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The 2009 Audi A5 sports a standard auxiliary input jack, and the newly optional Audi Drive Select package includes an electronically adjustable suspension and a variable-ratio steering system. In other news, adaptive cruise control and a blind-spot warning system are now available.

  • Standout styling, crisp handling, rich interior, standard all-wheel drive.
  • Expensive for its segment, artificial steering feel.

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  • A5 me baby - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    great car with minimal issues (all covered by warranty so far). Certified used is the way to go - 100k mile warranty. Impressed with the fuel economy - highway driving (a little faster than posted speeds - if you know what I mean) yeilds 30+ MPG. The S-Line seats provide great support making long road trips easy. The only down side is the back seats, but hey, I dont sit back there anyway! its a shame that Audi has stopped offering the 3.2L engine as a base power plant, they have also stopped offering the manual 6-speed transmission in A5. Now if you want them you have to jump to a S5 - and an additional $15k. Sticky tires in the summer and snow tires in the winter make the A5 just a fun car to drive.

  • Audi a5 3.2L Burns a lot of OIL - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    I have an Audi A5 and it was great until i hit about 35K miles and it started to burn a quarte of oil every 1,000 miles and sometimes i even get 1,400 miles. I am extremly suprised since i drive mostly freeway and do nto drive it very hard. My local dealer agreed with me that this was B.S. but Audi USA refuses to fix it so beware of thsi when lookinng to purchase this car and it is my understadnign that the 2.0Liter needs oil every 850 miles.

  • 3 year update - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    my 2009 Audi A5 3.2 manual has been just about flawless. smooth, sexy, quiet and enough performance to make me smile. Have the premium, technology, bang and olufson, side assist and ride select, so it is loaded. Averaging 23-25 mph wnter and summer imn all around driving, 28+ on a trip. Still getting gawked at as it is one of the most beautiful cars on the road. Only one warranty repair in 33,000 miles, a door sensor for keyless entry was replaced. By far the best overall car Ive owned in my 67 years

  • First 3 months with my 2009 A5 - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    Initially I was looking at either BMWs or Lexus but very happy I found this 2009 A5. I wanted a car that looks nice, has great value and fun to drive. I get two to three compliments a week in my red A5. It has many features that are worth having like the B&O stereo (a must) and the blind- spot alert LEDs on each side-view mirror. The voice-prompt feature also works extremely well when changing the audio input and nav commands. The car handles very well and is quick, especially in the Sport mode. The doors open wide so easy to get in/out of the comfortable seats. The air- conditioning systems works very well and is quiet. The trunk and the sunroof are surprisingly large.

  • 2009 A5 S-line - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    Exceptional car. Other than having to buy new tires at 17000 miles, Ive had no complaints and a million complements. Good performance, good gas mileage, great handling and outstanding looks. Definitely not another BMW or G-car clone!

  • The Ladies Love It - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    I was stopped one day at a party by a woman who said, "Are you the guy who has the A5 that was parked outside of the cleaners?" The exterior styling is amazing. Its a true head-turner. Nothing like it. I have the windows tinted and the rear badging removed (except the Audi circles) for a stealth look. Its a bit over-priced though. For nearly fifty grand, you get cheap floor mats, only 260 HP, no push button start (that package is another $2,000) no auto folding mirrors, cheap "leather" and an engine that burns about a quart of oil every five thousand miles. Notwithstanding, Audi hasnt imported a lot of these so it wont be like the A4 where you see one on every corner. A blast to drive.

  • Another Great Audi - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    This is my 4th Audi. Ive had 3 A4s (2 wagons and 1 sedan), Lexus RX330 and a 545i as recent cars. The A5 blows them all away. the 3.2 easily competes w/ the 545 V8 and the driving performance is awesome. The system is WAY better than iDrive and the instruments are easy to use. It looks great, drives great and (as usual) is a completely reliable performance vehicle. Not a single issue. Only drawback are the seats. Read a lot about the regular (non S-Line) seats before I bought and still went with the standard seats. Coming from the Lexus, I had a really hard time with back and hip pain in the Audi seats. Tough comparison from a Lexus SUV to a sports car, but wishing for better comfort.

  • Happy A5 owner - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    Have all the toys in this car, have driven 7000 miles to date. Owned many cars in my 50 years of driving and this is by far the best. Enough performance and great quiet and comfort. Very smooth in every way. Getting 25+ mpg with no problems to date. If I could build it myself I would trade the mmi for touch screen nav, make the manual a little tighter shifting, but overall the best ride my wife and I ever had!

  • The most fun Ive had driving a car! - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    Ive had my 2009 A5 for two months now, and I continue to be delighted every time I take it out of my garage, I feel like a child with a new toy. Im pampered by the amenities such as the excellent back-up camera, the i- pod integration system, the crisp 6- speed shifter, and the amazingly comfortable seats. I love the screen over the sunroof, which allows a little light but not enough to make me squint against the sun. The exterior styling is quietly elegant - the daytime running lights are cooler than I can say, and I love the keyless entry which keeps me from digging in my purse for my keys. I routinely get 33 mpg on the highway.

  • Cost $54k, people think it cost $75k - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    I held onto my 1998 A4 for 11 years, before getting the A5 S-Line 3.2 MT in early May. I was looking for something sportier, but with the same quattro like 4WD since I live in CT and I like the feel of quattro on a snow covered highway. The A5 has been a dream. The looks and fit of the exterior is exceptional. The interior is remarkable for its price range. The 265HP is completely sufficient to address the 98% of my driving. I got Drive Select and it feels like two different cars in one. Best yet, so few of these on the road and people regularly proffer estimates of $75k. You want a daily driver that satisfies a need for sport without spending a small fortune? This is it.

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