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The Toyota Camry quietly debuted late in the 1983 model year, when Toyota replaced its old rear-wheel-drive Corona with the front-wheel-drive Camry, a car aimed specifically at the U.S. market. From these humble beginnings, the Camry would go on to dominate the midsize family sedan segment for virtually all of the next quarter-century, as consumers immediately embraced it for its high build quality, comfortable ride and impressive durability.

New or used, the Camry comes pretty highly recommended. As the Camry sells in such high numbers, finding one that matches your criteria should be pretty easy. It is worth noting that the family segment has improved greatly in more recent years. Many competing sedans have matched or outpaced the Camry in terms of quality and desirability, particularly in comparison to the sixth-generation model. The latest version of the Camry, however, has largely shored up the car's reputation as a go-to choice.

Current Toyota Camry
The five-passenger Toyota Camry is offered in L, LE, SE, SE Sport and XLE trim levels with a choice of two engines. The base 2.5-liter four-cylinder produces 178 horsepower and 170 pound-feet of torque, while the available (depending on trim) 3.5-liter V6 makes 268 hp and 248 lb-ft. A six-speed automatic is the only transmission offered, and sends power to the front wheels.

The Camry L's feature highlights include air-conditioning, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, Bluetooth, a touchscreen display and a six-speaker sound system with a USB interface. Stepping up to the LE gets you a few more features, while the SE spices things up with a sport-tuned suspension and sporty styling treatments. The SE Sport features bigger wheels, a sunroof and a power driver seat. The luxurious XLE reverts to a softer suspension and adds a sunroof, dual-zone automatic climate control, power front seats and leather upholstery (V6). A premium audio system with a larger touchscreen and upgraded navigation system can be added to XLE models.

It should be noted that halfway into the 2014 model year, the Camry's standard equipment was revised. As such, the rearview camera became standard across the board, the upper trims picked up some enhanced audio features and the Entune name was expanded to cover all of the car's infotainment systems (not just the one with smartphone integration).

In reviews, we've praised this Toyota Camry's interior, which provides roomy seating, admirable outward visibility and well-placed controls. What the cabin design lacks in cohesiveness, it makes up for with generally good materials quality, especially the handsome stitching on the dash and door panels of upper trims. Toyota's Entune system is also praiseworthy in the way it easily adds enhanced audio, information and navigation features, although the touchscreen's virtual buttons can be a little frustrating to use at times.

Overall, this Camry provides the comfort and the quiet and smooth ride that should please a wide swath of midsize sedan shoppers. Power and fuel economy are excellent with either engine as well. The only major downside is the car's handling, which isn't as lively or engaging as that of other top family sedans, such as the Honda Accord or Nissan Altima.

Used Toyota Camry Models
The latest (seventh) generation Toyota Camry debuted for 2012 and has a number of significant improvements over the previous one. The interior is significantly nicer than before, and the four-cylinder engine is more powerful. Yet the car is still unmistakably a Camry, with a focus on pragmatic appeal and convenience. Changes since have been minimal. For 2014, the SE Sport trim level joined the lineup, while halfway through that model year saw some minor equipment shuffling that included the rearview camera becoming standard across the board.

The previous sixth-generation Camry was produced for the 2007-'11 model years. In reviews, we commented favorably about the Camry's spacious cabin, powerful and fuel-efficient optional V6, plush ride quality and top crash test scores. Unlike older Camrys, though, this one was let down by disappointing interior plastics, inconsistent fit and finish and uninspiring driving dynamics for non-SE models. It's a respectable choice for a used family sedan, but we thought more highly of competing models, such as the Ford Fusion and Nissan Altima.

For most of its production run, the Camry was offered in LE, SE and XLE trim levels. The entry-level model was labeled as the CE trim, but only for the first year. Base and LE models came fairly well equipped, while the SE brought with it a sport-tuned suspension. The softer-sprung XLE included items such as a premium sound system, dual-zone automatic climate control, a power passenger seat, reclining rear seats and leather upholstery (V6). Most of the features on the higher-trimmed models were offered on supporting trims as options. Other major options included a sunroof and a navigation system.

