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  • Its 23 years old, cant be too mean... - 1990 Geo Prizm
    By -

    We bought this car in 2010 for $1,000. It is thee most basic thing on the block. The only upgrade it has is it being automatic, oh and it having A/C. This poor thing has been used and abused. It has 244K miles on it. Whines like a 5 year old. But all and all, if you want to buy something that will get you to school, has nothing on it, and does not want performance, then this is for you. They are very cheap to buy. And it has Toyota parts. Good car to have if you really want to down size.

  • Not the Reliability Expected - 1997 Geo Prizm
    By -

    We purchased it used with 77K. Its been driven 42K in 6 years, mostly city. Its been maintained by the book (severe service schedule). The 3-speed automatic transmission makes highway driving unpleasant (noisy at high rpms). Mpg is 25 city/30 highway. Repairs have included a rebuilt transmission with a new differential and rebuilt torque converter ($2400), heater core ($800), two half-shaft axles ($700), and a starter ($300). Repairs are averaging $.1/mile. This vehicle has a Toyota drivetrain. It has not met the Toyota reputation for reliability.

  • Not Bad - 1995 Geo Prizm
    By -

    Bought this car from my dad with 33K miles on it. Had no trouble with it until 75K. Replaced starter, alternator within a year. At 93K, oil started to leak into one of the Cylinder chambers causing it not to fire. $400 repair. 6 months later, the distributor cap/rotor went and that was a $700 repair. Now the head gasket has gone as oil seaps out of the block. Not repairing that, as it has 124K and am looking to buy something else. Other than that, the car has been fine. The Prizm is generally reliable as it is a Corolla, but mine was the rare exception.

  • blown engine - 1995 Geo Prizm
    By -

    Bought prizm with 100,000 miles on it as a work car. Previous owner had all maintenance documentation, oil changed every 3,000 miles, all service done by qualified dealer, etc. this car looked good and ran like a top. Wife was driving prizm down highway and heard "pop", pulled off road and opened hood to reveal oil pouring out from under car. Piece of engine went through oil pan destroying engine. Was no warning this was about to occur. Car ran perfect for the 10,000 miles I owned it until engine let go. Definitly not mainteance issue as car was babied.

  • I cant believe my dad bought this car - 1993 Geo Prizm
    By -

    My parents have spent approx. $800 on repairs for this car. Acceleration, horsepower is poor. Something is draining the battery on the car. This car has stalled in my school parking and a major road during rush hour. DO NOT BUY A GEO PRISM, BUY THE COROLLA, IT IS CHEAPER IN THE END.

  • Bad Car Day - 1993 Geo Prizm
    By -

    From the day I recieved this Car I have had to install a new alternator, starter 2 transmissions, and now the engine leaks and it cant run because of a valve problem . Think twice before getting this year, of a car, 93 Geos bad any other year ok.

  • my car - 1990 Geo Prizm
    By -

    i do not like this car it is not very relable, comfortable, or built very well. I would not recomnd it the only good thing about it is its gas milage. It often overheats or will not start on warm muggy days.

  • not what your looking - 1991 Geo Prizm
    By -

    I hate my car! last year it broke 5 times! My kids complain that the rear seat is not comfortable and the front is not either!

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