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The 2007 VW Eos is an all-new four-seat convertible with a retractable hardtop.

  • Power-retractable hardtop with integrated glass sunroof, plenty of zip from base 2.0T engine, extroverted styling, high-quality cockpit furnishings.

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  • Love My EOS - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    When a 20 year old male and his 50+ mother agree that a car is perfect; it must be! Jerry, who reviewed thought the EOS was a "male" car. I disagree...its just a sophisticated vehicle for either sex. I am not normally a spur of the moment type person, but once I saw the EOS with the top down and test drove it, I knew I HAD to put a deposit on it. Mine was the first off the dealers lot. Its like owning entirely two different vechicles, one with top down and the other as a hardtop. More people than I can count in the past week have asked me about the car. It was a big hit in AC this past weekend. I have yet to find something that I would change about it from either a design or a performance point. I LOVE IT!

  • VW should rename the Eos to "ET 2.0" - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    Driving the VW Eos 2.0T DSG 6 sp is a lot of fun. The first thing I liked was the sun roof day or night I could look out at the stars or the clouds and trees. I was surprised that my Eos got 32 mpg and the passing power was so brisk I never experienced that type of passing power before. I also enjoy the fact I can listen to MP3s and the compass is a plus. Electric seats especially the height adjustment made me happy. The roof, what can I say I live in Florida and have the roof down most of the time just turn on the air conditioner for comfort. Last of all some advice. The Eos needs to have a home, a garage, be washed every other week and always use premium gas.

  • Love my Eos - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    After a few months of researching convertibles and not finding a hard top reasonably priced, there was an article on the EOS in our local paper. After going online to Edmunds and VW website for more information, I went to the dealership and bought it that day. Going from a mid-size SUV to small convertible, I thought it would take some adjustment. However, it is so much fun to drive and feels like a solid car around me. It has excellent pick up, especially getting on the freeway. The hardtop easily retracts and amazes me with the technology. I love driving with the top down, even it is chilly out, I just turn the heated seat up. Im thrilled with my purchase.

  • Best value for the money and A+ design - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    This is the first coupe-convertible with a hardtop. Getting this car is definitely my best choice ever. I had to wait some time before I could get a deal on the price, but what do you expect from a best-selling car in Europe? The car as a coupe is exceptionally quiet inside, compared to the conventional canvas-top convertibles. The interior is very classy and the dashboard colors are pleasing to the eye, and not at all a distraction. While driving it as a convertible, the ride is very smooth and with very minimal jerks. The wheels hug the road beautifully while turning and making quick curves, and I was in fact prodded by the test-drive guy to turn it at 60 mph to see that it had no effect on the cars handling.

  • 2007 Eos - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I love my Eos. Ive had it since last April and it hasnt been back to the shop since. The interior is roomy and stylish yet simple. Im very impressed with the gas mileage, getting 28 miles to the gallon on average so far, despite living in the city. The steering is tight and you can really feel the road. Its fun to drive, even if only down the block. The top is simple to use and when its up its hard to believe its a convertible. The only bad thing is the top-down trunk space, but its big enough to fit small luggage or a couple suitcases. But Ive found the back seat makes a good place to put stuff, too. And you dont look like Mr. Moneybags, having a flashy exterior.

  • The Best Car Nobody Will Buy - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    Hands down the Eos is one of the top 5 best new model cars of 2007. The mid trim level combines the best of VW and Audi design in the 2.0 liter turbo FSI engine and the 6 speed DSG automatic. The 200 horses push this car from 0-60 in 7 seconds regardless of the transmission (a feat that will turn many manual drivers into DSG fans). The 5 piece stacking hard top designed by Webesto features a panoramic sunroof that is only one of its kind. Dynaudio spent 2 years working with VW to tune a 10 speaker sound system to the interior dynamics. The Pontiac G6 doesnt come close in features or reliability and the Volvo equivalent is $10,000 more. It even gets 31 mpg hwy for summer top down crusin.

  • Former rag top driver - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    Ive always had a rag top. I love this car, best of both worlds. Looks like a transformer when the top goes down. Careful, this little car is very fast. Quiet inside. Hope this red convertible doesnt get me a speeding ticket.

  • Fun, Practical, Economical, Unique - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I looked for a year before purchasing the EOS. Its truly the best buy out there for less than $35,000. I dont recommend paying for the Luxury or Sport packages, as you can get the upgraded radio and wheels for about $2,000 less. For a family who may need to seat four, and prefers a solid hard-top and front wheel drive, but enjoys the top down every so often, there is nothing out there like the EOS.

  • Best money I have spent on a car - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    How do you spell fun? E-O-S. Purchased this in Dec of 06, and drive 30K annually. Ive had a set of tires, one engine recall (that fixed a "check engine" light), and a top adjustment. Thats it - other than oil changes. My 13-year old son is waiting for the day he gets this car as a hand-me-down! Tons of fun, great handling, and reliable - what more do you need?

  • Dont forget the oil - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    Wife drives it most, she loves it. I wish it were a bit larger, but it is a compact. Found it has been needing one quart of oil every 1k, service says that is not unusual with a turbo. Seems like a lot. Overall good car and a good value.

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