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  • 98 Mercury Mystique Sport - 1998 Mercury Mystique
    By -

    I got my Mystique in Aug 2000. It had 14K miles. Since then it has been 100% reliable and a joy to drive. It currently has 60K miles & the only mechanical problem was when the O2 & fuel sensors had to be replaced Sept 03. I drove it through the worst road conditions I have seen in Jan 02. 12 hours to travel 400 miles, counted 38 accidents, but my car didnt slide once. Had a bad accident with my beloved car last Wed and it may be totaled, but it saved me and I was able to walk away.

  • Dashboard unglues Mercury does NOTHING! - 2000 Mercury Mystique
    By -

    I am happy with the performance of the vehicle, but am very distressed over the fact that a four year old cars dashboard has become unglued, unsitely and unsafe! I went to Lincoln Mercury and they also told me there was nothing they could do and it would cost me 1350.00 to replace and there were no guarantees. I feel that there should be a recall on this because the guy Linc/Merc told me he has seen a alot of this and that there should eba recall. Anyone that is interested in getting together to write to Ford/Lincoln Mercury about this particular problem, please email me at

  • A great car at a great price - 2000 Mercury Mystique
    By -

    I have owned the Mercury Mystique since August 2000 and I could not be happier. This car has excellent pick- up. Two problems I have had with this car is replacing the alternator at 40,000 miles and replacing the fuel sensor (under $100.00). I have been extremely satisfied with my purchase.

  • good economy car - 1998 Mercury Mystique
    By -

    I personally like it, I have the 5 speed manual 2.5L V6 and it gets where its going.

  • Anonymous looking...a BLAST to drive - 1998 Mercury Mystique
    By -

    4 cyl Zetec with the CD4E automatic trans. Looking for a small but not cramped car, We chose a red Mystique. Although the styling isnt avant-garde, it is still an attractive car. The car had 108K miles when I test drove it. In spite of this, it was tight and was as devoid of squeaks and rattles as one could expect. What impressed me right away was how well it held the road. I took it around the perimeter of the GM Proving Grounds, got it up to about 55 mph and YANKED on the wheel, serpentine fashion. This car was absolutely stuck to the pavement. It is kinda light on horsepower, but its the best everyday 4 door car I have ever driven.

  • Meh - 1998 Mercury Mystique
    By -

    My parents got this car for my sister when she was 17 as a first car. The first day she drove it, when she drove faster than 45 the car started to buck, the transmission was slipping. Weve put more money into this car then we paid for it. Now Im 17 (shes almost 21 now) and its mine now. Not too fun to drive, its very jerky when changing gears and its really uncomfortable. My dad and I drove about an hour in it and we got out numb. After fixing it up a bit, shes running pretty good, but we still call it the Mercury "Mistake" because it is pretty much fail. The trunk for some reason floods when I open it up after it rains

  • Unrealized potential - 2000 Mercury Mystique
    By -

    Noisy engine. Vibrates at 70 mph. Brakes perform below norm. Replace twice w/in 60,000 miles. Irregular acceleration w/entry on expressway. Mechanic reports cracks in chassis that need repair. Knocking on extreme turns of the steering wheel. Interior molding below winshield curled up and getting worse. Same thing w/rubber door trim. Interior lighting shorts in dash, overhead and gear shift.

  • Excellent car to own - 1998 Mercury Mystique
    By -

    I bought my car brand new and now more then 10 years later, I am as pleased with my car as the day I bought. This has been the best car I have ever bought. I highly recommend it.

  • 1998 Mercury Mystique - 1998 Mercury Mystique
    By -

    Its been a real good car. A lot of bang for your buck. Very few repairs brakes, rotors,alternator, belt, wiper blades, oil & filter change. Just been a darn good car - crosses fingers.

  • mystique, or trique - 1998 Mercury Mystique
    By -

    Man i thought this car was gonna be the bomb when i bought it, but it turned up to be a disaster. I paid 4000 dlls for it and i had to waste about 2200 more in the a.c., transmission, and several electric shorts that happened in the first 3 months that i had it. I gotta give it to the car that it was pretty fun to drive, because you could go about 100 and it wouldnt even tremble. But after about 3 months of 100 mph drives, the poor car ended up in the shop with damage of about 1500 dlls. if you want good advice, take it from me: never, if you can help it, buy a Mercury Mistique. it will cost you!!!!!!!!!!

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