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  • Lasted longer than I thought - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    This was my first car. I bought this Prizm used at 142,000 miles 3 years ago. Its at 166,000 now and I havent had a single problem with it. I put a new battery in it because the one in it was a 6 year battery and the car was almost 10 years old. I bought it for $1600 and expected it to only last me a year or two because it was getting old. I drive over 50 miles a day and its never done anything funky, very reliable car. Its on its down side now because its getting old. But I would recommend this car to anyone. Oh and it has a Toyota Corolla engine and transmission so thats why its so great :-P Great first car for anyone!

  • 94 Geo - 1994 Geo Prizm
    By -

    Awesome no frills car. This is a perfect car for new driver. Mine was a 5-speed and got great gas mileage. This was Toyota workmanship at its best. I had no major issues of any kind. A/C was ice cold, steering was awesome and it had plenty of pep with its 1.6 4-cyl. Most importantly, it is a very safe care. Mine was accordioned between two vans on the DC beltway at 50 mph. Although the car was totaled, my son and I walked away without even a scratch. The cabin area was untouched. This is the perfect point A to point B car.

  • Prizm good... - 1990 Geo Prizm
    By -

    I love this car, its been no problem so far, and the mileage is awesome! Its just a little 1.6 liter, but for having 152k miles on it, it drives like a champ!!

  • Got a Good Deal - 1993 Geo Prizm
    By -

    I bought my LSi used. It was two years old, but only had about 12k on it. It rides similar to a 92 Corolla, but perhaps with stiffer suspension. Interior is a little cheaper and less practical than a Corolla, but heck for $10k, I have AC, sunroof with tilt that the Corolla LE didnt have, power windows. Engine has been very reliable. It is March 07 and the engine is still fairly quiet when idling and it accelerates fairly smoothly. I did have some electrical issues - power windows malf, radio/clock lite out, speedometer busted, alternator. But it still runs confidently with minimum maintenance. If I only had $1,000 to buy a reliable used car, this would be a killer deal.

  • A Car that does the Job - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    This car is meant for a person who doesnt want to spend much money, and get more than what paid for. This car is great for a beginning driver, with plenty of room for the driver, and with Toyota quality.

  • Ill buy yours!! - 1994 Geo Prizm
    By -

    Just bought the Prizm @ 177,000 miles. Using it as a winter beater. I couldnt have picked a better car. Perfect running condition. Strong 1.6L (didnt expect that). Handles in the snow like a champ!!. Starts right up, even in the negative degrees, and trust me, in Mn, it gets well under. The 5-spd. gets great MPG. Auto windows, locks all work. Resale value is strong. People really love these cars. Looked up parts before I bought it. They are all cheap. Perfect car.

  • Good enough, but not great. - 1991 Geo Prizm
    By -

    I had this car for over 3 years until I decided that I had enough of taking it to the garage. I bought my Prism when it was 7 years old with 79,000 miles. When I got rid of it, it had 133,000 miles on it. Right away, the exhaust needed to be replaced. Then I had a stream of minor to moderate repairs to be made during the 3 year period including replacing the ignition, starter, and radiator. Also, from day one the rear view deforosters never worked. Towards the end I had a few too many minor problems. The car made far too many creaks & squeaks while on the road. I also felt too much like I was in a tin can. I guess I expected more from a Toyota twin.

  • 225,000 miles and still going! - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    Hands down, this is the most inexpensive cost-to-own vehicle EVER. Its a Toyota Corolla with a Geo badge on the back. Ive owned this one for 8 years and it was a rental car in its former life. Despite that abuse, Ive done nothing aside from routine maintenance and replace the occasional worn-down part. It has never broken down one time and regularly gets 28-32 mpg. The downsides: it is a rattle machine - EVERYTHING vibrates in the car like mad! Dont buy this car if you want engine power or handling - it has neither of those. What it does have is insane reliability, cheap parts, good gas mileage and its easy to work on yourself. 300,000 miles, here I come!

  • Great car - 1997 Geo Prizm
    By -

    Bought this car in 1999 and I have driven it almost 90,000 miles. From cold NY winters to hot Las Vegas summers, this car has never left me stranded by the roadside.

  • Best car Ive ever owned - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    This is the best car Ive ever owned. I had a corolla before the geo and the geo is better overall. Ive had it for about 6 years and Ive never brought it into the shop for anything except maintenance (oil changes, belts, brakes etc.). It is excellent on gas. I highly recommend this car. The pick up is not great but otherwise I love this car. I am so sad they stopped making it.

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