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Audi is known for its understated and modern approach to luxury and design. The Audi A5 certainly falls under that description, but infuses a whisper of alluring curves in a shapely form to set it apart from the rest. Inspired by the company's 2003 Nuvolari grand touring concept, the A5 is a slightly less practical but much sexier two-door alternative to mainstream luxury sedans. It boasts a standard fuel-efficient turbocharged engine, all-wheel drive, a refined interior and plenty of standard or optional luxury features.

It's an overall package that's hard to ignore and as an added bonus, more enthusiastic drivers can enjoy all of these positive attributes along with a significant performance increase in the Audi S5.

Current Audi A5
The Audi A5 coupe and convertible (cabriolet) is mechanically related to the A4. It is powered by a fuel-efficient turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder (2.0T) that produces 220 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed manual is standard, with an eight-speed automatic optional. A key advantage for those who are subject to slippery weather conditions is the A5's all-wheel drive, which is standard on the coupe and optional on the Cabriolet. With a 40/60-percent front-to-rear power split, the Quattro system provides a close approximation of a rear-wheel-drive car's crisp handling dynamics along with the superior grip of all-wheel drive.

Those who value sophisticated design as much as performance will feel right at home in the Audi A5. The curvaceous silhouette, distinctive Audi one-piece grille and shapely tail end team up to create an extraordinarily appealing look. The Cabriolet may not have a retractable hardtop, but its insulated soft top lowers quickly and prevents the car from having an unflatteringly large rump like most hardtop convertibles.

Inside the A5's handsome four-place cabin are first-rate interior materials along with multi-adjustable front seats that offer daylong touring comfort along with ample support during spirited driving. The back offers seating for two, though most folks can expect a fairly tight fit. The coupe's reasonably sized trunk offers 12.2 cubic feet of space, and the rear seat flips down to accommodate even more cargo. The Cabriolet's trunk is reasonably sized for a convertible at 10.2 cubic feet and, unlike with retractable hardtops, that space remains the same top up or down.

In reviews, we found the 2.0T engine to be more than enough to motivate this slinky sport coupe. Dynamically, the A5 is more like a grand touring coupe than a slick-handling sport coupe, with an emphasis placed on ride comfort. Buyers can add the optional sport-tuned suspension to sharpen the handling, though this admittedly comes at the expense of ride quality.

Overall, the Audi A5 is a solid choice even with tough competition such as the BMW 4 Series and Infiniti Q60, as well as the coupe-only Mercedes-Benz C-Class. But anyone desiring a coupe or convertible that provides a pleasing blend of style, performance and all-wheel-drive security would do well to check out the A5.

Used Audi A5 Models
The A5 was introduced for the 2008 model year as a coupe only, with a 3.2-liter V6 as the lone engine choice. The six-speed manual was standard and the six-speed automatic was optional. The following year adaptive cruise control and the Audi Drive Select system debuted. The cabriolet and 2.0T engine were introduced for 2010, as were a revised MMI electronics interface and navigation system.  

For 2011 the V6 was dropped and the six-speed automatic was replaced with an eight-speed unit. A styling refresh took place the following year, when available WiFi capability and a switch from hydraulic to electric power steering assist also took place. Apart from having slightly less power (211 hp versus 220 hp) and a few minor differences in standard equipment, these latter-day A5s are similar to the current version.

User Reviews:

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  • Mind blasting! - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    Pros: Led lights, B&O Sound System, Exterior, Interior, MPG, all wheel drive, Trunk space, Great resale value and MMI console. Cons: Expensive, Navigation package is not that great when compared to other luxury brands and not much head room. Overall this is an AWESOME Coupe!!!

  • Scrumptious A5 - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    Chose the A5 for its beauty and refinement. No disappointments as it has exceeded our expectations. Our 2nd Audi as we need awd and like the quality furnishings. But this baby has smooooth power and delivering 25+ mpg so far. Chose select drive, tech package and nav and all works delightfully. The 6 sp manual works flawlessly with plenty of torque in every gear.

