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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2012, the Volkswagen Eos front fascia more closely resembles the new Jetta's, while the interior receives VW's next-generation infotainment and climate controls. The DSG automated manual gearbox is now standard equipment, while keyless ignition/entry and HD radio are now available options.

  • Innovative retractable hardtop with integrated sunroof
  • Strong and efficient engine
  • Ample feature content.
  • Solid interior quality
  • Tight backseat
  • Built for comfort, not speed.

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  • Beware of Defective Water pumps - 2012 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I bought a 2012 EOS in April of 2011. As of this writing 12/24/11, I only have 3,100 miles on the car and it has had 3 water pumps put in. Fortunately, the car has not broken down yet, but the water pumps build up pressure after the cars warm up and a screeching noise can be heard from under the hood. My first was found by accident. With only 400 miles on the car, I had gotten out to run back into the house to retireve something and I heard the noise. I brought it back to the dealer and was told VW had a batch of defective water pumps and they would put another one in, which they did. Stand outside your EOS and listen for the noise! My car is being replaced.

  • A Solid Winner, 2012 VW Eos - 2012 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    This senior has been driving domestic cars for 50+ years and recently leased a 2012 Eos Komfort convertible. My prior lease was a Pontiac G6 hardtop convertible The Eos blows the G6 away in many aspects and I loved that car.  Some words I use to describe the Eos are fun, quick, smooth, and beautiful. After 30 days and 1000 miles, I find the quality of workmanship and operation to be excellent. My mixed driving habits net me 28.3 mpg overall. The rear seating is fine for grandkids but I usually do not use these seats.  With the top in the trunk, you still have some room to go grocery shopping, not so with the G6. The wind screen behind the front seats is a welcome feature.  The car gives just enough road presence that you think youre driving a sports car.There is a moderate learning curve for all the gadgets facing the driver, so engage your dealers knowledge at delivery. My VW professionals made me very comfortable.  There is a vast array of exterior colors, I picked the Black Oak Brown with beige interior which has attracted many lookers. It was in the brochure and hooked me immediately. Now I cant stop finding reasons to drive my new Eos.

  • Bad Trans. Twice. Plus other major problems - 2012 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    Weve had the car for about 30 of the 36 month lease. During the 30 months, car has been in the shop MORE than 60 days total (lost count). There have been 3 major oil leaks, parts failures, and the transmission needed to be repaired twice. The parts had to come from Germany. Glad we chose to lease. Cant wait to get rid of this thing.

  • Fun convertible to drive! - 2012 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    Owned a 2009 VW Eos that was totaled. Could not live without convertible. Looked at used BMW & Mercedes but Eos was my top pick. Fun car to drive and love updated body style on the 2012. Same engine as 2009 but 2012 seems smoother. Ride is much better than 2009 - not as much road noise & dont feel all the bumps like 2009. Love the push button start and keyless locking/opening of doors. Upgrades in Lux are well worth the extra couple of thousands over the Komfort. Will keep this car forever and love the new color choices - bought rising blue metallic and have had many compliments on color

  • Bad Choice - 2012 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I was dead set on getting a hard top, four seat convertible, and in my price range, there was only this and the Chrysler 200. Ive never owned a Chrysler and dont want to. So that left this. Within two weeks of picking up the brand new 2012, the leaks started. VW wont fix it because they "cant diganose it." The way they "diagnose" it is to run a three inch Home Depot shower head attached to a hose suspended a foot over the center of the top of the car. Turns out when it rains in Rochester, NY, it rains over the entire car, not just a three inch spot over the center. VW America is a nightmare of a company to deal with.

  • Fun to drive, but think before you buy - 2012 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    My wife wanted to buy a convertible when we moved to GA from NY. We chose the Eos because of the hard top because our infant son. We also liked the roll over protection that is built into the rear head rests. However with the top down you have little room for cargo. We expected this, however I can barely fit my golf clubs in the trunk, even with the top up. The turbo charged engine is OK and fun at first, however it takes some pedal control to come off the line without slamming yourself back into the seat, when the turbo kicks in.

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