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If you're thinking about purchasing a vehicle rugged enough to finesse rocky trails, chances are, one make comes to mind: Jeep. This specialty automotive manufacturer has a long history of producing trucks and SUVs capable of off-highway adventures — so much so that the term jeep is used by many to refer to all SUVs, whether the vehicle in question is a true Jeep or not.

Jeep took root in WWII as the name of the now-iconic four-wheel-drive military vehicle produced by Willys-Overland and Ford for the U.S. Army. The name's origin is somewhat of a mystery; popular belief is that it morphed from "GP," or "general purpose," though others have suggested that it was a nickname derived from a character featured in the Popeye comic strip of the time.

The mid-1940s saw the introduction of the first civilian Jeep, the CJ-2A. It offered many features not available on military versions, such as a tailgate, an external fuel cap and a side-mounted spare tire, and was targeted mainly toward farmers and construction workers.

Civilian Jeeps caught on with the public, and by the 1950s, new models such as the CJ-3B and the CJ-5 had been introduced. The CJ-5 had the longest production run of any Jeep vehicle, continuing for 30 years after its introduction in the early '50s. The company changed owners during this decade as Willys-Overland was sold to Kaiser in 1953.

Jeep broke new ground in the 1960s with the debut of its Wagoneer. Geared toward active families, this early SUV was the first four-wheel-drive vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission. A new "Dauntless" V6 became available as an option on the CJ-5 and CJ-6 in 1965. This was the first time that a Jeep CJ could be equipped with a V6. Packing 155 horses, the engine's horsepower almost doubled that offered by the standard four-cylinder.

By the 1970s, Jeep had changed ownership yet again, with the purchase of Kaiser-Jeep by American Motors Corporation. New models like the CJ-7 and the Scrambler were rolled out. Additionally, the company unveiled some new technology with the introduction of the world's first automatic full-time four-wheel-drive system. Dubbed Quadra-Trac, it was available in the CJ-7 as well as in full-size Jeep trucks and wagons. During this decade, Jeep's fortunes soared as four-wheel-drive vehicles became increasingly popular with large sections of American buyers.

The 1980s saw the introduction of the Cherokee and Wrangler. The Cherokee was one of the first of the new breed of SUVs — high-riding midsize wagons that skyrocketed in popularity as the decade progressed. The Wrangler replaced the CJ series in 1987 and offered the raw functionality of the CJ along with more comfort features. That year also saw the purchase of American Motors by Chrysler, with the Jeep brand becoming part of Chrysler's Jeep/Eagle division. One of Jeep's most popular models, the Grand Cherokee, debuted for 1993. This handsome, midsize SUV offered considerably more comfort and luxury than the smaller Cherokee while still providing stout off-road capability.

Jeep fell under the umbrella of DaimlerChrysler after Chrysler and Daimler-Benz merged in 1998. This partnership resulted in a few new models, such as the Liberty and Compass, though none were able to attain great sales success. In 2007, Daimler sold the Chrysler Group to a private equity firm. It is now under control of Fiat.

More recently, the company has added a couple of enticing models to its lineup (including a four-door version of the Wrangler and the pavement-scorching Grand Cherokee SRT8) and made substantial performance and quality improvements under the hoods and within the cabins. As such, we expect Jeep will not only maintain a loyal group of customers but will also bring new fans into the fold.

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  • 2021 Jeep Gladiator Caught On Fire at 7777 km Aug 23 2021 - 2021 Jeep Gladiator
    By -

    BUYER BEWARE. I purchased this Brand new in May 2021 from Renfrew Chrysler in Calgary, Alberta. I drove it for 2-3 weeks before returning it to the Dealership on June 17, 2021 with a check engine light. Chrysler/Jeep took 7 weeks to return it to me (Melted wiring harness). Received it back on August 6, 2021, and it Caught on Fire and Burned to the Ground while i was driving it on August 23, 2021. DO NOT BUY

  • My future car - 2018 Jeep Patriot
    By -

    Jeep Patriot is a awesome family oriented car with lots of fun and adventures. Dont get me started on off roading amazing.

