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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2012, the Subaru Forester now comes with a standard height-adjustable passenger seat and a new optional navigation system with added functionality.

  • Standard all-wheel drive
  • Roomy cabin with ample cargo space
  • Comfortable ride
  • Strong turbocharged engine on XT trims.
  • Unimpressive fit and finish.
  • Outdated four-speed automatic transmission dulls fuel economy and acceleration

User Reviews:

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  • Lots of room - 2012 Subaru Forester
    By -

    I checked out some other choices before I decided on this car. I am 52, I have bought 11 new vehicles so far in my life.This is great my best so far. Very little road noise, very smooth ride. Doors are solid. Great visibility. Basic stereo sounds very good. The clearance is terrific, great for exploring in rural Arizona, where 4 x 4 is not needed but added clearance is. Seriously this is the most happy I have ever been with a vehicle in my life. My first Subaru, my first Japanese vehicle.

  • Great value, decent mileage - 2012 Subaru Forester
    By -

    The Forester replaced a 2006 Mazda5 plagued with rear suspension problems. Tempted by the 33 mpg claim, I looked at the new Escape, but couldn't find real-world mileage reports and, in August, dealers were asking $25K+ for 2WD. I found a 5-speed Forester for $18.5K, and bought it. The 27 mpg estimate didn't thrill me, but it's actually done much better; at 4K up to 31 highway and ~22 city, though highway mileage drops quickly above 65 mph. This is a little better than the Mazda got, plus, with AWD, I can get out of the garage when there's more than 3 inches of snow, which was tough for the Mazda. I had a '96 Outback that held up very well for more than 100K miles, and hope this will as well.

  • Bought a Premium and it's PREMIUM - 2012 Subaru Forester
    By -

    We love it. I checked out Santa Fe and Tuscon but chose this. Comfortable, smooth, plenty of pep. What do you need? First Subaru. I drove it two days on my over 100 mile commute round trip and got 27 mpg while it is new not broke in yet. I just bought it for my wife. $24,800 premium, added remote start, fog lights, all-weather mats, cargo tray, dog divider and bumper cover.

  • A lot of car for the money - 2012 Subaru Forester
    By -

    As the title says, considering the cost of the vehicle, I'm very pleased. My mileage is always above 31MPG (rural driving & warm weather). I'm surprised by this - but happy of course. Despite what the EPA says, I'm convinced that a gentle driver gets much better mileage with a manual transmission. The car handles like a sports car which is amazing considering its high ground clearance. The ride is quite firm but not uncomfortable. The high sitting position gives the driver wonderful 360 degree visibility. Negligible blind areas. Some road and wind noise which I don't find bothersome.

  • Does the job! - 2012 Subaru Forester
    By -

    I leased it about 2 1/2 years ago and just bought out the lease. It is not beautiful nor is it elegant, but it does the job. I live at the end of a dirt road in Vermont with a daily round-trip commute of about 50 miles. It always starts and it makes it through the deep snow, better than our Toyota 4Runner. Even with my canoe on top, it handles okay--not as well as my old Morgan +4 but that wouldn't have made the grade in Vermont. Runs much better with a little extra air in the tires. All in all, I find it practical, serviceable, and reliable. This is contrary to some of the other reviews but maybe I just got a good one--or they got bad ones.

  • My 6th Subaru - 2012 Subaru Forester
    By -

    This is my 6th Subaru and my 4th Forester. The last one was a 2009 that I put 84K trouble free miles on. The Forester isn't necessarily the best car out there, but it is one of the best to fit all of the necessary categories of AWD, mpg, cost, space, style, and reliability. I have recommended Subaru to my family and friends, and no one has been disappointed. I would like them to update the automatic transmission, but Subaru engines seem to operate better at higher rpm's. The 2012 seats also seem more comfortable than previous years. The maintenance program of 7500 mile oil changes does make a difference in cost of keeping it on the road and trouble free.

  • It's OK - 2012 Subaru Forester
    By -

    I really want to love my Forester. Everyone said that I would. Maybe my expectations were too high. I will note that I am not someone who needs all the bells and whistles, nor wants them. So I figured a Subaru would be great. I will probably not be keeping it when my lease is up. There are good, bad, and a bunch of little annoyances that definitely add up.

  • Forester disappointment - 2012 Subaru Forester
    By -

    My 2012 Forester SUV has fewer than 6000 miles on it. The transmission has had to be replaced. The fuel lid lever broke. The dealership ruined the seat. The "check engine" light came on... I thought I was buying a dependable vehicle, and I am so disappointed in this car. I will say that the dealership has been pretty good, but as soon as I can get rid of this car without taking a financial bath, I will. No more Subaru vehicles for this family!

  • Lasted 36 miles - 2012 Subaru Forester
    By -

    After having issues with my Legacy (transmission, AC, tire pressure gage, vibrations, etc) I somehow decided it was a good idea to get another Subaru. We leased a Forester, drove it roughly 35 miles and the starter, alternator, battery died. Brand new Forester, dead as a doornail. Jumping, charging... nothing but clicks which means the starter is DEAD. Leased it Saturday, now it's a Wednesday and we still have no new car... we have a small little rental car. BEWARE of Subaru, this is 2 for 2 with troubled cars... Be your own judge but just know that we have had nothing but issues with the two cars we got. We will NEVER buy another again.

  • RAV4 would've been a HUGE mistake! - 2012 Subaru Forester
    By -

    I was either looking into buying the Forester or the RAV4, and I'm very glad I went with this car. I drove a RAV4 4CYL as a rental car for a long duration. It had a comfortable ride, got great gas mileage for a small SUV, was well equipped, had good front and rear leg room, and the performance was surprisingly good for a 4CYL engine. Sounds like a great car until you come to the driving dynamics: it's boring. And let's not forget the rear horizontally opening door with the exterior mounted spare tire. I feel like I might accidentally swing the door in to my child's face if I'm not careful. The Forester is everything the RAV4 is plus monumentally better driving dynamics and overall value.

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