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  • NV 200 perfect for small business - 2014 Nissan NV200
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    I own a small cable/satellite company and needed a small van for service calls in Colorado. Found the NV200 had plenty of pep going up and down some of the larger mountain ranges. Used the overdrive a lot going down. 25 MPG fully loaded at 8000 feet plus. Hands free cell calls, XM radio and Navigation worked really well. During VERY cold days, left drivers food froze...Needs work on floor heater. Had problem with tire wear and had to replace in 14,000 miles. Right rear tire required shim to put in alignment. Also talked to a "Tire Whisper" (A friend that is the alignment business for 40 years) and he told me to quite rotating front to back, but to go a X pattern for 5 times then the 6th go back to front to back one time. Tire problem went away. At the present time, you can only get tires from the dealer, so its best to stay on pressure. Overall the NV200 is a solid van for small business

  • NV200 First Impression - 2013 Nissan NV200
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    Yes, it only has a little over 100 miles, but after comparison to the Transit Connect, I decided to bring one home today. Better fit and finish, better ride and handling and priced less with the options. It is a peppy little van and it is deceivingly quick with CVT transmission. It doesnt seem quick but it pulls like an electric car, no shifting!. We got 30 mpg average on the trip home with A/C on and a 2000 foot elevation gain in 75 miles. I will update in a few weeks.

    By -

    This van does not belong on the road and Nissan should be ashamed of them selves for putting it on the road. I have 12,000 miles on mine and have hated every mile. Its so slow, tires are garbage(way to small for highway travel)...need new tires at 12,000 miles(worn out already), VERY unstable at highway speeds...anything over 60MPH you better hang on for your life. The back door is already off alignment(doesnt close right). The transmission is cant get out of your own way...forget about passing anyone. The engine light came on at 7 miles on the odometer....the fuel mileage sucks!! I can go on and on....FYI....its a company vehicle not my own

  • Excellent get-about - 2015 Nissan NV200
    By -

    Pros: Great on gas and made easy. GPS system fantastic, exterior design awesome, topside mounting anchors for luggage rack excellent...double sliding doors made for exiting easy. Split rear windows(on mine) assist backing out-a little better. Makes for long distance drives fantastic. But, tight fit for large individuals to set comfortable... rear passengers seats should not be an option. Cons: driver front seat comfort sucks-right arm rest made for child size individual. Large front side view construction design makes for poor blind-spots...extra caution taken at stop lights and cross walks. Also, front side rearview mirrors block side view when making lift or right turns...back up monitor needs to remote viewing control-left/right, for backing out safety.

  • Poor quality control, good over all package - 2015 Nissan NV200
    By -

    I purchased this vehicle because I wanted an efficient(for what it is) vehicle to haul stuff around with every once in a while, while still being able to drive it on a day-to-day basis. I chose the NV200 over its competition because of its over all, first impression of value. The adrian steel accessory package is very nice. My van had everything I needed and nothing I didnt. Cruise control, power windows, aux, rear window. Its the perfect NV200 for me. But here is the sad part(and the reason I gave it a 2-star rating). The transmission shifts rough, not sure if this is normal or not but its not smooth especially at crawling speeds. Once up to speed it handles just fine. Its not making any noises so Im not complaining, but its something to consider as my car only has 1,600 miles at the moment. Ever since Ive had this van Ive brought it in 3 times(4th time in a few days) for warranty work. First, all of the window/door gaskets were warped. Since I dont usually stare at the back doors, I just got the front window gasket replaced(with ones that werent warped and wavy). I also noticed there is factory paint over-spray on the dash board. A lot of the panel gaps arent even. Rust Sealant under the vehicle is poorly slapped on(makes me wonder what else is wrong with it). Sliding Door latches already broke at 1,500 miles. They will open but wont close. There is an annoying rattle that the dealer says is normal, even though for the first 1000 miles I heard nothing. Also the badges around the car are either not aligned right, or are loose and wiggle around. Over all a decent tool for every day use but dont expect something that is well put together. The design, or intended design is great. Only problem is quality control(I assume because its a 3-vin not a 1 or J like the other Nissans Ive had). UPDATE: I am currently at 10,000 miles. The transmission has fixed itself, shifts smoother now. No mechanical issues so far. Rear drum brakes sqeak alittle which is an easy fix(brake lube). Ive gotten used to the quality of the van so no complaints for now. Ive put this van to work, its held up well. UPDATE 2: have 20,000 miles now. No issues. Been reliable and trouble free. No complaints. Sliding doors are still out of alignment(wont latch completely) but Ive figured out a way to close them. Itd be nice if it had a bigger gas tank. Find myself filling up nearly weekly with the range being 400-410 max.

  • n/a - 2016 Nissan NV200
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  • Road Trip - 2015 Nissan NV200
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    Loved my new NV200, handles so well and gets really great mileage doing 80 mph got 26-28 mpg going up hills...first road trip was 2400 miles and it hummed along the road and in the city!!!

  • Replaced Transmission at 120,000 - 2015 Nissan NV200
    By -

    Unfortunately our shop bought 4 Nissan NV200s. Transmission went out in the oldest one already and Im still making payments. You CANNOT rebuild this transmission. Had to purchase a whole new one because of how they are built. Only a 12,000 warranty. My transmission mechanic of 12 years has said he is replacing Nissan Nv200 transmission all the time because they are using plastic pieces now and and cannot be rebuilt. We used to get our old Ford and Chevy Cargo transmissions rebuilt for less than $2400 and Hurst would give a 100,000 mile warranty on his work. I am now looking to dump the rest of these pieces of junk!! I still own a Ford with 350,000 miles that had the transmission rebuilt at 205,000 miles for $1800. Sorry Nissan, if Toyota had a cargo van, I would buy them and replace the NV200.

  • exactely what I needed - 2016 Nissan NV200
    By -

    Its an ideal van for my small business

  • nice lile van - 2015 Nissan NV200
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    After 1500 miles I had to take the vehicle to the dealer 2 times, the first time for suspension noise, a loud click sound while turning the steering wheel because of bad strut mounts. the second time for vibrations at certain speed do to bad cv shaft axles, also my tires where gone at 10,000 miles. all this issues is less than 15,000 miles is very disappointing. the vehicle has 24000 miles now and havent had any more issues. mpg is about the same 23 to 23.5 combined.

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