  • 2015 Jeep cherokee Sport - 2015 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    1) SounD system Stopped working within 10k miles (it comes and go) 2) At 41k Transmission Failed (Dealer Said they have a week back log on transmission problems) meaning there are a good number with similar problems. 3) Suspension Rattles

  • Death trap - 2008 Jeep Commander
    By -

    Stalling on me more and more the piece of Crap wont give any trouble codes. Despite my jeep lined up with the one that has parts recalled I have been told by the dealership couldnt be it (translation WE WONT LOOK) lets look for different causes.Needless to say they have found NO OTHER CAUSES.

  • Diamond in the rough! - 2006 Jeep Commander
    By -

    I was looking for a used SUV for my wife and to use with a tow dolly. Scanning Crigeslist in the summer of 2015 I seen an opportunity buy on a 2006 4x4, 4.7 v8, with the tow package. The price was $2,800, thats correct, $2,800! With only 126k miles needless to say it needed some work, lol. I was the second caller and a high school aged female told me that if the first person didnt buy it shed me call back. I thought, "Well that ones gone". She does call me back and says that the first person wanted to bring his mechanic back for a second opinion, but didnt leave a deposit. The things that make you go hmmm, lol. I go and see the Commander and it needs some body work, the interior is filthy both front door handles are broken, needs rear anti sway bar bushings, and has broken exhaust manifold bolts on both sides, which could be mistaken for upper valve train noise. The bodywork needed didnt effect the sheet metal, but only the front slip, one fender flare, and the rear bumper, which I was able to repair. In ending, the majority of the work I did myself, like painting the front and rear bumper and all fender flares with bedliner spray for about $75. Replacing both door handles, purchased from eBay for $65. I invested about $1,200, which brings my total cost to about $4,000! Now that everything is done I cannot believe how well this vehicle drives and handles! Ive owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee and in my opinion isnt as comfortable. This Commander was obviously neglected, but the engine and transmission are both smooth and responsive and the Tow / Haul feature is great. THIS COMMANDER IS BUILT TO LAST!

  • DO NOT PURCHASE - 2015 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    Bought 2015 Cherokee for my daughter to have a safe reliable vehicle when she left for college. That plan definitely did not work out as she has been stranded hours away from us twice now!!! The transmission is shot! This is absolutely unacceptable! Chrysler obviously knows there is a problem, yet they keep on selling them. This is going to cost someone their life if it has not already. The jeep stalls and jerks when in motion.

  • Second Transmission Stinks Too - 2007 Jeep Wrangler
    By -

    Only 4K miles and now looking at a possible third transmission. Have been without the car for more than 5 weeks. An annoying rattle turned into a much larger problem: I would depress the clutch, the shifter would then pop out of gear into neutral without even touching it. Then, while driving and in gear, the shifter would simply pop out and into neutral. No clutch action necessary. Now on the second transmission. Very loud all around gearbox; difficult to shift--esp into third. Last night, went to start it: depressed clutch and stepped once on gas pedal and released: next thing I know, engine totally revs like I am still stepping on the gas! SCARY! I just want a replacement--auto trans now!

  • Love It - 2010 Jeep Wrangler
    By -

    Had my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for 3 weeks and I LOVE IT. This is the most fun I have had in a vehicle without going off road yet! I get a lot of compliments from people driving next to me when they see the top down and doors off. Great ride!

  • I bought a Lemon - 2005 Jeep Wrangler
    By -

    My vehicle only has 3,100 miles. At 1,700 miles the oil pressure dropped. Dealer had to special order a new camshaft sensor drive that attaches to the oil pump. At 3,100 miles the same problem arises. Dealer is having a difficult time diagnosing problem and contacting Chrysler/Jeep. Have no idea of what is causing this problem. Vehicle is 2005 Jeep Wrangler with 4.0 liter engine.

  • Scottish Jeep Cherokee review - 2004 Jeep Liberty
    By -

    Changed to Jeep from LR Freelander for off road ability. Now used extensively offroad in Scotland French Alps. Tiring to drive round town due to weight and control effort required ( manual . Great long distance cruiser- lots of space and very civilised. Chassis build quality is fantastically vault like but surprisingly its unreliable with fan belt sawing thru badly positioned coolant pipe in first 1000 miles, frayed wire causing warning lights to come on and diesel leaking from injector. Superbly plush suspension offroad though surprisingly low ground clearance at sump means lots of noise when rock hopping though no damage to date.

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