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Audi is known for its understated and modern approach to luxury and design. The Audi A5 certainly falls under that description, but infuses a whisper of alluring curves in a shapely form to set it apart from the rest. Inspired by the company's 2003 Nuvolari grand touring concept, the A5 is a slightly less practical but much sexier two-door alternative to mainstream luxury sedans. It boasts a standard fuel-efficient turbocharged engine, all-wheel drive, a refined interior and plenty of standard or optional luxury features.

It's an overall package that's hard to ignore and as an added bonus, more enthusiastic drivers can enjoy all of these positive attributes along with a significant performance increase in the Audi S5.

Current Audi A5
The Audi A5 coupe and convertible (cabriolet) is mechanically related to the A4. It is powered by a fuel-efficient turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder (2.0T) that produces 220 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed manual is standard, with an eight-speed automatic optional. A key advantage for those who are subject to slippery weather conditions is the A5's all-wheel drive, which is standard on the coupe and optional on the Cabriolet. With a 40/60-percent front-to-rear power split, the Quattro system provides a close approximation of a rear-wheel-drive car's crisp handling dynamics along with the superior grip of all-wheel drive.

Those who value sophisticated design as much as performance will feel right at home in the Audi A5. The curvaceous silhouette, distinctive Audi one-piece grille and shapely tail end team up to create an extraordinarily appealing look. The Cabriolet may not have a retractable hardtop, but its insulated soft top lowers quickly and prevents the car from having an unflatteringly large rump like most hardtop convertibles.

Inside the A5's handsome four-place cabin are first-rate interior materials along with multi-adjustable front seats that offer daylong touring comfort along with ample support during spirited driving. The back offers seating for two, though most folks can expect a fairly tight fit. The coupe's reasonably sized trunk offers 12.2 cubic feet of space, and the rear seat flips down to accommodate even more cargo. The Cabriolet's trunk is reasonably sized for a convertible at 10.2 cubic feet and, unlike with retractable hardtops, that space remains the same top up or down.

In reviews, we found the 2.0T engine to be more than enough to motivate this slinky sport coupe. Dynamically, the A5 is more like a grand touring coupe than a slick-handling sport coupe, with an emphasis placed on ride comfort. Buyers can add the optional sport-tuned suspension to sharpen the handling, though this admittedly comes at the expense of ride quality.

Overall, the Audi A5 is a solid choice even with tough competition such as the BMW 4 Series and Infiniti Q60, as well as the coupe-only Mercedes-Benz C-Class. But anyone desiring a coupe or convertible that provides a pleasing blend of style, performance and all-wheel-drive security would do well to check out the A5.

Used Audi A5 Models
The A5 was introduced for the 2008 model year as a coupe only, with a 3.2-liter V6 as the lone engine choice. The six-speed manual was standard and the six-speed automatic was optional. The following year adaptive cruise control and the Audi Drive Select system debuted. The cabriolet and 2.0T engine were introduced for 2010, as were a revised MMI electronics interface and navigation system.  

For 2011 the V6 was dropped and the six-speed automatic was replaced with an eight-speed unit. A styling refresh took place the following year, when available WiFi capability and a switch from hydraulic to electric power steering assist also took place. Apart from having slightly less power (211 hp versus 220 hp) and a few minor differences in standard equipment, these latter-day A5s are similar to the current version.

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  • A5 Convertible is a delightful year-round driver! - 2013 Audi A5
    By -

    My 2013 Audi A5 has been a delight to own. The car is incredibly functional with all wheel drive, comfortable interior, great looks and good fuel economy. The convertible works effortlessly, and it is incredibly quiet with the top up, as well as warm during the winter. The attention to detail is exceptional with high quality materials and options that will impress most drivers. The car is very competent on the road at high speeds, but does equally well as a relaxed touring car at slower speeds with the top down. I never thought I would ever enjoy owning a car like this, especially driving it year-round! I picked mine up used with very low miles, and for the price it was just too good to pass up. It still has the balance of the factory warranty, and the dealer has been great so far. A few highlights: The Bang and Olufsen stereo will not disappoint, even with the top down. The MMI Nav system has an incredible amount of features, but it does take time to master, so keep your owners manual close. The heated seats coupled with the neck warmers and wind deflector will keep you cozy with the top down even on very cold days. The Quattro system is incredibly competent on slippery roads. This is just such a complete package in a convertible thats designed to be used as a daily driver. Audis quality seems to have increased significantly in recent years, so hopefully the car will stand the test of time. So far I have had great luck with the dealer for servicing. Seems as though Audi is trying very hard to compete successfully against the other luxury brands.

