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The Volkswagen Eos is a four-seat, two-door convertible. Its retractable hardtop design combines the open-air experience of a traditional ragtop with the security and all-season comfort of a coupe's fixed roof. According to Greek mythology, Eos was the goddess of the sunrise, and it's an appropriate name for this smart-looking convertible.

As a new car, the Eos' price can seem hard to justify, as it's typically higher than other mainstream convertibles. But the Eos does come with a lot of standard equipment, a hardtop design and a high-quality interior. Used models may be somewhat hard to find, and you'll want to pay extra attention to model years, as VW has altered content over the years in hopes of broadening the Eos' appeal.

Current Volkswagen Eos
There are three trim levels in the Eos family: Komfort, Sport and Executive. All have front-wheel drive and are powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that produces 200 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque. The sole transmission is VW's excellent six-speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG), which offers the ease of an automatic along with most of the advantages of a manual transmission.

The highlight of the Volkswagen Eos is its retractable hardtop. VW calls it the CSC (coupe-sunroof-convertible) and it employs a unique five-panel roof that transforms the coupe's hardtop into an open-air convertible in just 25 seconds. If you don't want the full top-down experience but still want a little wind in your hair, you can leave it up and just power back the built-in sunroof.

Intended more as a boulevard cruiser than a sports car, the Volkswagen Eos excels when it comes to occupant comfort and amenities. Even the base Komfort comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, foglights, a sunroof, dual-zone automatic climate control, leatherette (vinyl) upholstery, a power driver seat, heated front seats, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, an eight-speaker sound system with an iPod interface and a CD changer, a navigation system and VW's Car-Net telematics service. Highlights of the Sport include 18-inch wheels, a sport-tuned suspension, bi-xenon headlights, a rear spoiler, keyless ignition and entry, and paddle shifters. The Executive model features automatic wipers, parking sensors, a power passenger seat, leather upholstery, an upgraded navigation system with larger display, a rearview camera and an upgraded sound system.

In road tests, our editors have cited the retractable roof, classy styling and high-quality cockpit furnishings as the Eos' key strengths. Downsides include mediocre handling and a tight backseat. As long as you don't expect the Eos to perform like a roadster, it should make for one of the most satisfying convertible experiences at this price point.

Used Volkswagen Eos Models
The Eos debuted for the 2007 model year, and it was initially available with either the turbocharged four or a narrow-angle 3.2-liter V6 engine good for 250 hp and 235 lb-ft of torque. Trim levels then included the base Eos, the 2.0T and 3.2L. The base Eos and more luxurious 2.0T had the turbocharged four, matched to either a six-speed manual or the DSG, while the 3.2L sported the V6 matched to the DSG as well as a full array of accoutrements.

For the following year, the trim levels were Turbo, Komfort, Lux and VR6. The Turbo and Komfort were roughly analogous to the previous year's base and 2.0T, respectively, with the Lux adding extra feature content while sticking with the turbocharged-4 under the hood. The VR6 mostly mirrored the previous 3.2L model but added 18-inch wheels and sport seats. On these 2007 and '08 models, a navigation system was optional, but unlike in newer models it was DVD-based. The Turbo and VR6 trims were discontinued for '09 and that year also brought an updated touchscreen navigation system with multimedia inputs.

Things in the Eos world stood pat for a few years until 2012, when the car adopted the Jetta's front-end styling, gained the DSG transmission as standard, received a few new features (such as keyless ignition/entry) and saw updated infotainment and climate controls. The Executive trim level also debuted this year. The following year brought the Sport trim level as well as a shuffling of equipment. These latter Eos models are similar to the current lineup apart from the discontinuation of the Lux trim and the unavailability of the telematics system.

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  • Still smiling...... - 2010 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    Wanted a convertible. Had shopped these earlier but ended up testing other soft tops. A few months passed and I was able to get an excellent year-end deal. Ive had the car 8 months and 5K miles. No issues. Blast to drive and the size is great for my needs. Still dont see that many around and I like that. I didnt know anyone that had one, so had to rely on owner input to decide to buy one. Thats what I am hoping this will do for those who are shopping. Im very happy with the car and hope to keep it for a long while. My insurance co. offers a great extended warranty so Im covered for 7 years, 100,000 miles.

