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As the market for import automotive brands became dramatically larger in the late 1980s, the Detroit automobile companies created their own import-style sales divisions. In 1989 General Motors introduced its Geo division, which became the most successful of these attempts before the division was discontinued in 1998.

Geo re-badged various GM cars made for world markets. Its most notable success came with the Geo Prizm, a version of the Toyota Corolla then being built cooperatively in a California assembly plant by Toyota and GM. The Geo Metro compact car began life as the Suzuki Swift, while the Geo Tracker sport-utility vehicle was derived from the Suzuki Sidekick. The Geo Spectrum sedan was an Isuzu I-Mark and the Geo Storm coupe was an Isuzu Impulse.

The experiment ended because the Geo division was unable to establish a stronger identity than the brands from which its products were taken. Moreover, GM quickly realized that Geo was simply funneling its brand loyalists into the import brands of other companies.

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  • Great fuel milage - 1992 Geo Metro
    By -

    Cheak maintenance record if possible

  • 4 door 2WD Tracker - 1996 Geo Tracker
    By -

    Does what I want: 26-28 MPG , hauls my boat everywhere,takes my road bike along,lots of space and turns on a dime. Great for camping,simple to repair.

  • Rust-A-Bout - 1995 Geo Tracker
    By -

    I bought this in 2009 and didnt expect to keep it more than 2 years. I kept it 5 until it rusted out underneath. One of the most fun cars I ever owned. The only repair problems I had with it were due to rust. Im parting it out to keep for spares and looking for another. It had only 82000 on it. (Everybody is taking these rusted out Trackers and running them off road on farms and as super ATVs.) If you are buying one have it put up on a lift and look over the whole underside very carefully.

  • puzzled - 1990 Geo Tracker
    By -

    Vehicle does not seem to get gas but i have changed fuel filter fuel pump and anything that has to do with fuel Anyone have any ideals I am puzzled

  • Turbo metro race ready - 1991 Geo Metro
    By -

    Its a great car stock but can also be upgraded for cheap ive put brembo brake system a turbo and 5 speed tranny with stage 3 clutch and still have the original engine they look small and weak but they can handle way more then u would think i had to upgrade to a chain timing have rims done to it race seats alot better tgen newer cars with all these saftey features to get in the way a very simple engine to work on can lift out with just your hands has alot of work done id never want to sell it. for so cheap it can be made into something people would never exspect very good car

  • 309k - 1994 Geo Prizm
    By -

    Bought this car in 2004 with 120k for 500 it needed a cluck and a tune up 11 years later its still going strong 309700 on it now I would not trade for anything

  • Excellent Compnact Car - 1993 Geo Prizm
    By -

    I purchased the car brand new. Everything was spectacular on the car as well as the performance. The car wasnt equipped with much gadget back then, as for todays car. No major headache from the car as far as the engine and transmission. This car is a Toyota Corolla Version of American. All it was needed was the routine maintain. At last with about 110,000 miles, I had to let it go. The buyer now probably still has the car.

  • 315,000 miles, and I still cant scrap it - 1997 Geo Prizm
    By -

    I inherited my 1997 Geo Prizm from my father when I was 16 years old (Im currently 26). At the time it had already been in his possession for 7 years. It was a stick shift. I learned with no RPM gauge, and I attest to date that it is the best car to learn stick on its industrial strength, you learn by sound and feel, and the clutch isnt very sensitive. Its now a 19 year old car, and has 315,000 miles on it. It has taken me on multiple round trips from Columbus to Chicago and DC, and I still drive it safely on multi (3 +) hour trips. I have invested very little until these last final two years in repairs. (Most issues are general wear/age issues, the most recent my sad reality check--rusted brake lines). I havent calculated mileage in a minute, but several years ago it was *still* running over 37 mpg. It is so well loved that I cant stand to trade it in, and will be giving it away to a friend, who says that even at 315k miles it is more reliable than his own vehicle.

  • Love my Metro Convertible! - 1991 Geo Metro
    By -

    This post is far later than the dates of previous posts, but I am a newly acquired Metro Convertible owner. I read a lot of posts and googled information written by Metro owners to get educated before I took the plunge, and SO glad I did! It is a blast to drive, and being a stick, even more fun. Pristine condition 1991 with 93,000 miles, never seen winter, not a lick of rust, very comfortable even on long trips. The elderly man I purchased it from babied it from day 1. Seats were redone with 2" of foam added for comfort and recovered with vinyl. Door panel covers and floor carpeting also updated. Passed Etest and Certification with flying colours. Engine compartment is immaculate! 2FUN42!

  • Very reliable car! - 1995 Geo Prizm
    By -

    I bought this car used 10 years ago not expecting it to last this long. It had 63k miles when I bought it and now has close to 120k mile now. This car is very reliable and starts on the coldest mornings. If you take care of it, it will take care of you and this car has done that. I wish Chevy still made these cars because I would buy another one at the drop of a hat!

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