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  • I love Veronica! - 2016 Volkswagen EOS
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    I had to give my shiny red convertible a name because it is adorable and awesome to drive! Havent had this much fun in years. I dont even mind getting stuck in traffic because having the top down keeps me smiling.

  • DO NOT BUY AN EOS!....DO NOT BUY A VOLKSWAGEN! - 2016 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    If youre thinking of buying a Volkswagen, DONT! Do yourself a HUGE favor and go look at other manufactures. THE WORST car Ive ever had. Between personal cars and company cars Ive driven Pontiac, Chevy, Oldsmobile, Ford, Chrysler and Mazda. And NEVER had problems with them. Enter Volkswagen. Were talking about an EOS Lux. The rear view mirror fell off the windshield shortly after purchasing the car. If only I had recognized the omen. The clear coat started peeling off the hood of the car. Have to replace a headlight bulb every 3 months. They constantly burn out. The passenger seat will not move forward or backwards in cold weather. The passenger side window stopped working and the motor had to be replaced. The car alarm went off and could not stop it. The door lock cylinder, ignition switch and battery were replaced. 2 days later the car alarm went off again and could not stop it. Was told that the drivers side window motor would have to be replaced for the problem because of a "module" thats attached for the alarm system. The intake manifold on the engine got a hole in it and had to be replaced. I was told that while the intake manifold was off the valves should be cleaned of carbon buildup. The convertible top leaks. The convertible top stopped working. Was told the entire roof would have to removed in order to find out what was going on. The car was in the shop for 3 days and a technical expert was called in. I was told the roof was just "out of sync" and there was no real problem with it. And then was charged $1,400 for no problem found. Since they removed the top, the top does nothing but creak. The "exchanger" on the engine had to be replaced. The car started leaking oil. They found not ONE or TWO but THREE places where oil was leaking from. The gasket between the engine and transmission has to be replaced. The gasket for the timing cover has to be replaced. And some part for the turbocharger has to be replaced. I was told by the service manager that the oil leaks are a COMMON problem. But they normally dont all happen at once. So, oil leaks ARE TO BE EXPECTED. Its NORMAL for a Volkswagen. A control arm has a crack in it. One of the rear shocks has a leak. The windshield washer reservoir leaks. I probably forgot some things. I was hoping that the car would burst into flames and Id watch it burn to the ground with a huge smile on my face. No such luck. The car is in the shop having the oil leaks taken care of. ONLY $1,800 more dollars put into the piece of garbage. A total of $5,832 have been put into it since 2/2014. I told them to fix the oil leaks and Im DONE WITH VOLKSWAGEN. The car will be GONE as soon as I get it back. DO NOT BUY A VOLKSWAGEN!

  • A Steal in 2016 - 2016 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    Everyone says this car isnt sporty, but I think it is. My wife has an Audi Q4 and that car wants to speed, its engine is always hungry for faster. The Eos is also hungry for speed. Not quite as hungry as the Audi, luckily, but its not for racing (and Id argue the Audi is too fast to the point of being dangerous.) I love the Eos. The hard top means I can actually leave a car seat in there in the city and not worry about it getting stolen. My Wrangler soft top was constantly robbed. The car will fit me, the wife, the baby, the dog, and a weekend getaways luggage with the top up, so we fill it up, go to the coast, unload, and were set for top down cruising. The Eos is fun to drive, comfortable, sporty, and I feel like I got way more features than the price tag suggests. I got it in black and it looks a little like the Batmobile with the top up. The interior finishes are gorgeous. The handling is tight and responsive. The sound system is great and with Spotify streaming to the speakers, perfect. The nav doesnt show traffic, I wish it were Google maps - but I just use my phone for navigating heavy traffic. This leaves my Wrangler in the dust in every way. Ease of dropping the top, handling, mileage, safety, trunk space, and comfort. The Audi is comparable but not a convertible! Ive driven their soft tops but I love the Eos hard top. Anyways, I think the discounted Eos is a steal and recommend driving one and if you like it, get it while you can!

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