  • A5-S LIne: Fun to Drive but Uncomfortable - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    I am 65" tall and need a car I can fit in. Rented an Audi A5 in Italy in January 2009 and fit great so shopped for one back home in California. Test drove the A5 and loved it. But liked the S-Line meteor gray looks much better so bought that one. Am loving it. So much fun to drive and there is enough head room. Not much visibility behind, but with the rear video camera and warning sounds, and side mirror driver assist-really dont need the visibility. Quiet ride, fun to drive, and I get many random compliments in parking lots. Only really bad thing is that I hate the lumbar on the sporty seats. Cannot get a comfortable position. Big bump in my lower back. No other seat does this.

  • A5- Neck Breaker !!!! - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    After 3 months I still look back at it and smile, the lines are great, the LED lights are AWESOME!! Being 1 of 3 in my area an S5 nothing to say about that, but the other A5 has the basic, if u can spend the money get the upgrades 19", B&O system and as Im reading the reviews the standard leather isnt good, I have the Milano and cant complain. I will say seat positioning is hard to find, but i havent found a car that makes it easy! I also have the Dynamic Control. If u like to be aggressive sometimes its worth it, the car totally changes under you (Trans, Suspen, Handle) and I have to say, for the small HRS power I have knocked out some pretty beefed up cars when I hit that button.

  • Horrible Sun Roof - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    Its fun, the roof needs to open, I mean really for that much money Audi could do much better. It barely tilts. I only have 200 miles on it and already am looking for something else... A lot of money but no great things... Dash is very clumsy in design, not very user friendly, and if you buy one dont even thing of trying to adjust anything on the dash board you will wreck your new baby...

  • I like going to work, now - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    The body of this car is by far the best looking on the road today. And Deep Sea Blue is the most beautiful color I’ve seen. In the shade it looks black, but in the sunlight it’s a gorgeous three dimensional metallic shade of dark blue. I think the darker colors bring out the lines better than the lighter ones, but I’ve read other reviews that say the opposite. The conclusion: the car has awesome lines regardless of color. The MMI isn’t as confusing as some reviews say however, most actions are a two-step process. It’s a little more work, but there are SO many options for comfort, information, entertainment, etc. If you’re considering this car, go drive one, you’ll love it.

  • Stunning & Solid - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    After 8 months, I am still thrilled with the car. I have never owned a car that got so much attention from so many people. It has enough power to make it fun to drive, and the Quattro all-wheel drive is fun to challenge in corners.

  • Vegas5 - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    For the money, one of the best cars I have owned. I have received so much interest from other drivers whether driving it or walking up and people stopping to inquire. Driving impression for such a heavy car is terrific and well balanced. The all wheel drive and 19 inch wheels no doubt compensate. One reviewer complained about the steering. I dont see it. I have not heard rattle, squeak or shutter. The fit and build quality is tremendous. Plus, youre not seeing yourself coming down the road in a 3 series. The v6 has great power. The V8 blows you away, but so does the gas. Great car.

  • If Steve Jobs makes cars, it would be A5 - 2008 Audi A5
    By -

    I am an "early adopter" of the A5 in early 2008. After nearly a year of ownership, the car is holding up well. I have had no mechanical problems except a burned-out LED light that was replaced and have noticed no rattles in the car after 12,000 miles.

  • Style, Performance, Comfort, Value - 2009 Audi A5
    By -

    Shopped long and hard and considered BMW3 and Z4, Mercedes C300 and SLK, Infiniti G37, Cadillac CTS and Audi TT. In my opinion, the A5 offered the best combination of style,performance, comfort and value and I have not been disappointed after four months and 5000 miles. MPG of 20.3 with estimated 20% highway/80% city. Plenty of room for two sets of golf clubs in the spacious trunk. I enjoy the look of the 19" Y wheels but would not recommend them to those of you that do the majority of your driving on the highway due to a rougher ride. Minor nitpicks for excessive brake dust (although it appears to be moderating) and for a slight roughness when shifting from second to third.

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