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  • Great car - 1997 Geo Prizm
    By -

    Bought this car in July of 08, when gas hit about 3.50 a gal. Parked the truck 15 miles per gal. I live in Minnesota, so it gets cold, car sits outside for one week solid it was above 20 below without the wind chill, started always and not only that still got good gas mileage about 32 city. In the summer I was getting 35, but not freeway. On the freeway driving 55 to 60, got 42 eat your heart out Prius, and I didnt need to spend 20 grand or more, car is paid for

  • Geo Prism - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    My wife has driven this car for 7 years, she bought it with 135k miles on it, now it has 218k on it, it just keeps running, no problems, best money ever spent on a car. Only only major item that needed replacing was the starter. It doesnt look very good, the rocker panels are completely rusted out but hey that happens in Michigan, even on the coldest winter morning it never fails to start, I really respect this car and the folks that designed and built it.

  • Great little car - 1995 Geo Prizm
    By -

    When I got this car I wasnt sure what to expect. I have been more than pleasantly surprised! Very dependable, great mileage, low maintenance, low insurance rate, and fun to drive. It now has over 192,000 miles on it. It will comfortably cruise at 75 mph with ease and as long as i keep the speed and rpms up it maintains very good speeds even on long hills. Besides basic maintenance, I have replaced the tires once, brakes once, and alternator twice. Unfortunately, it is starting to use more oil. Otherwise, I absolutely love the little guy.

  • Very Reliable/ Great Mileage - 1995 Geo Prizm
    By -

    Bought it used in 2001 and still running strong. No leaks, still cold a/c, great mileage. Wife gave it to me after she bought Ford Focus last year. Geo has been more reliable than her Focus. Getting old but couldnt let go of it so just had new paint job. Looks great. One of best cars ever owned.

  • Like a Good Friend - 1995 Geo Prizm
    By -

    I love this car! (As much as it is possible to love an inanimate object.) Previous rental purchased in 1996 with 11,000 miles. Now at 104K. Smooth, comfortable ride (except on very long trips) Great gas milage even now at about 25mpg. Very agile, easy to maneuver and park. Classy interior for an economy car. I like that the rear view mirror is attached to the headliner, not the windshield. Aside from routine maintenance, its had new brakes, timing belt and a small oil leak. Replaced lock on front pass door, one front a/c/ vent is propped up. All in all a very reliable car. I wish they were still being made. Would definitely buy again (but with power options this time)

  • Best Car Ive ever had - 1990 Geo Prizm
    By -

    My dad sold me this in 1997 and its now 2008 and the car is still running great. Yes, it has needed new radiator, battery, etc but the drivetrain has been great. Highway mileage is about 40 mpg, city (San Francisco, CA) about 22. I have 199,200 miles on it. Its got rust on it (car was in Michigan from 90-2001) but the rust slowed down after moving to CA. Knock on wood but Im hoping this car lasts me to at least 250,000 miles.

  • it keeps going, amazing - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    Well, what can you say about a car that starts everyday and never breaks down, year in, year out, its hard to describe but it earns a place in your heart. My wife bought this car 6 years ago for $1000, it then had about 130K on it, many people told her, "its a 4 banger, they dont last, you wasted your money" WRONG! it now has over 216K on it! It does not burn oil or leak oil, everything works on it! even the A/C, amazing!! This little car has won our respect, sure its old, slow and looks rough but who cares, i just think of all the money this gem has saved me over the years and i cant believe it, wish I had a car like this long ago. The only thing we replaced was the starter/battery

  • can`t kill it - 1994 Geo Prizm
    By -

    We`ve had this thing since new in `94. Pretty much stopped doing maintenance for the most part about 5 yrs ago. STILL runs PERFECT - no smoking, loss of power, doesnt use a drop of oil ( even though last oil change was about 10k ago), gets > 30mpg ! Rides and runs good as new ! 150k, still original clutch, no problems other than alternator @ 80k. Almost all door handles, knobs etc. have broken, and paint has faded, but so what! This is by far THE best car Ive ever owned, hands down! It takes all the abuse I can throw at it and asks for more!

  • Keeps on Ticking - 1994 Geo Prizm
    By -

    Keep thinking I need to keep an eye out for my "next" vehicle, but I realize thats stupid because this one wont die and shows no sign it ever will. Now at 138,000 miles. Multiple coast to coast trips during transfers in the Marines, three years in storage while overseas, still starts instantly, runs perfectly. 31-32 mpg in mixed city/hwy driving and over 37 mpg in pure interstate cruising at 80 mph on my last trip! Alternator is Achilles heel had to replace at 48,000 and again when it came out of storage, but got one w/a lifetime warranty from a national repair chain and no problem since then. Handling, acceleration are far from inspiring, but adequate. The car Timex wouldve built.

  • Great Car! - 1990 Geo Prizm
    By -

    This car has been the best investment ive ever made! It has 263,500 mi and still running strong, doesnt burn oil, starts right up, even spins the tires pretty good, all while getting great gas millage! Ive only replaced the exhaust manifold (cracked), and the starter. Everything else (as far as I can tell) is still straight from the factory.

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