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For 2011, the Audi A5 Quattro gets an optional eight-speed automatic in place of its old six-speed. The 3.2-liter V6 has been discontinued. A new Titanium Sport package adds black trim and 19-inch wheels to the regular Sport package, while the Prestige trim picks up a standard rearview camera and parking sensors, plus an optional power rear-window shade. The Driver Assist package has been discontinued, but blind-spot warning becomes a stand-alone option in its place. HD radio is now included with the Navigation package.

  • Classy styling
  • Frugal fuel economy
  • Available all-wheel drive.
  • Confident handling
  • Uptown interior
  • Acceleration not as quick as many rivals.
  • Unintuitive control layout
  • Quirky steering feel

User Reviews:

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  • 2011 Audi A5 is so so but fun - 2011 Audi A5
    By -

    Overall the performance is decent. Acceleration is fun but only when the transmission is in the sport mode but the Quattro handling is on point 100% of the time. The trunk size is better than in the 3 series coupe but rear seating room is minimal and dont even try putting a rear facing car seat in if youd like to have a front passenger. The front seats are comfortable and plenty of leg room is provided. As far as the layout of the entertainment system, it could have been better thought out because it is confusing but the sound quality is great. Another HUGE negative is that you cannot play music through Bluetooth unless you get the $89 tunetoair device on Amazin. Overall the car is fun, comfortable and reliable.

  • Get a BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes or anything else! - 2011 Audi A5
    By -

    I cant begin to say how much I regret my purchase. Shame on Audi for poor design, poor quality and essentially everything else besides styling. People will compliment the car all the time on the looks but thats all the car is good at. I drive a lot (20k per year) and I must say driving this car is miserable. On the commute in stop and go traffic the turbo lag and engagement is severe. The brakes are subpar and dont give a confident feeling like BMW does. The interior is a surplus of plastic and feels cheap. The iPod cable is in the passenger glove box and is horrible to use an you will forget your phone every time should you plug it in. The Sounds system is good but the base rattles every plastic piece. Wind noise is high on the freeway and the seats are uncomfortable. After owning BMW, Lexus, Jaguar and cadillac this will be my last Audi for sure. Very disappointed and cannot wait to get rid of it!

  • Glad to be rid of this car - 2011 Audi A5
    By -

    I bought mine new in 2011 and kept in nearly 4 years. My car burned oil. Audi settled a class action lawsuit because they used bad parts that cause this problem. Getting warranty to deal with this or any other issue was always a pain in the rear. The programming also was annoying. Set your lights to auto and everytime to open the door with to grab the mail with the engine on you get a warning tone. Radio presets always have to be selected instead of staying in memory. Service light can only be turned off by audi not independent garages. If the passenger unbuckles, I dont need a tone every 60 seconds. I traded for a BMW and am very happy I got out of this POS.

  • Very unhappy with quality of Car - 2011 Audi A5
    By -

    12 Months in and the car has been in the shop a dozen times. This time for 10 days. The car is a beauty. Drives well (Not a BMW). And is quattro. It has a a full trunk and the design is great. The reality is that the shifting is very suspect. It does not engage properly at slow speeds which is a safety issue when you accelerate. Audi says there is no issue. The bluetooth works when it wants to and the ipod hook up works when it wants to. I like the car but will never ever buy another Audi. Audi corporate is a nightmare and the build quality just is another nightmare. My service advisor is a good guy and we just laugh every time I call.

  • Perfect balance of style and luxury - 2011 Audi A5
    By -

    As a former MB owner, I gave them first chance. Test drove several models and was left with that empty feeling of not being 100% satified. Several of my buddies who are BMW junkies had suggested I gave 335Xi a looksee. Yes, a great upgrade from Mercedes but still something was missing. Oh, thats right the car looked blah outside. So, my 3rd choice was the A5. Somewhat smaller than 335xi, I am not a big guy, the car felt a little tight but with a miriad of seating positions I was able to find one that was perfect for me. The car looks and drives like a dream. It has enough power for me to drive fast from standstill, I love the cockpit and the way it is laid out. This one is a keeper.

  • Pretty But With Issues - 2011 Audi A5
    By -

    People will go out of their way to tell you how much they like the looks, but the car has issues and I sold mine after 10 months for a pretty steep write down. Issues: The 2.0 lags off the line The doors are incredibly heavy and passenger door lacks a gripable handle Mileage with 4 cylinders is only 25 MPG AC and heat loud and not effective Console box is too small Stock tires have no traction on wet road Car very hard to dry after washing, water drips from the mirror and back license frame Very low position, hard to see front - I popped 3 tires in 10 months Cabin noise pretty high on highway.

  • after 4 months and 4100 miles - 2011 Audi A5
    By -

    I am extremly satisfied with Audi performance, look. I went back to dealer a few times after purchase and find it as courteous and frendly as they were on purchase day.

  • very unhappy with quality and service - 2011 Audi A5
    By -

    Drove porsches for 9 years, just got my Audi this summer. Radio works when it wants to but of course service says nothing wrong since it was working when I brought it in. Worse, the leather in pass seat split. Service claims puncture with knife. Umm, no. Dont think I ever stabbed my seat. Very dissatisfied.

  • Im in love - 2011 Audi A5
    By -

    Packages: Premium Plus, Sport Package, MMI Nav, B&O sound system This is my 2nd Audi (1998 A4). Audi has hands down the best interior ergonomics and it continues with this car. I was disappointed that the new VW has a touchscreen, but the higher end Audi, doesnt, however given the layout, a touchscreen would be awkward and inconvenient. The MMI controls are laid out perfectly to where I can push buttons, shift and focus on the road all at once. Exterior design is a head-turner which blows away the 2011 335xi (I dont really consider MB or Lexus competitors if you go with a 6sp manual tranny). Less HP/Torque than a BMW, but also considerably less $$ than a 335xi.

  • Great car and 36+MPG! - 2011 Audi A5
    By -

    I have had this car for 7 months and think it is the perfect balance of practicality and performance. The 2.0T engine is fast but not even close to the S5. I use this car as a daily driver and often commute 4o miles each way to work. A great surprise with this car is the fuel economy. I got an average of 36.5MPG coming home from work yesterday (mostly highway). The stated MPG on this car MUCH less than what you get in real world driving. I am surprised that there isnt more press about this?

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