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Lincoln hasn't always kept up with the competition in the luxury sedan segment. As rivals evolved with more modern styling, better handing and the latest technology, Lincoln lagged behind, struggling to break free of its antiquated image. The Lincoln MKS is an attempt to gain back some territory. Roomy and comfortable, the MKS boasts available all-wheel drive and a bevy of standard and optional features.

Mechanically, it's related to the latest-generation Ford Taurus, meaning it shares that car's general underpinnings and powertrain. This relationship, however, has limited the MKS's appeal. For the first few years in particular, its driving dynamics and interior appointments made the MKS seem more like a gussied-up Ford than a true luxury sedan. A major overhaul for 2013 has improved the MKS considerably, though. As a used model, the MKS remains a tough sell compared to other midsize luxury sedans, but it might be worth a look for shoppers keen on a large American luxury sedan.

Current Lincoln MKS
The Lincoln MKS received significant updates for 2013, including engine upgrades, suspension enhancements, additional equipment, more luxurious cabin appointments and revised styling inside and out.

There are three trim levels tied to drivetrain choice. FWD and AWD trims come with a 3.7-liter V6 that produces 300 horsepower. A six-speed automatic transmission is standard. The EcoBoost trim comes with a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 that sends 365 hp to all four wheels. Its fuel economy is actually only slightly less than that of the base engine.

Expected luxury features like leather upholstery are standard on both, but Lincoln ups the ante by including items that are usually options, like an adaptive suspension, heated and ventilated seats, a power-adjustable steering wheel and even mobile WiFi capability. Options include a rearview camera, heated rear seats, a lane-departure warning system, an automatic parallel-parking system and a 16-speaker stereo.

The MKS also features the MyLincoln Touch system, which was widely criticized in its early iterations for usability, speed and reliability issues. The current version has been greatly improved, although there's still a learning curve involved. Either way, this new technology creates a clean, futuristic look inside the spacious, well-constructed cabin. Few cars in its class can match the amount of passenger space in the MKS, including its 18.4-cubic-foot trunk.

Used Lincoln MKS Models
The Lincoln MKS debuted for the 2009 model year, and models produced between then and 2012 differ from the current model. The styling is less distinctive, the quality of interior materials and construction is lower and there were fewer features available. Not only were the engines less powerful, but it lacked the current car's adaptive suspension. Without it, the ride was surprisingly stiff and the handling not especially good either. The steering was also needlessly heavy. On the upside, some may find the interior controls easier to use than those in the current car.

The MKS was initially only available with a standard 273-hp 3.7-liter V6, while the 355-hp turbocharged V6 (EcoBoost) arrived the following year. As with today, base MKS models could be front-wheel or all-wheel drive, while those with the turbocharged engine are all-wheel drive only.

In reviews, we found some problems with these early MKS models, many of which were corrected with the midcycle changes for 2013. Besides some of the issues alluded to above, we found the base engine to deliver lackluster acceleration and the entire car to have little advantage over a loaded Ford Taurus. Thanks to its 355 hp and broad torque band, the turbocharged Lincoln MKS EcoBoost was more appealing.

User Reviews:

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  • Stay Away - 2011 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I own a 2011 MKS with the 3.5 Ecoboost and this thing will cost you a fortune to own unless you are a mechanic. First off, anyone claiming over 25 MPG is insane unless they only drive downhill. Ecoboost does not stand for efficient. The brakes are underwhelming, and I have never seen a car go through rear brakes so quickly. I have had the brakes changed multiple times, and recently switched to a set of carbon ceramic Powerstop brakes, and are a worthwhile investment if you want them functioning properly on a day to day basis. The motor went in the steering column and the entire thing had to be replaced. The brake booster went out, which is not a huge deal but took a half dozen times in the shop for them to identify. All the while driving garbage ford loaner cars. When someone purchases an MKS, they do not want to be stuck driving a C-max or a fiesta. The timing chain was replaced, which is also a common problem with the 3.5, and a huge reason to stay clear of the F-150s with this engine. other issues: ball joints, control arm, tie rods, rattling speakers, sunroof leaks into the rear door???... the list goes on. Dont get me wrong, this car is amazingly comfortable traveling with my family of four, but please buy a lexus and stay away from American junk. Made in Chicago. Built like crap.

  • Great Car - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    This is a great vehicle, to travel back and forth from up north to Fl. It has a large trunk, is very comfortable, handles very good on the highway. The voice command system allows me to call on the phone, without using my hands, the satellite radio, allows me to listen to the same station for the entire trip. This car has good pickup when entering the interstate highways and the braking system is very good at stopping quickly, if needed. I feel very safe in this vehicle, because of the safety equipment that is built into the car. I would recommend this vehicle highly.

  • great american car - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I have had the MKS for 4months and have thoroughly enjoyed it-The handling and styling as well as the high-tech features are impressive-I receive a compliment on how it looks from people on a weekly basis asking me what kind of car it is-I am pleased that I purchased it over the foreign selections I drove

  • love mine - 2010 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    awesome handling drove 65 miles home from where purchased. Test drove over 8 cars before settling down to this beauty.

  • Critics are wrong - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I have had my MKS AWD for 2-months and absolutely love it! The ride, handling, looks, and performance are second to none. Comparing this car to a Lexus ES-350, Volvo S-80 etc. is a joke. Daily driving does not require the use of a skid pad or some bogus zero to sixty times. Nice job Lincoln!

  • like driving a boat - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    have leased this car 6 months ago took it down south to the mountains and it was a very big disappointment the handling or lack of it makes me very sad about my decision to lease this vehicle

  • Door Lock and Brake Problems - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I enjoy the design and comfort of the new MKS but it seems that there are still some mechanical issues to be worked out. I have driven only 800 miles in my new car and already have had to have the front brake lining replaced due to poor initial installation. The drivers side electronic door lock has also broken and the replacement part to fix the problem has not even been built yet (according to my dealer). I must now manually unlock the door each time - not fun.

  • I just love my MKS - 2011 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I have been a long time client to FOMOCO - starting with my 88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. I traded in my 2008 MKZ for a 2011 MKS and cannot be happier. This car is HOT and loads of fun to drive. I am so happy I decided to upgrade!

  • Great Car - No Reliability Issues - Fast - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I dont understand the other reviews concerning reliability or performance. I bought the 09 Lincoln MKS for my wife then she opted for the 2014 MKZ so I inherited the MKS. Very quick acceleration, I use engine and oil treatments. 84K miles with no issues or any maintenance needed other than scheduled service. I have photos of 30 mpg while driving @70 mph - so mileage is great, usually 26-28 but 30.5 is most I have observed highway but 17-19 stop and go. Handles like it is on rails while driving through the mountains at @70+. While not a sports car (79 RX7, 64 Stingray), it is a fast great handling car. Driven at -35 up to 105, snow no problem

  • MKS Ecoboost - American Luxury is Fun again! - 2011 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    Purchased new on Sep 30, 2011. I love this vehicle. Its got plenty of horsepower and will rocket you onto the interstate or around those slow moving vehicles in the left lane. All the while surrounding you in the comfort of heated and cooled, soft leather seats and a surround sound audio system that puts you in the best seat of any venue while cranking out your favorite tunes. Everything sounds good in surround, even the stuff you hate! I like that Lincoln isnt trying to go Euro luxury with this vehicle. It is a big, well mannered, comfortable highway cruiser that stands out from the rest of the vehicles on the road. Be different, buy Lincoln.

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