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  • Take care of it and it will last a long time. - 1990 Geo Prizm
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    I bought this car used in 2012. It was in bad shape when I got it due to prior owners neglect. I put a lot of work into it a little at a time. I wanted an older car I could fix up. New windshield, new brakes, new thermostat (wasnt heating up the interior of car). interior door knobs, new battery, new starter, new serpentine belt, the radiator hose had a leak but I got that fixed right away. The headlights were the old type, so I upgraded to the best bulbs on the market. The bulbs were 50 bucks each, and well worth it. It runs great now, and havent had anymore problems with it. It is a basic car with NO computer stuff. It gets me from point A to B, and I dont have a car payment.

  • Its 23 years old, cant be too mean... - 1990 Geo Prizm
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    We bought this car in 2010 for $1,000. It is thee most basic thing on the block. The only upgrade it has is it being automatic, oh and it having A/C. This poor thing has been used and abused. It has 244K miles on it. Whines like a 5 year old. But all and all, if you want to buy something that will get you to school, has nothing on it, and does not want performance, then this is for you. They are very cheap to buy. And it has Toyota parts. Good car to have if you really want to down size.

  • The best car purchase EVER! Still going. - 1990 Geo Prizm
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    When I first bought it I was grateful that my drivers door worked and that my car has AC, and 3 years later and real minor work done, it is still going strong and I thank GOD for that. Fuel Economy is really good and I have replaced the tires once and the windshield once and need to do it again. Utah debris on the roads is horrible. The AC still going strong, radio could be better, my car is an automatic, wish I had a stick, but oh well. My car now has 93,500 miles or so. I try to take good care of her. She gets me to work and home and not to forget from Oregon to Utah and maybe back again.

  • Best Car Ive ever had - 1990 Geo Prizm
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    My dad sold me this in 1997 and its now 2008 and the car is still running great. Yes, it has needed new radiator, battery, etc but the drivetrain has been great. Highway mileage is about 40 mpg, city (San Francisco, CA) about 22. I have 199,200 miles on it. Its got rust on it (car was in Michigan from 90-2001) but the rust slowed down after moving to CA. Knock on wood but Im hoping this car lasts me to at least 250,000 miles.

  • Great Car! - 1990 Geo Prizm
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    This car has been the best investment ive ever made! It has 263,500 mi and still running strong, doesnt burn oil, starts right up, even spins the tires pretty good, all while getting great gas millage! Ive only replaced the exhaust manifold (cracked), and the starter. Everything else (as far as I can tell) is still straight from the factory.

  • Great Car - 1990 Geo Prizm
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    Over almost 12 years of service this car has never let me down. Besides going through exhaust systems every 40K miles it has never had any significant problems in almost 170K miles.

  • Love IT!!! - 1990 Geo Prizm
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    A friend gave me this car almost two years ago. It has never let me down. A/C quit for no reason I know of, perfect one day and now nothing happens, may be a fuse or relay. Burns no oil, but has a few leaks. Rides well and is quiet. Original engine, clutch, and transmission at 222,000 miles. Gets 33 to 40 mpg in mixed driving. I love it and hope it never dies. I have had brand new cars I have not liked this much!

  • GREAT LITTLE CAR - 1990 Geo Prizm
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    When I married my wife 11 years ago, she owned a 1990 geo prism. We later learned it had been previously wrecked. About two years ago (2005) I was rear-ended in it. The insurance company totaled it out, but we bought it back and repaired it. The only problem I have with this car is that it will not die. It now has over 306,000 miles on it and still runs great. I change oil every 10,000 and use the cheapest I can buy. I have did this since 100,000. I would like a new car but see no reason to get rid of our Geo.

  • Prizm good... - 1990 Geo Prizm
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    I love this car, its been no problem so far, and the mileage is awesome! Its just a little 1.6 liter, but for having 152k miles on it, it drives like a champ!!

  • The best car Ive owned in many ways - 1990 Geo Prizm
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    Great resale value, but Id never sell it -its too good a car to me!

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