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  • Best Adventure Rig! - 1996 Toyota T100
    By -

    i do a lot of exploring off the pavement and in the mountains where i live in the American West. The T100 is by far the best adventure truck that i have owned =) Big enough to comfortably seat 4 adults and 2 dogs; small enough to get into most places without much difficulty. i have had to replace many parts on it, however some of them were the originals that decided to finally give out after 20+ years and 360,000+ miles =)

  • luvmytoyota - 1997 Toyota T100
    By -

    Toyota has built a good truck. I have driven my truck across country twice with a full load, and I never had a problem. I have 76,000 on the truck now and I have only had to do the routine work to keep it running great. The driver seat can get a little uncomfortable on long drives.

  • Love the versatility - 1998 Toyota T100
    By -

    This t100 has a nice look. Excellent paint. No rust. Shines and looks like new. Tight just like a new one. The first owner had all the dealer records.

  • Oilfield Workhorse T-100 - 1997 Toyota T100
    By -

    What can I say. I have abused this vehicle since I bought it new. I put 22k miles on in the 1st 3 months. I have hauled heavy oilfield equipment, towed trailers. Run through mud, chains on all 4. Twice as many hours including idling on worksite as miles. It does not burn a drop of oil. I have replaced the clutch, new brakes, muffler, timing belt, etc. Wonderful vehicle. I averaged between 20 and 26 MPG over its great life. Slightly smaller than full size, but tire tracks match well in deep mud with other pick- ups. Can not say the same for the Tacoma. I liked so much, I bought a new Crew Cab Tundra 2004.

  • Good truck - 1997 Toyota T100
    By -

    Bought used with about 90,000 miles on it. Had to replace the spark plugs, which improved the gas mileage also. Has about 113,000 on it now. Its been very reliable.

  • Solid Performer is Underrated - 1998 Toyota T100
    By -

    Critics panned the T100 when it was introduced; too small, they said. Its the perfect size for me. Plenty of power, lots more cabin space than the Tacoma, plenty of cargo space, with Toyota reliability. At 62" I find plenty of room inside. Its been very reliable so far. The interior looks dated with the old style controls, and there are too many stalks on the steering column. Lacks niceties like cargo bed lamp, remote fuel hatch release, etc. Its no Tundra but doesnt cost nearly as much either. And its a big step up from the Tacoma. Friends say the resale on it will be awful, nobody wants them. I say, "Resale? Im going to drive it until it falls apart."

  • Great Mid-Size Truck - 1998 Toyota T100
    By -

    I have 45,000 miles on a 98 ext. cab, auto, a/c.... I tested the back seat on the new Tundra and I, nor any of my family members could not fit in the back. The dealer said perhaps Toyota made a slit error in designing the Tundra back seat. The T100 is a very strong vehicle. Build quality is tops. Very comfortable and the engine will just blow you away with its power. I tow a 16 bass boat ... no problem. I also get 21 MPG on the highway , and 19 around town. It youre looking for a T100, I suggest you get a 97 or 98. These are hard to find because most owners are not interested in getting rid of wheels that require almost no maintenance.

  • 97 T-00 SR5 EX CAB 4wd - 1997 Toyota T100
    By -

    The T-100 has proven to be a very reliable truck. It is a little smaller than a full size Ford or Chevy, which is nice if you dont need that much room but want something bigger than a compact truck, it also fits in a small garage a little better.

  • Great Truck - 1998 Toyota T100
    By -

    Ive owned this truck going on 4 years now and it has been reliable and is a smooth ride. I have towed a 17 bass boat and also loaded a 10 row boat in the bed. It drives well and actually seems to drive better with a load in the bed. I have 105000 miles on it and was thinking of trading up, but Im not sure if I would get a better truck even if it were a newer model. Its 12 years old and I have owned it for 4 years and only had to replace the front brake pads and a muffler and have a bolt re-threaded on the oxygen sensor. the muffler and brakes were both done in the past year. So basically 3 years with only oil changes on a 12 yr old truck.

  • 1997 Toyota T100 SR5 w/208,000 miles alr - 1997 Toyota T100
    By -

    I cant wait to say I have a quarter of a million miles on my truck. I drive it everyday both city and highway. I changed the front brakes twice and they are not any where needed yet. I changed the rears a third time only because the emergency brake cable froze. I have had two mufflers one I paid for and the second one was replaced by the dealer because they said any repairs they did was warrantied for life. No lightbulbs needed yet but I did revert to White Lights. Has the best headlights I have ever had on any vehicle. Rides great even on still original shocks. Minimum rust which I am getting fixed. Back bumper also needs replaced - rust. Overall I have been very pleased with my truck.

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