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  • Terrific Wagon - A Swedish Sleeper - 2015 Volvo V60
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    If youre dying for longer glances at the Starbucks drive-thru -- get your BMW or Audi wagon with great haste. Or line up for your favorite pseudo-sporty crossover. But if youre dying for an immensely likeable and practical wagon, the V60 really checks all the boxes. Seriously folks... the V60 is a Volvo at heart (incredible seats, up-to-date and seamless safety features) with enough spunk and sport to make things interesting. I went with the FWD version, and am consistently getting mid 20s gas mileage around town, and mid 30s on the highway. Huge plus -- the 4-cylinder turbo is a VAST improvement over the 5-cylinder turbo I had on my older S60. Lag is minimal, and the whoosh is maximal. The ride is Euro firm yet comfortable -- and until I export the car (and my career) to some village in the Swiss Alps, the handling has plenty of bite for everyday driving. Other positives -- the Sensus system is pretty intuitive, and if you are carting around younger children (roughly 4 to 8 years old) do yourself a HUGE favor and find a V60 with the integrated booster seats. Incredible option -- almost worth the price of admission for any parent. No matter how capable the V60 is -- my hunch is that it will get lost in the compact wagon and SUV shuffle. No screaming BMW badge... no butch plastic on the outside to make you think youre ready to scale Everest. But consider it your gain. I got a pretty aggressive deal from my local dealer since these arent exactly flying off the showroom floor. And while the rear seat is plenty roomy for kids and teens -- I dont think a 6-footer would want to hang out in the backseat for an extended trip.

  • Cool Wagon - 2015 Volvo V60
    By -

    Picked up the 2015 V60 in October 2014 after turning in a 2012 T5 sedan. Major difference is handling. Steering is crisper and stays centered where as T5 tended to float. Also the engine is phenomenal. Im getting 28 mpg mixed use vs 23 mpg in old T5 without a sacrifice in horsepower. What attracted me to this car is that it does not look like a wagon but more like a crossover without the height and extra cost. There is one caveat however. My car came with a start/stop feature. Ive gotten used to it but for some they may not. Its the feeling of an engine stalling and starting up again. You can however manually shut it off. My wife hates it. I leave on just to annoy her. LOL!

  • 2015.5 Volvo V60 wagon FWD - 2015 Volvo V60
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    Spreading the word about 2015.5 V60. Ive owned Audis, BMWs, VWs & other Volvos (last car was the XC70), & this car blows me away. Handling is perfect; fuel economy amazing; styling minimalistic but perfect. The technology features are simply amazing. I have a teen driver, so the safety features - warnings when you get too close to the car in front, lane departure warnings, blind spot, rear camera, etc. - are essential. I paid at least $12k more for comparable German cars, and didnt get anywhere near the value or features found in this car. Chose FWD because w/traction control, its nearly as good as AWD. Space & storage also fine, even as compared to the XC70. Better than German.

  • Sporty, efficient and comfortable - 2015 Volvo V60
    By -

    I have had the V60 for about a month and so far I love it. 2 years ago I replaced my 2006 Saab 95 wagon, because it needed some expensive repairs and with Saab out of business I didnt want to keep putting money into it. I replaced it with a leased Buick Regal, a car with better technology but handling and performance that was not as good and gas mileage that was not any better. As my lease expired I looked at a lot of different cars. I discovered the V60 had mostly better technology features that the Buick, performance and handling that was not quite as good as the Saab but close, and much better fuel efficiency. The V60 is also tremendously comfortable; a keeper.

  • Good as a sportswagon gets... - 2015 Volvo V60
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    If you want a wagon that goes fast, handles very well, and is still a great daily driver, it doesnt get any better than this. If you want to spend twice as much, you can get the rocket ship which is the E63 AMG wagon, but it is a much larger car. If you want the odd styling a Cadillac CTS-V, youll get a car thats probably more fun and is certainly faster, but I didnt find it nearly as comfortable as the Volvo V60 R-Design. This car is the perfect 20-year sequel to the 1995 Volvo 850 T-5R less a bit of boot space. Unlike the T-5R, it rides comfortably (no crash-iness), has All-Wheel-Drive, and isnt just fast by 20-year-old standards.

  • 21st Century Sportwagon - 2015 Volvo V60
    By -

    This car is fast, comfortable, beautifully designed, and luxurious. It is a thoroughly modern vehicle in every way and demonstrates how far Volvo has come. The new 2 litre engine is totally smooth, and the 8 speed auto always places you in a sweet spot for torque. The top notch electronics features illustrate that accidents will be preventable one day. It is the best value in premium wagons, and the design is pure and classic............

  • Resale Vaule Terrible - Do not buy - 2015 Volvo V60
    By -

    I bought this car about 115 months ago thinking it would be great for a new family. I went to bring my newborn home and the rear-facing car seat did not fit, when I say it did not fit I mean the front passenger seat had roughly 3inches of legroom making the seat unusable. After finding the car would not fit out needs I went to trade in the car and visited 7 dealers and the car had depreciated higher than 50%. The sticker on my car was 42,534 and the trading in came in at 20k after just 15months. If you are looking at this car plan on keeping it for a long time or you will be throwing money away.

  • Chinese Engineering! - 2015 Volvo V60
    By -

    Do you like a car to be stylish? Do you like your car to perform? Do you like your car to have seamless phone connectivity? Do you like a car that makes you say "WOWZER!" when you get in and it roars to life? If you have answered "yes" to any of these, then you should pass by the V60. The bluetooth entertainment system facilitates that the driver will need to physically use his/her phone to navigate through music selections. Power? There is none. I cant imagine having a load of family and bags in this thing and trying to cross a busy road. I have no confidence in doing so solo. Selecting manual shift mode will help somewhat, but even then, the shifting is so delayed that you could get stuck trying to get out of traffic in a hurry. Style? It has the style appeal of a harvest gold dishwasher in a granite and stainless steel kitchen. Youve no doubt heard the expression that one could screw up a ball bearing....Welcome Chinese ingenuity to the world of Volvo.

  • Set yourself apart from the crown - 2015 Volvo V60
    By -

    Americans need to wake up and end the crossover craze. And the Volvo V60 is a fantastic option. Not only does it offer exceptional design style, but it handles like a sports car - something a SUV cant offer. In addition I still can have optional awd and it can tow my speed boat on a trailer. The engine has incredible pick up, and the ride is just fun. This may be my best car purchase ever!

  • Really Nice Used Car Value - 2015 Volvo V60
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    I looked at small SUVs and wagons with high safety ratings and good reliability. Performance of this model is decent - I have the AWD with the older 2.5 T5 and the 5sp auto. I like the known reliability of the older engine, although the performance and fuel economy of the newer one was appealing, it wasnt an option in this model year, and I was looking for a lightly used vehicle. 2015.5 for electronics is key - better nav, better infotainment with an upgraded Sensus setup. The car has a built-in wifi hotspot (its ATT service, and free until Volvo figures out how to pass thru charges) in addition to OnCall (Volvos version of OnStar) and Sirius traffic is free for 4 years from original sale date. Seats are very comfy - I dont have the sport package, which has larger bolstered seats, but I do have the Climate package, so everything that should be heated or cooled is done automatically. Storage is smallish for a wagon, but still useful. Styling of both outside and inside is nice - very Swedish still, which is good - I was glad to see that Geely didnt distract from that or the safety of Volvo when they purchased the company. Safety features are great - backup cam and sensors include a cross-traffic warning, and the City Safety function hasnt been used by me, but its nice to know its there.

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