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Lincoln hasn't always kept up with the competition in the luxury sedan segment. As rivals evolved with more modern styling, better handing and the latest technology, Lincoln lagged behind, struggling to break free of its antiquated image. The Lincoln MKS is an attempt to gain back some territory. Roomy and comfortable, the MKS boasts available all-wheel drive and a bevy of standard and optional features.

Mechanically, it's related to the latest-generation Ford Taurus, meaning it shares that car's general underpinnings and powertrain. This relationship, however, has limited the MKS's appeal. For the first few years in particular, its driving dynamics and interior appointments made the MKS seem more like a gussied-up Ford than a true luxury sedan. A major overhaul for 2013 has improved the MKS considerably, though. As a used model, the MKS remains a tough sell compared to other midsize luxury sedans, but it might be worth a look for shoppers keen on a large American luxury sedan.

Current Lincoln MKS
The Lincoln MKS received significant updates for 2013, including engine upgrades, suspension enhancements, additional equipment, more luxurious cabin appointments and revised styling inside and out.

There are three trim levels tied to drivetrain choice. FWD and AWD trims come with a 3.7-liter V6 that produces 300 horsepower. A six-speed automatic transmission is standard. The EcoBoost trim comes with a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 that sends 365 hp to all four wheels. Its fuel economy is actually only slightly less than that of the base engine.

Expected luxury features like leather upholstery are standard on both, but Lincoln ups the ante by including items that are usually options, like an adaptive suspension, heated and ventilated seats, a power-adjustable steering wheel and even mobile WiFi capability. Options include a rearview camera, heated rear seats, a lane-departure warning system, an automatic parallel-parking system and a 16-speaker stereo.

The MKS also features the MyLincoln Touch system, which was widely criticized in its early iterations for usability, speed and reliability issues. The current version has been greatly improved, although there's still a learning curve involved. Either way, this new technology creates a clean, futuristic look inside the spacious, well-constructed cabin. Few cars in its class can match the amount of passenger space in the MKS, including its 18.4-cubic-foot trunk.

Used Lincoln MKS Models
The Lincoln MKS debuted for the 2009 model year, and models produced between then and 2012 differ from the current model. The styling is less distinctive, the quality of interior materials and construction is lower and there were fewer features available. Not only were the engines less powerful, but it lacked the current car's adaptive suspension. Without it, the ride was surprisingly stiff and the handling not especially good either. The steering was also needlessly heavy. On the upside, some may find the interior controls easier to use than those in the current car.

The MKS was initially only available with a standard 273-hp 3.7-liter V6, while the 355-hp turbocharged V6 (EcoBoost) arrived the following year. As with today, base MKS models could be front-wheel or all-wheel drive, while those with the turbocharged engine are all-wheel drive only.

In reviews, we found some problems with these early MKS models, many of which were corrected with the midcycle changes for 2013. Besides some of the issues alluded to above, we found the base engine to deliver lackluster acceleration and the entire car to have little advantage over a loaded Ford Taurus. Thanks to its 355 hp and broad torque band, the turbocharged Lincoln MKS EcoBoost was more appealing.

User Reviews:

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  • My MKS mistake - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I ordered my MKS online in March, 2008. Because of the color(white it wasnt going to be in production until Mid-July. It didnt go into production until Mid-August. This was okay with me, however I wanted it before October 1st to take on a planned vacation. It arrived around Mid-September with 45.3 miles put on at the factory. It was the first time I ordered a new car from the factory and was very disappointed that it was driven by someone other than me on the highway. It took the excitement out of the experience. At first I wasnt going to accept it and after a few days I did. Upon close inspection I found 16 flaws in the paint. I feel I made a mistake purchasing an American car.

  • Lincoln MKS - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I traded in an V8 LS for the MKS. At first I thought the V6 wasnt going to be quick enough, but after driving it I found it to be quite fast. The navigation is second to none and extremely easy to use. The handling is a little different then the LS but in a good way. Its a tad smoother and hugs corners just as well. The size of the interior is a big selling point for any family of four or a group of adults. The leg room and sits are near perfect. I plan to own this a very long time unless that Eco-boost engine is really something else. overall Im extremely pleased with my purchase. kudos ford/Lincoln.

