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  • Why they didnt make them no more? - 2001 Infiniti I30
    By -

    Just bought am i30 2001 with 147, doesnt seems like it thought best car i ever had love all the space on the trunk affordable luxury im wondering why the discontinued that model would of loved to bought a new one .. Would the performance chip be a good idea?

  • Ehhh.... - 2000 Infiniti I30
    By -

    Got this used w/ 200k miles. Engine light was on, showing P0430, P0400, and something else. The car is pretty rough mechanically, and needs a lot of work. The engine and transmission are still great, after 10 years and 200k miles. I changed the spark plugs and the check engine light went off, only to come back on a day later. Has weird exhaust noise (prob not the cat conv.) and the struts were completely shot (got those replaced) and I think the mass airflow sensor is bad. A common problem on this car. Overall, its a nice vehicle, but if youre buying used, plan on spending some money on repairs. At least $1000...

  • Love my I30 - 1998 Infiniti I30
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    Bought the car used from a private party for 4k and have never looked back. The car is extremely reliable with few repairs, except for the obvious, brakes etc. I just took it to the mechanic and he told me that if I continue to take care of it, should last me another 100k. Lastly for those of you with air bag light problems, there is a fix on the internet, havent figured out how to do it yet, but it should get rid of the annoying blinking light. I have heard infinity wants upwards of $600 to fix, shame on you when it has always been a glitch with the system. Happy Driving to all Infinity I30 drivers!!

  • Beauty - 2000 Infiniti I30
    By -

    I bought this car new. This being my 1st foreign vehicle, its definitely been a new and exciting experience. I will never go back to American cars. Ive had absolutely no problems w/my vehicle at all. Its a very reliable piece of machinery and its very well put together. The car gets good gas mileage and has good speed/get up and go. the dealership staff has also helped in making the difference. Infinitis customer service is the best Ive ever encounted.

  • Excellent used car at a low price. - 1998 Infiniti I30
    By -

    I bought this car as a "go betweener" when my WRX died on me the second time because a shady mechanic shop j went to. I paid $2500 for this car with 127K miles and only expected to keep it a few months but it has really grown on me and is super reliable. Only things Ive replaced in the 15 months Ive owned it are a radiator for $110 and the O2 sensors for $130. Not bad for a car with 140K miles on it. She starts right up everyday and I plan on keeping her for a long time since Im enjoying the "no car payment" life. I would highly recommend buying one of these used from model year 1996 to 1998. I see them for under $3K all the time and would make a great first car as well for teens.

  • Best car Ive ever owned - 1999 Infiniti I30
    By -

    Loved my Infiniti I-30 Touring Model. Super comfortable, elegant, reliable, should have never traded it in!! I am still mourning that decision. Great interior, very luxurious. Bought w/117K miles and could still be running if I didnt trade it in.

  • Great car - 1998 Infiniti I30
    By -

    Ive had my I30 for about 1 1/2 years and have driven it pretty hard. I havent had any problems with it other than the drivers side airbag seems to have a faulty connection in it so the airbag light blinks. Everything else works great. For a car with 113k miles, it has been well worth the money.

  • Infinti Warranty - 2000 Infiniti I30
    By -

    I have had my 2000 Infiniti I30t for 7 months now; it had 46,000 miles when I bought it. however when I took it to the Infiniti dealer for repeated check engine light they made me buy an $18 gas cap to eliminate the light problem rather than they fix it, Infiniti’s so called bumper to bumper warranty was like fender to fender, oh by the way their life time warranty on the paint is a big lie also, front end clicking noise was a concern as well, Infinite consumer affairs was not a big help either, and Infiniti will try so hard not to honor their bumper to bumper warranty.

  • The Great Commuter - 1999 Infiniti I30
    By -

    Has been a great car so far. I needed a commuter car with luxury features and this has proved to be the right choice. Huge truck (for golf clubs), leather, CD, phone, all power, heated seats and it looks good.

  • Not a bad car - 2000 Infiniti I30
    By -

    I just got this car a couple of weeks ago from my mom. It has 110K on it which obviously means that its not in perfect condition. However, the engine and tranny are excellent and you cant tell whether it has 110K or 60K. The other parts arent so perfect. The sunroof doesnt work properly, and one of the tweeters from the sound system, which is excellent by the way, is fading out. Nevertheless youd expect something like that from a car with 110K on it. Other than that the car is awesome. I need to do some regular maintenance on it and itll be perfect. Just make sure to fill it up with premium gasoline because the performance is much better and according to Infiniti its required.

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