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Lincoln hasn't always kept up with the competition in the luxury sedan segment. As rivals evolved with more modern styling, better handing and the latest technology, Lincoln lagged behind, struggling to break free of its antiquated image. The Lincoln MKS is an attempt to gain back some territory. Roomy and comfortable, the MKS boasts available all-wheel drive and a bevy of standard and optional features.

Mechanically, it's related to the latest-generation Ford Taurus, meaning it shares that car's general underpinnings and powertrain. This relationship, however, has limited the MKS's appeal. For the first few years in particular, its driving dynamics and interior appointments made the MKS seem more like a gussied-up Ford than a true luxury sedan. A major overhaul for 2013 has improved the MKS considerably, though. As a used model, the MKS remains a tough sell compared to other midsize luxury sedans, but it might be worth a look for shoppers keen on a large American luxury sedan.

Current Lincoln MKS
The Lincoln MKS received significant updates for 2013, including engine upgrades, suspension enhancements, additional equipment, more luxurious cabin appointments and revised styling inside and out.

There are three trim levels tied to drivetrain choice. FWD and AWD trims come with a 3.7-liter V6 that produces 300 horsepower. A six-speed automatic transmission is standard. The EcoBoost trim comes with a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 that sends 365 hp to all four wheels. Its fuel economy is actually only slightly less than that of the base engine.

Expected luxury features like leather upholstery are standard on both, but Lincoln ups the ante by including items that are usually options, like an adaptive suspension, heated and ventilated seats, a power-adjustable steering wheel and even mobile WiFi capability. Options include a rearview camera, heated rear seats, a lane-departure warning system, an automatic parallel-parking system and a 16-speaker stereo.

The MKS also features the MyLincoln Touch system, which was widely criticized in its early iterations for usability, speed and reliability issues. The current version has been greatly improved, although there's still a learning curve involved. Either way, this new technology creates a clean, futuristic look inside the spacious, well-constructed cabin. Few cars in its class can match the amount of passenger space in the MKS, including its 18.4-cubic-foot trunk.

Used Lincoln MKS Models
The Lincoln MKS debuted for the 2009 model year, and models produced between then and 2012 differ from the current model. The styling is less distinctive, the quality of interior materials and construction is lower and there were fewer features available. Not only were the engines less powerful, but it lacked the current car's adaptive suspension. Without it, the ride was surprisingly stiff and the handling not especially good either. The steering was also needlessly heavy. On the upside, some may find the interior controls easier to use than those in the current car.

The MKS was initially only available with a standard 273-hp 3.7-liter V6, while the 355-hp turbocharged V6 (EcoBoost) arrived the following year. As with today, base MKS models could be front-wheel or all-wheel drive, while those with the turbocharged engine are all-wheel drive only.

In reviews, we found some problems with these early MKS models, many of which were corrected with the midcycle changes for 2013. Besides some of the issues alluded to above, we found the base engine to deliver lackluster acceleration and the entire car to have little advantage over a loaded Ford Taurus. Thanks to its 355 hp and broad torque band, the turbocharged Lincoln MKS EcoBoost was more appealing.

User Reviews:

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  • Cooled Seats? - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I live in the great state of Texas where its hot. I bought the car mainly because of the comfortable seats. The cooled seats were a great option to me and worked great at the time of purchase. Now the bottom part of the seat gets really cold and the back of the seat doesnt cool at all. Its been to the dealer 3 times. The first time they said nothing was wrong with it; they must not have looked very far. The second time I made sure to show them the problem; they repaired it. The seats worked great for 1 day. I brought the car back to them and now they say there is nothing wrong with them. They must be blind or dont know how to make the repair. Im very dissatisfied with the dealer and the seats.

