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  • Great car! Lousy ride - without air shocks - 2017 Volvo S90
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    Great car in many respects but the ride is terrible [especially in the back seat] unless you spend an extra $1500 on air shocks. As a Volvo owner, who was shopping for a Volvo, I was disappointed in the S 90. The styling is superb and so are all the conveniences. I have decided to go with a car that gives me a comfortable ride.

  • Super for 325 for 400 I would probably shop around - 2018 Volvo S90
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    Good friend of mine (who owns a leasing company) called me with information that with combination of incentives it is possible to lease S90 for a price of loaded Camry or Accord. I am not a big fan of fancy cars, but was looking for a new car anyway; so I decided - why not. After one month of driving Volvo S90 T6 AWD Momentum here is my couple of cents. 1. Driving dynamics: Superior in every aspect:acceleration, braking, keeping the line, softness/firmness combination etc. 2. Radio: Could be better in a car with MSRP> 60K. 3. A/C heater fan: very loud, could be quieter in 60K car. 4. Infotainment/Comfort controls: everything is incorporated in Ipad like touch screen device. It is very confusing and it is not safe.I would change it back to buttons in a heart beat. As I said in a title: Excellent car for 325 a month. For 400 I would shop around. I think Buick, Lincoln would provide same quality of ride with better Infotainment system and buttons controls.

  • V for Volvo! - 2018 Volvo S90
    By -

    Its pricey with all the bells and whistles I got! Extremely techy - which I love! Seems to have taken care of all the intricate details. For a car that is at this level of price, the mud flaps and floor mats should have been provided - with the Volvo logo!

  • Great car with great value - 2017 Volvo S90
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    There is not too much I can find wrong with this car. The comfort and styling is top for this price point. They must have fixed the electronics because it boots up reasonably fast and has not crashed. I love the simple but refined feeling of the interior. Its quick and has plenty of power for my driving. With the current incentives and discounts this car was a steal. So far the mpg seems far below the reported estimate, but most times Ive found the car needs to be broken in before you can judge that.

  • The ultimate Nanny car. - 2017 Volvo S90
    By -

    This car has at least 100 "warnings" built into it that the dealer says he cant cancel. So imagine driving down the freeway at 75mph and the streering wheel starts shaking, the dash has a bell that screams at you and a red alarm warning goes of in your face. Five seconds, literally, it is all over!!! But when it is happening, it will scare the crap out of you!!!!!!!! And it happens repeatedly!!!

  • Best car Ive owned - 2017 Volvo S90
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    Check out competition . Took delivery of my s90 inscription in August 2016. Car has exceded my expectations and those of my family. A joy to drive , excellent navigation, best car seats anywhere ultra high quality materials. Some recalls ,normal in a completely new vehicle , perfectly done by dealer. Long drives on NYS Thruway excellent. Trips to Manhattan and Brooklyn from Monroe , a pleasure. Car is quiet, roomy and very confortable. Last 9 years drove 3 335xs BMW .

  • If I were the Germans I would be paying attention - 2017 Volvo S90
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    This car exudes confidence and luxury, less stoic than Audi and less "bling bling" than a Benz and hands down a much better cabin to spend time in than a BMW 5 series. Volvo is undergoing a revolution always a premium brand pushing further upmarket and not loosing their vision, if you are in the market for a midsize luxury sedan you owe it to yourself to check out the Volvo S90, get it loaded to the gills and youll spend thousands and thousand less than the competition and in many ways get a better car.

  • S 90 is a Hot Rod in a Tuxedo - 2018 Volvo S90
    By -

    We are very happy with the new 2018 Volvo S90. Been warned, the 2017 is 5" shorter, and its all in the back seat. We needed a bigger car to carry our infant (car seats etc.) and our S 60 was just too cramped. The S90 is wonderful! The thing rockets around corners when you ask it to, but its gentle as a bunny when you dont. Our other car is a Dodge Challenger with a 6-speed manual transmission...except for the growl of the American brute, the Swede is as much fun to drive and way better at staying stuck to the road in hard corners thanks to the AWD. This is a good looking car as well. Big and strong.

  • Poor navigation in great car - 2018 Volvo S90
    By -

    I own a xc60 r design 2010, the guidance software has not been upgraded since 2012, I gave it one more try w this fabulous s90 all the extras, the navigation is not much better, I hope they will keep it updated, maybe in a city that does not update roads but not a week goes by it does not take me the wrong or long way at least once or simply cant find address. Terrible, good high tech car poor navigation.

  • Electronics were the worst I have ever encountered - 2017 Volvo S90
    By -

    Volvo designed a spectacularly beautiful vehicle and destroyed it with an inadequate computer system. It was as if the entire car depended upon a Windows 95 operating system that needed defragmentation and rebooting every day. Systems froze constantly but at random, providing a bad entertainment system of a sort. Applications never worked. Mobile WiFi connectivity was usually beyond the cars ability (displaying a nearly-ubiquitous message of "No connection to service"). On my last drive the drivers seat moved on its own, the cruise control failed, the pilot assist failed, and the rear brakes (which had been replaced once) resumed their habit of bringing the car to a stop (when in reverse) with a lurch and a boom (as if I had hit something, which was never the case). I have driven a Volvo for 33 years and still own some older ones, but I do not think I will ever buy another one. Update: I traded in the vehicle and took the loss now as opposed to later. It was only going to get worse. Months later Volvo USA sent me a nice magazine, which went immediately into the recycle bin.

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