  • Fun Car - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I got my Eos yesterday. It is the first 3.2 I could find in South Florida. I paid about $42,000 for it (MSRP) with bells/whistles. The top motion is as cool as reported. Its fun to drive; very responsive and has lots of umph. I did not test the 2.0 so cant compare to that. I got the Eismeer Blue which is much nicer looking than on my computer. I was gonna get the thunder or paprika but now love the Eismeer. It has a great stereo with Sirius on the premium audio option. Also, it has a sport pkg. and navigation pkg. This car is really an eye-catcher. The only other comparable car thats a hard top convertible 4 seater (this really can seat 4 adults not terribly uncomfortably) is a Volvo (and looks like a Volvo). I was pleased to grab this car as I had been looking for weeks and this was first that I have found.

  • Eos User - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I purchased my Eos about two months ago. I love it. The hard top is great. It actually gets better gas mileage than posted on the sticker. The transmission is smooth as well as quick. The sport transmission makes a noticeable difference. This is the best hard top on the market for the price.

  • The Eos is GREAT - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    Ive had my Eos for a week, and it compares as good as the Porsche or Lexus vehicles for quality that Ive owned previously. The ride is fantastic, and the amenities are superb. The hardtop convertible feature leaves me feeling safer than when I owned a ragtop Celica. I am totally in love with this vehicle! Im glad I bought the 3.2 with the technology and sport package!

  • How much fun can a car be? - 2008 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I wanted a 4 season car, so the hard top convertible fit the bill. Weather protection and great security. I test drove the BMW 3-series and the Volvo C70 drop tops, and for pure fun this is the car! You get an integrated sunroof plus can you beat keeping the extra $10,000 in the bank? The 2.0 L turbo is quiet and powerful, and the DSL transmission is so smooth. The flip-up windbreaker is included (not an expensive accessory) and much appreciated so you can enjoy even slightly cool days.

  • Love My Car - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I love my Eos. I have always wanted a convertible and finally found one I fell in love with. I wanted a hard top but couldnt find one I really liked until know. It is an eye catcher.

  • Simply The Best - 2008 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I am so saddened by the negative reviews I see on here concerning the EOS. I have had nothing but 100% reliable service and miles of fun drives! Ok, it is a car that requires special maintenance (ie: the roof seals) but it says that CLEARLY in the owners manual! If you dont read the book, you shouldnt be surprised at these things. I lubricate my seals as per VW and have never had an issue! Basically, my EOS has never given us an once of trouble. I have never owned a hardtop car and have owned over 60 convertibles, this is by far the best thought out one I have ever seen / owned! If you are considering one, DO IT! You wont regret it!

  • Greatest Car Ever - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    My first VW and convertible. Both have been a great experience. Fun with the top up or down. Wish it had all wheel drive (sometimes)

  • Bad Trans. Twice. Plus other major problems - 2012 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    Weve had the car for about 30 of the 36 month lease. During the 30 months, car has been in the shop MORE than 60 days total (lost count). There have been 3 major oil leaks, parts failures, and the transmission needed to be repaired twice. The parts had to come from Germany. Glad we chose to lease. Cant wait to get rid of this thing.

  • disappointed - 2007 Volkswagen EOS
    By -

    I bought the car brand new. First week hard top leaking took about 3 weeks to fix since it was so new they had to order parts then air bag light came on another day or so to fix, then pressure switch blew so no AC in south fl that is a must,then maulfuction light on and they are not sure what is wrong and then a few recalls. Im a VW fan I had a Jetta that I loved but couldnt help trading in for the EOS man do I regret that move. I love the car look and the powerful and fun drive but could live with out visiting the dealership once a month for things that shouldnt be happing to a car that doesnt even have 25K miles on it!!!!

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