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Upscale Japanese luxury sedans began to proliferate across the landscape in the early 1990s, with newly hatched premium brands like Toyota's Lexus and Nissan's Infiniti born to do battle against more established European and American rivals. In such a thriving marketplace, Mazda planned to get in on the aspirational act with a proposed premium division called Amati. This idea proved a little too rich for the company's pocketbook, however, and was subsequently scrapped. But all was not lost, for the junior of two planned Amati sedans came to life as the midsize entry-luxury Mazda Millenia, which was introduced in 1995 as the company's flagship replacement for the outgoing 929.

The Millenia was plagued throughout its 8-year run by a lack of upscale presence and a mild case of schizophrenia. While its styling and higher content level qualified it for the entry-luxury market, the Millenia's execution and cachet just didn't measure up -- especially considering the $30,000-plus price tag on the top-drawer Millenia S model.

Midsize sedan shoppers looking for a dash of luxury and something different might find a later-model Mazda Millenia an intriguing choice, especially the supercharged S. Other worthwhile luxury-branded used vehicles from this era include the Acura TL and Lexus ES.

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The Mazda Millenia was produced from 1995-2002. As it was originally intended to be a luxury-branded car rather than a typical Mazda, it featured upscale leather, wood and chrome appointments inside, along with higher-quality paint and better overall fit and finish. Two trim levels were available: base (with or without leather) and S. Base models came standard with a rather pedestrian 170-horsepower 2.5-liter V6, while those who followed Mazda's suggestion to "get in, be moved" could choose the more powerful Millenia S with its larger tires, standard traction control and 210-hp 2.3-liter "Miller Cycle" supercharged V6 engine. A four-speed automatic was the only available transmission.

The Miller Cycle V6 was a unique power plant that featured a belt-driven supercharger to boost power and torque. It was refined and smooth, but not particularly powerful by luxury-car standards. Handling was also a mixed bag, with well-controlled body roll through smooth curves, but inadequate damping over rough surfaces. Seating up front was comfortable and well-contoured, but rear passengers suffered from a lack of thigh support and foot space.

Numerous changes were made during the Mazda Millenia's eight years on the market. Equipment was upgraded for 1997 and a revised center console design arrived. Two-tone color schemes and a styling refresh showed up for 1999. The following year, the Millenia celebrated the millennium by cutting prices and offering a special-edition model. Available in two eye-catching colors, the Millennium Millenia featured 17-inch wheels, an in-dash six-CD changer and suede upholstery.

The most significant changes occurred for 2001 when Mazda strengthened the Millenia's body structure to improve torsional rigidity while adding new stabilizer bars (for better handling) and bigger brakes. That year also saw exterior styling tweaked and upgrades to the interior. Side airbags were also made standard. Because of these improvements, the 2001 and '02 Mazda Millenias (the final model years) are clearly the best choices for used-car shoppers.

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  • Mazda Millenia S rules!! - 2002 Mazda Millenia
    By -

    We purchased a Millenia after carefully evaluating several cars including the Acura TL, C class Benz etc. and found the Millenia to be the best combination of price performance and also a great looking car. Unbelievable build quality. This car gets a ton of looks as it goes down the road.

  • Carols Millenia - 2002 Mazda Millenia
    By -

    Bought one of the last in 2002. The looks sold it, not the test drive. Traded an 88 MX-6...wonderful car in all respects. Expected same from the Millenia and in 2 yrs havent been disappointed. Epitome of entry level luxury. Super quality all round. Smooth performer, definitely not a hot rod, but pretty quick. Not a hint of any problems. Id buy another new in a heartbeat if it were posible.

  • One Sweet Car! - 2001 Mazda Millenia
    By -

    Quite possibly the most enjoyable car, overall, I have driven in 30 years. For starters, my all-black car is beautiful, with sleek and subtle lines, perfect wheels and low, wide tires. Its quiet and happy on highways, handles great on curves. Interior is tasteful, functional, virtually flawless. Id like maybe a bit more lumbar support in adjustable drivers side. Enthusiasts might find the center hump interferes with spirited driving. My elbow hits it regularly. All-in-all, truly classic and classy. Wish theyd bring it back! My dad recently leased an 05 Mercedes E320 and is so overwhelmed with the superfluous technology that hed rather trade with me! Seriously!

  • Best assembled auto I have ever owned! - 2000 Mazda Millenia
    By -

    I bougtht my mazda for my wife because she loved its looks. Deeply discounted price for entry level luxury car also a factor. Was always a GM man (10 GMs 8 new from chevy to caddy)Since have purchased 4 new Toyotas big improvement in quality and reliability from GM. Also owned 1 Ford and 2 chrysler products (used). Although the Toyotas assembly were excellent,this car is perfect, nothing out of alingment or loose. The engine is not a great performer by any means. But is adequate for most. Comfortable car for 4 people. Cruises effortlessly at 80 mph. Only problem after 37,000 miles just happened this week,trunk release button will not open trunk.

  • So Far So Good - 2002 Mazda Millenia
    By -

    I love the look of my car I think it is a very classy looking car. Mine is black and looks great when it is clean and polished. I obviously havent had it very long but have always liked the look of these cars.

  • mixed bag - 2002 Mazda Millenia
    By -

    Can be a great value as a used car, so definitely worth a look for the nice interior design & materials, smooth ride, and upscale, if somewhat generic, Japanese sedan look. However, poor interior packaging makes this somewhat large sedan small on the inside (uncomfortable to drive w/knees splayed out--Im 63"). Also, they have harsh shifting auto trannies with poor reliability, and other reliability issues as well. 170hp base engine is pretty weak. Fuel economy for a sedan is only 23mpg mixed city/hwy, and worst of all, requires premium fuel! If the tranny was smooth, there was another few inches of driver legroom, and my check engine light would turn off...then Id probably love it!

  • 2000 Used Mazda Millenia S for Sale - 2000 Mazda Millenia
    By -

    This car has amazing reliability history. I dont know why it never took off in sales. I mean, you cant get a sleeker, snazzier, roommier, sportier, car for the same price. It is my second S model, and I dont agree with the review given by Edmunds. I am selling mine to get into a house with all these low mortgage rates flying around. With the high ratings for reliability and build quality given by Consumer Reports, I think this is a great car.

  • My Second Millenia - 2002 Mazda Millenia
    By -

    Bought a second Millenia for myself and a first for my wife. Great car for the price point. Was disappointed to learn that the Bose system wasnt standard in the P models as it was in the past. Cost me $500.00 to upgrade the sound system after market. Great Ride and handling. Better ride than the Infiniti I30t. Tighter car than most of its competitors.

  • Great car - if you keep it - 2002 Mazda Millenia
    By -

    This car does compete very condidently with cars in the same price range from BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Infinity, Acura. Has plenty of power (with the supercharger), gets fair to good gas milage, very comfortable on long road trips, and intuitive driver comforts.

  • Our Second Millinea S - 2002 Mazda Millenia
    By -

    We traded-in our 1997 to buy the last of an excellent car line. Mazda should have come up with a replacemetn.

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