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The number of trim levels on the Volkswagen Eos has been whittled down for 2009. Last year's 3.2-liter VR6 engine is no longer available, and all trim levels now come standard with the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Other changes this year include optional parking assist (it used to be standard) and a redesigned optional navigation system. The new touchscreen nav system is ready for nearly any type of media with an integrated hard drive, a USB port and an SD card slot.

  • Power-retractable hardtop with integrated glass sunroof, handsome styling, plenty of zip from turbocharged engine, respectable fuel economy, high-quality interior.
  • Not-so-sporty handling, limited backseat and cargo space, gets pricey with options.

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  • Worst Car Ever - 2009 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I leased this car back in August on 2008 and have had nothing but problems with it and the dealership ever since. Four weeks after I leased the car, a transmission valve had to be replaced. I learned about his problem only after nearly being killed on the freeway because my car lost all forward momentum. To add insult to injury the dealership insisted it was my starter that caused this issue. Only after speaking to a mechanic was this issue actually addressed. The dealership had my car for over three weeks and tried to charge me for the rental car. Approximately a year later the manufacture issued a recall for this transmission value issue.

  • Enjoying the Eos - 2009 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    Purchased base model w/ 17 inch wheels. Great fun to drive. Plenty of pick-up with turbo. Slight hesitation but then it really moves. Compared with BMW 328 but glad I went with Eos. Saved alot of money and enjoying the car. Give this car a try and dealers are willing to deal right now.

  • 1 year so far no issues - 2009 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I put 13k on it so far so good. Absolutely no-issues. I was driving a VW passat earlier and wanted to get a convertible, SAAB, VOLVO and EOS was in my list. With the price , quality , handling and look we decided to go with EOS. Excellent gas mileage Highway I even got 35MPG.

  • Nice car with a few hiccups - 2009 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    This fun car is a dream to drive. The turbo engine really gets up and goes. We have taken the car on long trips and it is really very comfortable. Now after having it for a year we find out the hard way that the engine is an oil burner after total 20k mileage. Just got it back from the dealer where the oil consumption is one half quart per 1000 miles-- an amount that Volks says is acceptable. I asked how I can make the 10,000 mile factory suggested oil change interval and the dealership simply says I cannot. For the price of this car and the supposed quality of Volks engineering this is simply unacceptable. No more Volkswagens for me!!!!!!!

  • Compare to WHAT?? - 2009 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    We wanted a convertible for years. We considered and drove the BMW 128i, Porsche Boxster, and Mercedes 350 CLK. On vacations we rented Sebring and Mustang Shelby convertibles. When we discovered the EOS on a trip to Arkansas, we bought it on the spot and left our Acura RDX at the dealer. We continued our vacation in our brand new EOS and had a blast. Consider it a 1200 mile test drive! The person who wrote Edmunds review saying the car could not handle the twisties must be faking his reviews in my opinion. I also own a 1985 Porsche 911; the new EOS driven in Sport mode with the DSG handled every bit as well as my Porsche. The car definitely has German DNA and was FUN, FUN, FUN!!

  • this is the one! - 2009 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    unlike so many other folks who seem to have owned nothing but foreign cars, i have only ever driving u.s.-made cars...and, although i know that american cars are essentially now the best theyve ever been the quality theyve ever been, i have to say i have never owned or driven anything as nice as this car...i am saddened that not all of us have had positive experiences...i purchased it three years old, with 14,000 miles on it...and i just want to say, so far, so GREAT! nice ride, nice interior comfort, great sound system, very head-turning and eye-catching, plenty of acceleration, i recommend this car without hesitation! i have driven it 6,000 miles, and have nothing but positive things

  • Classy Ride - 2009 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I was going to reward my self with a new car and thought I would go with the Sky but after driving decided too small. Happened upon the VW EOS by accident and so happy I did. I even thought about going Certified Pre- Owned Mercedes but kept going back to the EOS. After I test drove the car, I was hooked. Its such a beautiful car and it is fun to drive. Im not use to not having more storage but Im sure I will get use to it. The car is amazing!

  • Great Value - Fun to Drive - 2009 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    Traded in my 2004 Saab Aero convertible on the EOS. This car has the best turbocharger I have ever experienced. I always have proper power and torque. In fact if you stomp the accelerator from a standstill, the car will hop as a result of excess torque. With Nav, I paid $33K for this car - thousands less than any other quality convertible and I am averaging 29 mpg in the first 2,000 miles of mixed driving. The seat are exceptionally good (I have a very bad back and can tell!). The only criticism I have is that a power passenger seat is not standard although it is not that big a deal. VW has the best priced lineup of any car manufacturer.

  • Very safe hardtop - 2009 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I have had this car for 4 months, nothing has gone wrong the build quality is amazing. I recently flipped the car on Thanksgiving day, and the hardtop is very safe, only caved by about an inch to maybe 1 1/2 inches. The anti-rollbars popped up and if I hadnt had the top up I believe I would be just as fine. Only got a couple cuts on my hands when getting out. I highly recommend it just for the safety features even though the interior is amazing along with the engine. I was hitting 36 mpg with premium on the freeway at an average of going 75 mph.

  • This car is awful! Beware! - 2009 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    Long story short: I leased my Volkswagen EOS April1, 2009. Today is August 3, 2009 and its been in the shop 3 times (STILL THERE mind you) for the convertable top malfunctioning OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. It stopped mid-air in a parking lot and wouldnt open all the way OR close all the way! I had to get a Flat Bed to take it to the dealership! Now VW wants to replace the ENTIRE roof! Its 3 MONTHS OLD! And, this is the best part, they are telling me that I MAY HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS. Its $8,000 alone just for the top! I am PETRIFIED to drive this car anymore and I dont want it anymore. The aggravation I have been through is appalling. Its STILL in the shop for the rest of summer!!!

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