  • A sows ear - 2010 Audi A5
    By -

    Before you buy this wonderful car, please be aware that your convertible top will desintigrate in about 25,000 miles. It will cost you approximately $ 8,000 to get a new one. My dealership got it down to $ 4,000 .I am suspicious . It is not covered in the warranty. Otherwise I have enjoyed driving this car. It is a 2010 A5 with 25,000 miles up. I am hardly ever here hence the low mileage. It is parked in the garage of my building. It does not receive any bad weather and is hand washed. My only other gripe is that you cannot pop the trunk from inside the vehicle. I was going to buy another Audi . Maybe an A7 . Now I am thinking that because Audi made no attempt to explain why my convertible top had to be replaced . I can no longer trust Audi . If that happens , what else could happen? I am now looking at BMW , volvo , and Jaguar. Just beware.

  • 2011 Audi A5 is so so but fun - 2011 Audi A5
    By -

    Overall the performance is decent. Acceleration is fun but only when the transmission is in the sport mode but the Quattro handling is on point 100% of the time. The trunk size is better than in the 3 series coupe but rear seating room is minimal and dont even try putting a rear facing car seat in if youd like to have a front passenger. The front seats are comfortable and plenty of leg room is provided. As far as the layout of the entertainment system, it could have been better thought out because it is confusing but the sound quality is great. Another HUGE negative is that you cannot play music through Bluetooth unless you get the $89 tunetoair device on Amazin. Overall the car is fun, comfortable and reliable.

  • A5 me baby - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    great car with minimal issues (all covered by warranty so far). Certified used is the way to go - 100k mile warranty. Impressed with the fuel economy - highway driving (a little faster than posted speeds - if you know what I mean) yeilds 30+ MPG. The S-Line seats provide great support making long road trips easy. The only down side is the back seats, but hey, I dont sit back there anyway! its a shame that Audi has stopped offering the 3.2L engine as a base power plant, they have also stopped offering the manual 6-speed transmission in A5. Now if you want them you have to jump to a S5 - and an additional $15k. Sticky tires in the summer and snow tires in the winter make the A5 just a fun car to drive.

  • You get everything for the price - 2015 Audi A5
    By -

  • Get a BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes or anything else! - 2011 Audi A5
    By -

    I cant begin to say how much I regret my purchase. Shame on Audi for poor design, poor quality and essentially everything else besides styling. People will compliment the car all the time on the looks but thats all the car is good at. I drive a lot (20k per year) and I must say driving this car is miserable. On the commute in stop and go traffic the turbo lag and engagement is severe. The brakes are subpar and dont give a confident feeling like BMW does. The interior is a surplus of plastic and feels cheap. The iPod cable is in the passenger glove box and is horrible to use an you will forget your phone every time should you plug it in. The Sounds system is good but the base rattles every plastic piece. Wind noise is high on the freeway and the seats are uncomfortable. After owning BMW, Lexus, Jaguar and cadillac this will be my last Audi for sure. Very disappointed and cannot wait to get rid of it!

  • Glad to be rid of this car - 2011 Audi A5
    By -

    I bought mine new in 2011 and kept in nearly 4 years. My car burned oil. Audi settled a class action lawsuit because they used bad parts that cause this problem. Getting warranty to deal with this or any other issue was always a pain in the rear. The programming also was annoying. Set your lights to auto and everytime to open the door with to grab the mail with the engine on you get a warning tone. Radio presets always have to be selected instead of staying in memory. Service light can only be turned off by audi not independent garages. If the passenger unbuckles, I dont need a tone every 60 seconds. I traded for a BMW and am very happy I got out of this POS.

  • Beautiful Car, Poor Gas Mileage and Ride - 2012 Audi A5
    By -

    Lovely exterior, nicest interior Ive ever experienced. Im proud to be seen in this car. However, gas mileage is nowhere near EPAs 21/29 rating. I get a disgraceful 16-17 mpg in town, doing little highway driving -- and Im anything but a leadfoot. In typical German fashion, controls/infotainment are way too complicated, very hard to learn. Also, I find the ride very stiff and rough, especially on some of West L.A.s pitted streets. This is probably my first and last Audi. (I kept my previous car, a 1996 Mercedes C280, for 16 years, and I miss its simplicity.)

  • A car you can Drive all year round - 2012 Audi A5
    By -

    There are cars you ride in and cars you drive. This is a driver. Skip the FWD car with the CVT transmission. You want the quattro version with the magnificent ZF 8HP transmission. Car feels solid like a block of granite, with little wind noise. Over MPH in winter time is around 22-25 on premium fuel. Turbo motor feels like a v6 or larger car, with no turbo lag. Interior is nice and heated seats are a must in cold climates, as is the back up camera, as the only thing you see out the back is the sky. B&O stereo is very nice but dont pass on the standard Audi stereo as that too sounds good

  • Im impressed so far - 2014 Audi A5
    By -

    I bought my Audi A5 two weeks ago. I also considered a BMW 135, but I live in Canada so AWD is important in the winter. I also wanted a spare tire just in case (BMWs have run flats). First impressions are excellent. We had our first major snow of the season yesterday and the Quattro is impressive. I tried it in an icy parking lot where hockey skates would have been a good idea and the Quattro was very effective. The engine note is not as sweet as the S5, but I went for the better fuel economy. So far, fuel economy is not what I was expecting, but perhaps the engine needs breaking in.

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