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  • Average at best - 1990 Dodge Shadow
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    I received what I thought was a cream 2003, I was given my grandmothers 1990 Dodge Shadow with only 27,000 miles on it to use as a second vehicle. Overall, it was pretty average and dull, though I will say it did get around very well in the snow. I had owned a 1991 Escort a few years ealier, and to compare the Shadow to the Escort, which were competing vehicles, the Escort blew it away. On the surface, the Shadow seemed better, with more horsepower, larger wheels, and more options, but where the Escort was peppy and fun to drive and great on gas, the Shadow was like driving a lawn mower, and was not very good on gas for a 4-cylinder with 93 hp.

  • Still the Best Vehicle I Have Ever Owned! - 1994 Dodge Shadow
    By -

    My 1994 Dodge Shadow ES was my second car, but the first one I bought myself. It is still the best vehicle I have owned and Im only on my 7th vehicle! I regret the day I traded it in, but I got a 1999 Chrysler Concorde for it. I miss my Shadow. Shouldve kept it and restored it.

  • Good Small Car - 1992 Dodge Shadow
    By -

    I had one of these I bought new in 1990 and put 100,000 trouble free miles on it. I bought a new one in 1992 for my mother-in-law and she drove it until she passed away. She loved it and it has sat the last few years as we just could not sell it. I started driving it again recently and it runs like the day we bought it. These were good cars for the money, this car has 77,000 miles on it without a single problem.

  • My First Car ans an awesome one at that - 1993 Dodge Shadow
    By -

    I loved this car it was fun to drive all my friends loved it. For a small car it was powerful with a v6 3L engine. The only things that werent so great about the gas was the gas mileage but wat do you expect from a 16 to 17 year old car And theres little room. This car was amazing but about 2 weeks ago coming home my back right tire snapped off where the axle met the rim so i dont know if Im going to have it fixed because it might not be worth the money but it was an amazing car and was reliable until this one incident and i got the car from my grand father when it had only 46,000 miles on it in 08 and when i was done with it it had 68,000 so i used it well and it was a great FAST car.

  • 28,866 and STILL GOING! - 1993 Dodge Shadow
    By -

    This was the 1st vehicle I ever purchased without a daddy or husband...and at almost 29K miles, a daughter has driven it, a son has driven it, and now a grandson has driven it. It still runs GREAT. The 5-speed manual transmission makes it FUN to drive and Ive been loving my Shadow for over 17 years. The BEST purchase Ive ever made!

  • 190K miles and still going! - 1994 Dodge Shadow
    By -

    It was not my first choice but it turned out to be the best car i ever owned! The Shadow loves to be driven both long and short trips.

  • Fun to drive, wish it was more reliable - 1992 Dodge Shadow
    By -

    Got the car in May of 09, loved it. Drove good for about a week then the engines belt started squeeking, very annoying. Got a new belt and it was gone, car is very underpowered with a 2.2 4 cylinder in it. Car got good gas millage at the start of my purchase and got worse as days went on. The tranny leaked alot of tran fluid and had to refill it every few months. Car overall was very stock and basic but was a enjoyable ride. Didnt want to risk the engine and tranny going so I sold the beast.

  • 93 dodge shadow - 1993 Dodge Shadow
    By -

    Excellent car, nearly 200,000 kms on it and still going... Very comfortable and fun to drive, most reliable car, can sit for 2 weeks at below zero temp and still have no trouble starting. Not many repairs needed over the years. Love this car and will miss it when its gone some day. Doesnt seem like that will happen any time soon tho!

  • My first car....and best car - 1994 Dodge Shadow
    By -

    this is my first car and it was the clanest old car i have ever seen. i put a straight pipe on mine, and window tint with a custom spoiler. this car is just a project, i drive it everywhere but i am going to keep dressing it up. my engine is a v6 so it has some balls. it has a new transmission putt in before i got it with only 69,000 miles on it.

  • Best car ever - 1994 Dodge Shadow
    By -

    I bought my 94 Shadow in November of 94 with 12,000 miles on it. The following fall it drove 100 miles (round trip) per day to college 5 days a week. It was in a rollover accident in winter of 96. Rolled it back onto the wheels and drove it into body shop. Continued to drive until 2000 when it was sold to my brother for college and had not needed one repair in its 125,000 mile life. Was sold back to me in 2002 for a daily driver work car at which time I drove it up to 200,000 miles replacing only hoses at 185,000 miles. Still didnt use 1 drop of oil between changes. It was only retired due to a severe accident that tore the engine off the motor mounts. The engine still ran after.

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