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Swedish-born Volvo has long been a forerunner in safety research, and its vehicles have the crash test scores to prove it. These days, the brand has improved its offerings by crafting vehicles that also offer generous amounts of style and performance.

In Latin, the word "Volvo" means "I roll." Volvo cars have been rolling ever since 1927, when the first vehicle (nicknamed "Jakob") was produced in the city of Gothenburg. The company's founders, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larsson, put an emphasis on safety, and that dictum still holds true today. The Jakob was joined by the six-cylinder PV651 in 1929, and by 1931, more than 10,000 Volvos had been produced.

Postwar, Volvo unveiled one of its biggest successes, the PV444. By the 1950s, Volvo had begun exporting cars to the U.S., and the PV444 — with its compact size and stylish looks — helped the manufacturer quickly make a name for itself in its new territory. The decade also saw Volvo building on its reputation for being a vanguard in the area of safety; it was the first manufacturer to make vehicles with a three-point safety belt.

The 1960s saw the launch of a new Volvo sports car, the P1800. The car's sculpted good looks helped earn it celebrity status when it was featured on the long-running TV series The Saint, with Roger Moore behind the wheel. Safety features grew more advanced during this decade and Volvo was again at the forefront of the action, offering features such as padded dashboards and energy-resistant crumple zones in front and rear.

Volvo distinguished itself as the exclusive home to a number of valuable new technologies during the 1970s. If you were looking for safety features such as childproof locks, collapsible steering columns and rear-facing child seats during this decade, you'd only find them in a Volvo.

Like BMWs and Saabs, Volvos became an American "yuppie" favorite during the 1980s. The company proved its technological know-how wasn't just limited to safety when it rolled out its first turbocharged car. By the end of the decade, Volvo had unveiled new models like the front-wheel-drive 480 hatchback (for Europe) and the Italian-designed 780 coupe.

In the early '90s, Volvo launched the 850. The car was Volvo's first front-wheel-drive executive car, and teamed performance with the company's trademark attention to safety. The decade also saw Volvo rolling out new models like the S40 and C70 — cars that updated the automaker's boxy image with a more rounded, sculpted aesthetic. The company became part of the Ford family when it was acquired by the automaker in 1998. Ford helped Volvo financially, while Volvo provided Ford with new safety technologies and car platforms. Due to Ford's financial troubles during the American recession, however, Ford sold Volvo to the Chinese automaker Geely in 2010.

It's unknown how Volvo's new owner will guide the brand long term, but chances are Volvo will continue to offer sedans, coupes and SUVs known for their combination of safety and driving excitement.

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  • Sad - 2000 Volvo C70
    By -

    I love this car, I grew up driving a Mercedes and BMW I fell in love with my v70 wagon as an adult but sadly its been nothing but one problem after another.its zippy fast with the turbo but just doesnt hold up.repairs ate very has lost a good customer

  • I own it since 1996 - 1996 Volvo 960
    By -

    I bought my Volvo 960 made in 1995 October in 1996 March and has been with me since. I have gone through several BMW 5 series cars since 2000 but Volvo 960 stays with me. This is a car you never get tired of seeing, never get tired of driving or travelling in it and no rush (aluminium body), great quality all around except for the cup holder design. it has done 188000 now and it is going to stay with me and I drove myself to work in that this morning just to keep it in good shape. Ive travelled from Darwin to Adelaide and back 5 times in this car which is 6000 kms plus per trip and it never missed a beat. It is now without a doubt the best Volvo 960 in South Australia and Im very happy as cars are not made this way anymore and no Volvos come out of Sweden any more either. So I guess my 960 SE is a special car.

  • Volvo T-6 Rocks! - 2005 Volvo XC90
    By -

    I purchased the 2005 XC-90 for my wifes birthday. Have been very pleased with Volvo Customer Service and local dealerships for warranty maintenance and questions. Gas mileage is best on the highway, but our Volvo is very reliable and dependable, despite fuel consumption. By far the safest SUV I have found for my most important passengers - my wife and daughter.

  • In Love With my Volvo - 2008 Volvo S40
    By -

    This is the first Volvo I have ever owned. People are often surprised when, at 26 years old, I tell them I purchased a Volvo - that is, until they see it. The Volvo name may carry the stigma of an "old persons car", but one look at the sleek design instantly extinguishes that thought. My black on black S40 turns heads and evokes positive reactions from family, friends, and co-workers. My expectations have been surpassed with this excellent vehicle.

  • works for me - 2002 Volvo V70
    By -

    Even with a few glitches, Id rather drive this sporty European wagon than any of its bland Japanese or American competitors, and none of them can hold five kids. Bought used last winter. Had a few gremlins in front suspension, but local dealership did great job of diagnosing and fixing. No problems since then after 10k miles city driving. No complaints about dealer service, but not cheap. Car is fun to drive; handles beautifully on turns, accelerates quickly, and cruises smoothly at supra-legal highway speeds. Not that I drive like that. Big turning radius hasnt been an issue. Lots of features, marvelous seats, and a kickin stereo make long drives a pleasure.

  • Very disappointed - 2004 Volvo S80
    By -

    After extensive research, we picked the 2004 Volvo S80 cause it seemed reliable and comfortable for my height - 66". Only the 2004-2006 models could I fit in. Since we bought the car from dealership, weve had it in for service 5 times and after the last service where they couldnt fix the acclerating problem when braking, weve decided to cut our losses and find another vehicle. Other problems included seat belt squeaking, windshield wiper timer, headlight adjustment, brakes, and more. Disappointed the car turned out to be lemon.

  • Volvo XC90 - 2003 Volvo XC90
    By -

    Fun to drive - smooth ride, comfortable seats.Navigation system is a pain - remote control programming - the Toyota has a navigation system with a keyboard to key in the addresses - much easier to use than the remote. Speeds of over 70mph on the highway cause a noisy wind humming- very annoying.Gas mileage is poor. Rear seats are for a VERY SMALL children. Other than that, we love it!

  • Smart Girl, kids & 5 BIG poodles - 2004 Volvo XC90
    By -

    This SUV gets style points and gets me where I need to go with my portfolio of manuscripts, two kids and three standard poodles! I love the feel, look and drive.

  • Wish I had test driven other models - 2004 Volvo XC90
    By -

    I am somewhat pleased with my XC90. I love the body style, the handling, the ease of controls and I have had absolutley no maintenance issues so far. I didnt realize how much I would miss the driver arm rests and I am surprised at how noisy and bumpy the ride is for the price of this car. My first choice was the Lexus Gx but was way out of my price range. The gas mileage on the XC90 is not that great either. I did find out however that it is okay to use regular unleaded in it. I put mid-grade in mine and performs well. If I had it to do over I would have liked to have looked at the new 330. I am reluctant to buy new models but have a friend who loves her.

  • No gimics. Great Versatility and safety. - 2004 Volvo XC90
    By -

    I have an XC90 T6 5 passenger. It is easy to drive around town, and is especially enjoyable on long trips with the family. The comfort of the front and rear seats and excellent electronic climate control make a long trip easy to tackle. Volvo did a nice job of notching out the back of the front seats to allow for additional knee space as well as providing a space under the seats to slip your feet. The cargo space and the versatility of the folding seats in the XC90 are exceptional. Having driven all of the other luxury SUV models on the market, the XC90 offers the best comfort, easiest drive, and without question the widest array of safety features.

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