replaced was the battery. I have heard that if you dont look for a specialist of this type of car you are dooming yourself. I live in the very bad wintering midwest. It runs awesome in the snow. I have driven on ice covered and completely snow covered rodes. Of all the many cars Ive had this is my favorite!!!!!

  • Touchy, but reliable and fun to drive - 2001 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    As of now, over 205,000 miles on original engine and transmission. Car is touchy due to hit and runs, and the lack of real bumpers. The painted plastic bumpers immediately missalign and the paint cracks. Car runs fine, except for normal wear and tear, no issues (yet) considering the bad engine reputation. But we keep up the maintenance and dont let an unknown kid touch our car. Too many specifics. Did you know that there is a second transmission fluid compartment which has to be drained and filled seperately from the main transmission? See? Gas mileage is great for a car this size, on the highway going the speed limit of course we get 28 miles, city and short distance drips 15.

  • The Best Car Ive Ever Owned - 2001 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    I went to Dodge to get a new-used car as a Christmas present for myself and after not getting approved for a couple of cars that I was looking at, they had approved me for the 2001 Dodge Intrepid with only 75K miles and a 2-yr warranty. At first, I was not interested. Boy, am I glad that I took a second look at it the next day! After all, I was tired of driving my 1996 Pontiac Bonneville with no heat or air conditioning. With living in the desert, a/c and heat is a must! Besides, after putting about $1,300 worth of new parts and labor into the car, I was tired of dealing with my Bonneville. Im so happy to be a new owner of my 01 Dodge Intrepid!

  • Not so good - 2001 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    When I bought this SE car in 2002, it ran great, no trouble at all for 5 years. At 86,000 miles and after spotless maintenance checks and oil changes-- the engine died (2.7L). I found out from many forums online-- that the 2.7L engine was total junk. The oil passages in it are microscopic which leads to oil starvation of the various parts. This is a design flaw! There is no warning! One minute the car is running, the next it stops. In my engine, the timing chain tensioner quit (oil driven)-- the OHC failed, leading to valve breakage-- result, total junk engine. For those of you whose engine is still running- you are extremely lucky! But beware-- your engine could fail at any moment!

  • 2001 Dodge Intrepid- SE 2.7 Engine - 2001 Dodge Intrepid
    By -

    This vehicle has been the most reliable car Ive had. My car is a garage baby at work and home. I purchased this car at 82,000. It now has 152,000. I have people coming up to me often wanting me to notify them if I decided to sell my car. So far, Ive had front alignment work, (2) wheel bearings, intake manifold and the serpentine belt replaced. I just got that all done this year. I get regular oil changes every 3000 miles and a tune-up every year. The only other complaint is that I have an oil leak but I do keep a close eye to make sure there is enough oil. I had a Saturn that died at 148,000 miles before I got this vehicle which was crap. I think my next car will definitely be a Dodge.

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