  • Not a Towncar - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    After leasing Town Cars for many years, I leased an MKS front wheel drive. Interior is luxurious, and sound system is excellent. However, there is poor rear window visibility as head rests block a smaller rear window. A 6 cyl, only getting 13.5 miles per gallon! Used to get 18 on my 8 cyl Town Car! It is very lumbering and no agility in its handling. Feels like a boat - but a beautiful one.

  • Great car, but needs more polish - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I have had the car since Dec 2008 and love it. The car has great appeal, good power, roomy, with a great nav and Sync system and overall very comfortable. However, I have to agree that the opening to the truck is small, considering the size of truck is so enormous. In addition, I have had some issues that are annoying, but do not deter me for my love of this vehicle. The transmission is a little rough around the edges and would shift harshly depending on the throttle input. In addition, this car does not like the cold. Every time the temperature is below 20F, I am unable to get sound from my radio or the media center, until the car warms up.

  • Highway cruiser - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I drive a lot of highway miles for work and wanted a car that would make that as painless as possible. This car has met every expectation I had. Great ride, fun technology, great sound system, bluetooth and sync work flawlessly. The transmission needs some work and a few more miles per gallon on the highway, this car would be perfect.

  • Excellent vehicle - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I got this vehicle in October, My first impression was the interior quality which is very good, the interior design is very appealing and has a lot of tech features which I found very useful. Performance is above-average for a large sedan of this size. Fuel economy has been average or better.

  • Love my Lincoln - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I just cannot say enough about this car. I love it. I bought it in December because the lease was up on my 2005 BMW 530. Thank God I hated that car. I was going to buy an Infiniti but I wasnt impressed during the test drive. On the way home my husband and I drove past and i instantly fell for this car in the tuxedo black with the cashmere leather. The amount of options that come standard is insane. I almost bought the base model but I loved the push start. I average 21.2 mpg city with premium. This is by far the best car I have ever driven

  • Undeniably Great Car - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    I had been driving a Lincoln LS and loved the car so in my search I started with the MKS. I loved it immediately, but test drove the VW CC and Acura TL. The TL was a decent car, but did not offer the same quality for the price. Having owned the car for one month, I continue to be amazed at the beautiful look of the car, the great Sync technology, and the comfortable feel of the car. I did not want to buy another Lincoln, but it was an undeniably great car. I actually got giddy when I drove into the Lincoln parking lot for another test drive. I love it.

  • Nice Car, But Quality Control Problems - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    The 2009 MKS has a lot of technology within the vehicle, but suffers from Ford/Lincoln quality. My new MKS has several issues which should have been detective by the dealer. First, paint is missing on the rear bumper cover seams, one side of the bumper cover is not flush with the 1/4 panel. There is a bur/bump on the edge of the trunk by the rear window. Also, there is some beige splatter underneath the clearcoat on the front fender and a crooked spreaker grille on the front dash. Having owned Acura, Lexus and Mercedes and all have been flawless, this is a huge letdown. The dealer now has to repaint/realign all these issues and the paint option was an additional $590. I will stick to the imports

  • Lincoln MKS-Great Car - 2009 Lincoln MKS
    By -

    To begin, I just purchased my MKS about a month ago so it has not been time tested in terms of overall quality. However, I have driven it over 1,000 miles in both city and highway conditions and found it just fabulous. No quality problems whatsoever. This car is not the “doggie Town Car”, but it has the comfort and better performance. It may not take the 0 to 60 record but, it’s comes close to the Lexus LS series and has plenty of power when you need it. I have the fully equipped model with the “Ultimate Package”, that I highly recommend. Again, price comparing this car to the Lexus LS or ES series, you get a far better value equally equipped. Its not the old mans Town Car.

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