This Camry was offered with either a four- or six-cylinder engine, with improvements made over the years. The initial base engine was a 2.4-liter four-cylinder that produced 158 horsepower and 161 pound-feet of torque (slightly lower in California and other states). A five-speed manual or five-speed automatic was available, though four-cylinder XLEs were automatic only. The 3.5-liter V6 produced 268 hp and 248 lb-ft of torque and was paired to a six-speed automatic only.

In 2010, the base engine was increased to 2.5 liters and power output was boosted to 169 hp. The SE was further pushed to 179 hp. Both manual and automatic transmissions were also upgraded to six speeds. Other 2010 changes included a restyled grille and taillights, and standard stability control, satellite radio and Bluetooth for all models.

Previous to this was the fifth-generation car that was produced from 2002-'06. As expected, it was a comfortable sedan that offered a roomy cabin, a choice of inline-4 or V6 power and, depending on trim level and optional equipment, most of the latest safety features such as stability control and side curtain airbags. However, prior to 2005, the base Camry did not come standard with antilock brakes. As with other Camrys, we generally found this generation to be very good in terms of room, comfort and feature content.

Three engines were available for this generation. The first was a 2.4-liter four-cylinder that made 154 hp (145 with PZEV emissions controls). It was mated to either a five-speed manual or a five-speed automatic transmission (four-speed prior to '05) and should be powerful enough for the majority of buyers. A 3.0-liter V6 that generated 190 hp was also available (18 hp less prior to '04) on the LE and XLE trim levels, while a 210-hp, 3.3-liter V6 (introduced for 2004) was available on the SE model only. These six-cylinder Camrys came with the automatic only. In previous years, these power numbers were higher because of a change in measurement that occurred in 2006, although actual output never changed.

Like the more recent versions, the 1997-2001 Toyota Camry sedan offered a quiet, stress-free driving experience. Many desirable modern features were also available, including side airbags and antilock brakes (which became standard on all trim levels except the base CE). It, too, was offered with four- and six-cylinder powertrains.

Although a Camry older than 1997 is likely to have quite a few miles on it, it is still something to consider for folks on a tight budget. Provided it has been faithfully maintained, a 1992-'96 Camry (which was available in coupe, sedan and wagon body styles) should be able to spin its odometer to nearly 200,000 miles without major problems. It's this final trait, more than any other, that has kept the Toyota Camry popular with buyers over the last two decades.

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  • Best car I ever owned - 2002 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Bought this car new 2002. I still drive it every day . The car looks great for the year and miles that I’ve put on it. Has no rust just a few parking lot dings. Everything still works great uses a little oil. The actual miles on the car is 460,000 miles and it is on the road every day. By far the best car I’ve ever had!!!

  • Reasons I love this car. - 1995 Toyota Camry
    By -

    We bought our ‘95 Camry from a family member (the original owner) back in 2016. We have drove the wheels off of this car and she has reached almost 270k miles. It has the 2.2 4cyl and shes still going strong. I’m looking at buying another one but it has the 3.0 V6. If anybody has any details on that motor let me know. I’m kind of skeptical because I know the four-cylinder is unstoppable. Thanks.

  • Disappointed - 2015 Toyota Camry
    By -

    My family has owned and used many Toyota’s prior to the 2015 Camry. We even have the 2014 Camry. After having the 2015 Camry for 5 years now, I must say I’m disappointed in this model. I’ve had the battery replaced about a year into owning my vehicle. With the replaced battery, my car still had a few moment when it has to jump started. Moving forward, the speakers and screen aren’t that great. My 2014 Camry had a larger screen with a clearer image as well. There is a vast difference between both cars when I use the back up camera at night. The volume has to be turned on tremendously in the 2015 Camry in order to get a decent sound going. Also, the paint has started rusting and chipping off of this car already, which is crazy since I’ve had other Toyota’s had more wear and tear but the exterior paint is still on. I’m highly disappointed in the 2015 model. I don’t know if Toyota was trying to rush, but the quality of the Camry model definitely went down. They focused more on the aesthetic, but neglected the aspects of the car that makes it a quality car.

