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  • NV 200 perfect for small business - 2014 Nissan NV200
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    I own a small cable/satellite company and needed a small van for service calls in Colorado. Found the NV200 had plenty of pep going up and down some of the larger mountain ranges. Used the overdrive a lot going down. 25 MPG fully loaded at 8000 feet plus. Hands free cell calls, XM radio and Navigation worked really well. During VERY cold days, left drivers food froze...Needs work on floor heater. Had problem with tire wear and had to replace in 14,000 miles. Right rear tire required shim to put in alignment. Also talked to a "Tire Whisper" (A friend that is the alignment business for 40 years) and he told me to quite rotating front to back, but to go a X pattern for 5 times then the 6th go back to front to back one time. Tire problem went away. At the present time, you can only get tires from the dealer, so its best to stay on pressure. Overall the NV200 is a solid van for small business

  • Buyers remorse - 2014 Nissan NV200
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    I purchased this van after a bit of research. Every car has a few people that cant be made happy. I now have 17000 miles and bald tires. I didnt think much of it until I tried to buy new ones. Nissan dealers have the only load rated tires in the required size and they are quite proud of them. I discussed changing wheel size with my service advisor and any modification would void my warranty. $100/month for tires. The interior heat and air are very weak. The engine performance seemed good enough at test drive, but try carrying a light load and it is painfully, if not dangerously slow.

  • NV 200 Not Enough for the Job - 2014 Nissan NV200
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    I purchased an NV 200 in 2014 for a small business we were establishing and needed a vehicle for the purchase of raw material and transportation. The vans engine appeared to be sufficient during test drive, but in reality it has a hard time hauling cargo. The acceleration is poor and can be unsafe at time. I have also experience tire wear. With 8000 miles the tires show significant tire wire. I have also learned the replacement tires are very expensive. In addition, I am experiencing paint issues for which Nissan does not want to be held accountable. It appears the van was touchup before I made the purchase. Still debating on this issue. Overall, the van does not have the engine power to haul cargo. It does provide for easy entry into the van, it is accessible and easy to get cargo in and out of the van. But lacks engine power.

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