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  • Great fuel milage - 1992 Geo Metro
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    Cheak maintenance record if possible

  • Turbo metro race ready - 1991 Geo Metro
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    Its a great car stock but can also be upgraded for cheap ive put brembo brake system a turbo and 5 speed tranny with stage 3 clutch and still have the original engine they look small and weak but they can handle way more then u would think i had to upgrade to a chain timing have rims done to it race seats alot better tgen newer cars with all these saftey features to get in the way a very simple engine to work on can lift out with just your hands has alot of work done id never want to sell it. for so cheap it can be made into something people would never exspect very good car

  • Love my Metro Convertible! - 1991 Geo Metro
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    This post is far later than the dates of previous posts, but I am a newly acquired Metro Convertible owner. I read a lot of posts and googled information written by Metro owners to get educated before I took the plunge, and SO glad I did! It is a blast to drive, and being a stick, even more fun. Pristine condition 1991 with 93,000 miles, never seen winter, not a lick of rust, very comfortable even on long trips. The elderly man I purchased it from babied it from day 1. Seats were redone with 2" of foam added for comfort and recovered with vinyl. Door panel covers and floor carpeting also updated. Passed Etest and Certification with flying colours. Engine compartment is immaculate! 2FUN42!

  • best little car ever built! mine is an automatic... - 1996 Geo Metro
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    Ive owned my geo since 2006 (Im the 3rd owner) n love every minute of her , nicknamed her ladybug, since shes red....only have done the basic maintenance, except recently had to get brake work, and radiator hoses replaced plus the timing belt n water pump replaced...since I drive in town n not much on the highway I know that does a lot of wear n tear on a car n in our desert it is even more brutal...I got the car at 154,000 it is now close to 204,000....

  • Very dependable - 1997 Geo Metro
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    My mom bought this car in 2008 for $1500.00 withonly 30,000 miles on it, she drove it for 3 years, then gave it to me in 2010. I drove it up until March 2014 and it now has a little less than 90K miles. I have never had an expensive, deal breaking issue with it. The only real issues I have had is the headlights are very tricky and wiring kind of sucks, and on a cold -10 degree morning in Alaska, it makes squealing sounds. Other than that it has been an excellent car and very dependable and sturdy. Great gas mileage, could have probably last me another 2 years at the least.

  • Why did they discontinue this car? - 1994 Geo Metro
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    I bought it used in 1998 with around 65,000 miles on it. Traded it off in 2006 with 200,000 miles. In all that time, I think I replaced an alternator and had a tune up. Period. Great car. Worth twice the price. And the darned thing got 52 mpg on the highway! I live in Denver and I took several road trips to Las Vegas in that car that cost all of about $60.00 in fuel (at the time). This car spoiled me for other cars. Every car Ive had since then has been a lemon in my eyes because they need repairs occasionally, and need to be re-fueled now and then.

  • Can be fun and reliable! - 1997 Geo Metro
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    This is my first Geo Metro ever and to be honest i wasnt happy at first when i bought it. Although it grows on you when you get such killer gas mileage and it never breaks down on you. I have a lsi 4cyl 5-speed and i think its pretty fun to drive and easy to repair. I would recommend this car to anyone if you can stand to not drive the most flashy thing on the streets.

  • Dream Car! - 1992 Geo Metro
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    Searched for ANY model/year metro for the past 9 months-price/condition ratio not acceptable. but luck would have it, i sold my blown engine 2001 corolla and had the money when this XFI pops up on Craigslist. other co-incidences aside-the guy shows up and the clutch is slipping-according to him it just started doing that [fat chance] and i said, "ill give you $500"-he said ok. well ill tell you-that car is fun as can be to drive! i put a new clutch in/tuned er up and my 100 mile round trip commute is a joy thinking about all that money im saving.

  • First new car I bought - 1990 Geo Metro
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    I bought the 1990 Metro new for $6499. My wife used to drive between Randolph AFB and Lackland AFB everyday for work. Almost always she would encounter "rush hour traffic" that moved at 45-50 MPH. On her 90 mile commute at this low speed she routinely achieved 62-63 MPG week after week. After about 18 months she decided that she needed a more comfortable car. It had 65,000 trouble-free miles on it when we sold it. No cruise control, no A/C, no frills of any kind. BTW, on a trip to South Dakota and back we averaged 65 MPH and got 46 MPG HWY.

  • A Great Car!!! - 1995 Geo Metro
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    I bought this car in 95 new with 8 miles on it. 2012, still running strong. Mind you, I have replaced the engine ($1,200, first engine went after 150,000 with normal maint.) and timing belt. Other than normal things, I love my little purple Geo. Easy to reach everything. My first stick shift and best car I have ever owned. Our oldest chil even learned how to drive in it! It got her home WITHOUT a belt! LOVE MY GEO!

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