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Sold from 2002-'12, the Jeep Liberty was the successor to one of America's original compact SUVs, the Cherokee (which returned in 2014). True to its tough, capable Jeep lineage, the Liberty has considerable off-road capability, thanks to steep approach and departure angles and exceptional suspension travel and articulation. The Liberty was also rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds, a robust figure for its class. These are qualities not found in most other small utility vehicles from this time period, which saw the rise of crossover SUVs optimized for the suburban lifestyle.

Demerits for the Jeep Liberty include a weak engine lineup, with sluggish acceleration and dismal fuel economy from both the four-cylinder and V6 engines offered over the years (the first generation's briefly optional diesel engine is impressively fuel-efficient, however). Interior quality and comfort are also lacking, and by today's standards, the Liberty's general lack of refinement leaves much to be desired.

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  • Scottish Jeep Cherokee review - 2004 Jeep Liberty
    By -

    Changed to Jeep from LR Freelander for off road ability. Now used extensively offroad in Scotland French Alps. Tiring to drive round town due to weight and control effort required ( manual . Great long distance cruiser- lots of space and very civilised. Chassis build quality is fantastically vault like but surprisingly its unreliable with fan belt sawing thru badly positioned coolant pipe in first 1000 miles, frayed wire causing warning lights to come on and diesel leaking from injector. Superbly plush suspension offroad though surprisingly low ground clearance at sump means lots of noise when rock hopping though no damage to date.

  • hard on gas - 2005 Jeep Liberty
    By -

    Costs a lot a week for gas, and if water from rain hits your seats they stain .... from water? Jeez.

  • Love It!!!!!! - 2002 Jeep Liberty
    By -

    I love my little Liberty! I have had it for 2 and 1/2 years and it has only been in the shop for routine oil changes and the recall for ball joint. No problems with heating, cooling or anything. I totally enjoy this vehicle. It could have a little more trunk space but then it wouldnt be the sporty little SUV that it is. I do have to say that I really dislike Daimler Chrysler for the customer no-service. The ball joint recall letter never arrived and the telephone folks are abysmal. Probably would think long and hard before I buy another one of their products. But I do love my Liberty and hopefully will continue too.

  • Fun for All - 2004 Jeep Liberty
    By -

    I bought a Black Jeep Liberty Renagade in January of 2003. I have driven it for over a year and I am very pleased. It handles well, looks great and is fun to drive.

  • Jeep Liberty - 2004 Jeep Liberty
    By -

    Seats are a little hard but otherwise, comfortable. Great visability and excellent turning radius.

  • Jeep Rocks!!!! - 2004 Jeep Liberty
    By -

    After owning several other jeeps I thought on giving the liberty a try and have not been disappointed at all this is a true Jeep at heart. If you’re looking for a True SUV that doesn’t require truck driving skills look no further.

  • Still in the honeymoon phase - 2006 Jeep Liberty
    By -

    So my ratings could be a bit slanted however, I love this car. It handles great, has a lot of giddy-up and looks good in my driveway. I havent had to make any repairs yet but I have discovered a definite drop in the mileage since my oil needs changing right now. Not as much space as my Suburban but I definitely love not paying $100 to fill up my car. All in all, a nice, luxurious SUV with all the bells and whistles. The Sirius radio is a nice perk.

  • Regulators in windows - 2006 Jeep Liberty
    By -

    The regulator has gone out 3 times on my back drivers side window. Once on the passenger side window. The dealership is charging to fix this each time. It continues to happen, so they arent fixing it. I am so tried of this. I would have never bought this vehicle had I known. I bought it new.

  • Am I the only one?? 2008 Liberty Sport 4x4 - 2008 Jeep Liberty
    By -

    I bought my 2008 Jeep Liberty Sport brand new. As my first big purchase as an adult all on my own, I could not have been more excited about this vehicle. However, in the 4 years I have owned it, I have realized that this was the worst mistake of my life. At first, it was the four wheel drive that took a crap, and having never had a chance to use the four wheel drive yet, i was surprised. Then came the Sky Slider leak, and the interior light leak, followed by all four tires dry rotting out causing me to blow a tire while driving. Yet the tires still had at minimum 40% tread left. Then heater core died followed by the blower motor, then we had to replace a computer chip that was causing my

  • Sky Slider - 2008 Jeep Liberty
    By -

    In general, I LOVE my Jeep the one thing I dont like is the Sky Slider. I wish I had just over looked it. Starting about 2 weeks after I got the Jeep, I found the highway wind noise to be unbearable. After 3 dealerships and 4 months, I found some guys that noticed that the weather striping had come up and they replaced it. That has helped the noise a ton but it is still pretty undesirable on the highway. No matter the weather, it seems like roof is just not well designed at all. The cross bars in the sky slider buckle with any amount of wind and sometimes if I attempt to close it while I am driving (even at 30 mph) I am scared the whole thing is just going to fly off.

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