  • Constant Highway vibrations - Bad car - 2015 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Leased a brand new LE model a month ago. Nothing but problems since day one. Already replaced all rotors and tires. Wonder what is next. Car shakes and vibrates on the highway. The road noise is deafening. Dealer let me drive another new LE. Same issues. Stay away from this car. Toyota is not what it used to be.

  • Reliable but not so fun to drive - 2005 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Its a very reliable car. Low maintenance. However, when I need a sudden burst to accelerate on the freeway, it almost redlines going from 55mph to 65mph.

  • 2010 Camry - 2010 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Glad I waited to get the 2010 model! Extra gear, more pep than expected, little better exterior look. Smooth, quite ride. After driving a 2006 Accord Ex-L, the Camry doesnt handle as tightly as the Accord. But what you lose to handling, you more than gain back in quiet (very little road noise) comfort. Barcelona Red exterior is beautiful!

  • The Car That Never Dies - 1999 Toyota Camry
    By -

    This was my first car and honestly it was great. The car lasted up to 230,000 miles, and the only reason it died was because I had given it to my irresponsible younger brother who had driven it for 30,000 miles without getting a single oil change... even after that with a huge knock under the hood, it would still start up and drive down the road. PROS: 1. The transmission was great. The car had no problem going 100 mph... it actually had a better ride going faster. 2. It ALWAYS started. Most reliable car ever. 3. Awesome sound system for a stock radio. My bass bumped better than a custom speaker. 4. It was okay to slack a little on oil changes. Now for the negatives... 1. Electrical problems. The cigarette lighter stopped working as well as one of the power outlets. It was not a blown fuse either, they just stopped working for no rhyme or reason. 2. CD player would skip when hitting the brakes or taking a right turn. 3. The cassette player would spit a tape out when the car was cold. No problems once it started heating up. 4. Easily weighed down/bottoms out. Fitting five people in the car and driving over a small bump would be the scariest thing ever. 5. Constant minor repairs. Ive had quite a few with this car out of the six years that I drove it... Repairs: 1. Struts. I think I replaced them three or four times. I would drive through a massive pothole and the stuts would be fine... but then one day out of random, theyd be s***. 2. Replaced the timing belt at 180k. It was previously replaced at 90k. 3. EXHAUST. I forget the amount of times I had gotten a random whole in my exhaust pipe. I remember it happening to me very frequently. 4. It had another on&off problem before I had given the car to my brother where I would start it and the RPMS would go very low causing the car to stall out. I have no idea why this happened, but I would give it a few mins and it would be good to go again. It would do this a couple of times every few months or so. All in all, a really reliable car. I still see them everywhere in 2015 and there is a reason. That car had taken me everywhere and I beat it up... but it always drove.

  • Best Car Ive owned - 2009 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Ive driven a lot of cars over the years. This one is by far the best. One of best looking cars on road too. Ride is great, quiet, plenty of power in 4 cyl, and acceleration is just fine on hwy. Ive average 31 mpg city hwy. My job is sales, so dependability is key. I dont know what everyones complaints are about here, but Toyota still builds a top notch car. I love the blue color, sunroof, JBL stereo is awesome, tires are great and at 25,000 barely show any wear. This was by far the best car I could have bought for the money, at $400 under invoice. I still see no other car on the road that has the sharp looks of this vehicle, new or otherwise. Buy one used!

  • My Favorite Car - 2002 Toyota Camry
    By -

    I love my car. It is perfect and dependable. Very comfortable. I couldnt ask for a better car.

  • Wonderful Car! - 2000 Toyota Camry
    By -

    Bought my Camry new in 2002, and have had a great experience! With 164,000 miles, I still have only changed timing belt & water pump. Have done all my own maintenance, and gas mileage has gone up since new, to trip average of 35 mpg/70 mph. I love to drive the car, its wonderfully quiet, handles perfectly, supple ride, my only request would be better seats, longer leg support, and adjustable rake. What a fantastic car!

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