  • My new MKS - 2010 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    Trading in a 2000 Mercedes S430 with 109,000 miles and needing new suspension, we almost bought a LaCrosse and then a Genesis. Figured I would save some cash and went to look at the new Taurus, yet was steered to the Lincoln MKS first. I had never researched this or even seen one. Knowing I needed to trade my ailing S430, I wanted to do something that day. Even though I was still smitten with the Genesis, it came with no cooling front seats-a must for Arizona summers. The more I drilled down on the MKS, the more it appealed. This while not even hearing about Ecoboost which I never saw and feel is overrated/priced. This 2010 MKS is very very nice and a welcome addition post Mercedes !

  • Best Experience Ever - 2011 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    Was looking to replace 1995 Mercedes S320 that was on its last leg. From the moment we walked onto the showroom floor to the final signing of our purchase used Lincoln MKS. Every bit of this purchase was above and beyond expectations!! This car is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lin MKS - 2014 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    hard riding, hard steering. driver seat needs to be able to tilt more down. legs get numb on short trips of 100 miles. hard riding may be from tires. this type tire tends to ride hard. steering wheel needs to be open at bottom. would be better driving on longer trip

  • Power and gas mileage - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    All being already said about the car in other reviews, Ill just say that when my wife drove the car for the first time she was so very impressed with the handling and the smooth ride that I was taken back by her reaction. She normally says a car is a car! The engine power is excellent and having had two Continentals with V8 engines, I really cant tell that Im driving a V6. I have about 3500 miles now and just drove south on I-95 to FL going the speed limits (55-70) and got a max 31.4 MPG (29.5-31.4 avg. depending on speed)using regular unl. fuel. The car was carrying 4 adults with a full trunk of luggage.

  • New owner - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    We recently took delivery of a loaded MKS. The first thing you notice is the seating position is upright and high like a crossover. This is fine but takes some adjusting. The ride is sometimes a tad bouncy but nothing serious. The FWD is tight, effortless and about neutral on under/over steer. We also own a Lincoln LX and 7 Series BMW. The MKS is between them but much closer to the LX in ride. Gadgets are more than normal and trim level is way above average for a US product. All in all not a bad deal, but a long way away from the 7 on drivability.

  • EXCELLENT value - 2010 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I recently bought a used, 2010 MKS Ecoboost. most of the reviews I have read have not been very flattering. However, in my opinion, the reviews are very short-sighted. First, it is extremely roomy. It is also extremely powerful, and very fast. Best of all, the fuel mileage so far is incredible! In fact, if there is another large, luxury sedan with this kind of performance, that also delivers fuel mileage near 30 MPG on the highway, Ive not found it. Best of all, the values on used, low mileage MKS cannot be beat. This is an excellent value for someone looking for a very nice, high performance, efficient, luxury sedan.

  • I would purchase this car again - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I purchased my MKS in Aug, I have 12,000+ miles on it. Needless to say I spend a lot of time driving and I have been very happy with this car. I test drove Cadillac CTS (great tech,too small) STS (2008 had very few tech options, and a floating ride). I had a 2005 Chrysler 300C and loved that car, but nothing had changed in 4 years. I choose the MKS for a number of reasons. Aggressive appearance; loads of tech (Direct Ipod/Iphone support, Bluetooth, GPS, etc) Cooled seats. I avg. 23 miles in mixed driving which I am very happy with. Buying a 1st year model is always going to have issues and I have one too. The drivers side door has problems unlocking. Waiting for part to arrive.

  • Jury still out on this one! - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    With 8000 miles this one so far has had brake problems and acceleration issues that the dealership cannot seem to fix properly. Pretty scary when you need the power and its not there for you and when you need to stop quickly and get a crunching noise!

  • The best of 52 cars Ive owned. - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I got MKS in June 08 by accident. I have owned six Cadillacs, the last one being a $65,000 2005 sts. I was tired of waiting for Cadillac to come up with something new in that size. The 09 MKS cost $21,000 less than the 05 sts. Although not as agile and fast as the Cadillac, I find that I dont really need all that performance at the margins. Simply put, this car has the best stereo and navigation system and is the quietest, most comfortable, most commented-on-by-strangers, most fuel-efficient (for its size) car Ive had. I drove 4,000 miles in ten days with nary a crick in the neck nor stress in the lumbar.

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