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Infiniti is an upscale automaker from Japan. Though most of its products are related to those sold by parent company Nissan, Infiniti looks to achieve a premium status by infusing its cars and SUVs with spirited performance and additional luxury content.

The brand was launched for the 1990 model year. Its purpose back then, as it is now, was to create premium vehicles for America that wouldn't have otherwise fit in with Nissan's more mainstream image. This was the same tactic Honda used for the creation of Acura, and Toyota for Lexus. In its first full year, Infiniti started out with two vehicles, the Q45 sedan and the M30 coupe and convertible. The compact, entry-level G20 was introduced soon after.

As the 1990s moved along, Infiniti slowly added more vehicles to its lineup. The Q45 luxury sport sedan found its market. The car's 278-horsepower V8 was class-leading in its day. On top of that, the Q45 offered cutting-edge technology such as an active suspension system. By the late '90s Infiniti had rolled out the QX4, an SUV based on the Pathfinder. The sport-ute's truck platform gave it a leg up in off-road performance relative to competing car-based SUVs.

Although Infiniti's sales grew steadily, the marque still fell short of both Lexus and Acura in terms of popularity. The early 2000s saw Infiniti making a determined effort to sharpen its focus and upgrade its products. But it was the introduction of the entry-level, midsize G35 in 2003 that finally gave Infiniti the boost and identity direction it sorely needed. Based on the same platform underpinning the Nissan 350Z, the G35 coupe and sedan met with immediate sales success. The FX35/FX45 soon followed -- a crossover SUV that provided spirited acceleration and sports-car handling with the utility of a wagon.

Today, Infiniti's lineup has expanded to include the G (now a sedan, coupe and convertible) and FX as well as the midsize M sedan, the EX small crossover SUV, the JX midsize crossover SUV and the QX large SUV. Infiniti has also introduced the M Hybrid sedan, its first hybrid vehicle. No matter the model, shoppers will find Infiniti's latest vehicles to be focused on luxury, sport, quality and value.

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  • A Maxima in a Dinner Suit - 2004 Infiniti I35
    By -

    This car really is my road dog. I bought this pearl white Infiniti in 2020 from a previous owner who was meticulous with the cars upkeep, and it was garage kept, nearly spotless. To be quite honest I wasn't even familiar with what an i35 was, it was never on my radar. I'm more of the g35 type, but you couldn't call me biased with this review. When I sat in it after test driving a 1998 Lexus ES, which was this cars' counterpart(albeit a generation older) but not by much, the i35 felt like it was in another league, very well built and solid from interior down to the driving experience. I've sat in some nice cars of the same era like S-class, 7 series, Audi, Lexus, this car comes close, if not meeting that same feeling those cars deliver. Especially when you consider its price, equipment, and reliability then, and now, this car was a steal, a jack of all trades. Needless to say this car has been amazing, great linear power, confident handling, luxurious spacious interior, nice looks, good mpg even by todays standards. Almost 20 years later she still holds up very well. I really don't have many reliability complaints, except for the oil burning/ oil leaks, leaky valve cover gaskets (which can lead to alternator failure)had to go through 2 alternators, and unfortunately had 2 breakdowns assumingly because of that leak, but trouble free now. My personal cons: the turning radius is truly awful, if you live in a U-turn type city this is probably not the car for you, really nit picky but the transmission would've been nice as a 5-speed auto, even a manual trans to maximize the VQs power, but understandable as this car was aimed for more luxury aligned buyers. If you're a more performance oriented person go for the manual Maxima, oil burning/ leaks must be addressed, lack of exterior aftermarket (not the cars fault though), stock stereo ate one of my CDs Some things I love: the leather seats are like pillows, good MPG, electroluminescent gauge cluster, enormous trunk, good stock sound system, rear sun shade, heated front and rear seats, heated steering wheel, great legroom front and back, HID headlights, steering wheel controls, auto HVAC system, cornering lights, fantastic V6 powerplant, e-throttle is buttery smooth, maintenance costs are very low, easy to work on, plentiful parts support, graceful styling (especially with the right rims), good suspension tuning, exhaust hum, not common to see them, and its dual personality: in this car you can drive like a relaxed 85 year old, or like you're rushing to the ER. Many more pros just can't think of them right now. Nissan/ Infiniti did this car justice, it's sad they didn't continue the line, a modern i35 would've been a standout, like this car was back in the day. I plan on keeping this car for as long as I can, eventually doing a manual swap, and vq35hr engine swap, (Ultimate sleeper status haha). So far I've done some upgrades like putting coilovers, g35 coupe rims, stereo, replacing valve cover gaskets, ignition coils, general upkeep, and alot more. It looks and drives great, I've even gotten compliments on it. This car is my daily, I've taken this car on many long distance road trips 100mi+, and even through a mild snow storm without chains, while other cars/ suvs were stuck and slipping, I was stunned how incredible it performed. Each time I drive it I don't wanna get out of it, she doesn't make a fuss, just that variable-capacity muffler VQ hum. One of the ads for this car said, something to the effect of "Get inside one, and see for yourself", rang absolutely true. I do not like writing reviews, but I had to chime in, I truly love this car.

  • Infiniti fx30ds - 2012 Infiniti FX
    By -

    We have had an infiniti fx30ds premium for 3 months now. All I can say its the most eye catching 4x4. We live in cornwall uk and youll be lucky to see an infiniti fx in 6 months. We love the shape and the build quality. The fact that nobody knows what it is. Performance and roadholding are epic. On several occasions we have had new range rover owners, BMW and Mercedes owners observe the car with double takes. This car is an absolute joy to own with bomb proof reliability. If you dont want to be different and drive a totally unique 4x4 this is the car.

  • European design with Japanese reliability - 2016 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    It has the latest technology. The Bose surround system is top notch and just blows you away. The steering is tight and responsive. Its fast and still great on gas. It is fun to drive especially in sport mode. Leatherette takes some getting use to but so far so good. Every time I get in it to drive it I am literally thrilled. Have owned several BMWs, traded my Lexus ES330 in on this, have owned Hondas, Toyotas, and VW. My Lexus rode smooth. My BMWs were always so aesthetically pleasing but this Infiniti just feels like a Smart car. Something that an educated well informed person who has done due diligence would purchase. I just feel like I made a smart decision in buying it. No buyers remorse at all. The engine is designed by Mercedes and assembled by Nissan. Im a large guy like 300 lb.s and no complaints. My friend was riding in the backseat and made the comment it felt like sitting in his recliner at the house. So as you can read, Im really enjoying the car thus far. Mine is the liquid platinum (silver) with black interior. Best color combo to me.

  • GREAT SUV FOR THE FAMILY - 2014 Infiniti Q60
    By -

    I am on the road every day on a 25-mile commute, I am also a mom and haul my kids around everywhere... so I spend a lot of time (and miles) in my vehicle! This SUV has been very reliable and when recalls or other work needs to be done I get notified and promptly taken care of at the dealership. I love that you have the silent ride, but at the same time it is responsive and feels very safe. The kids have lots of room in the back and the cargo area (with the third row folded) is great. When needed, weve been able to fit all 7 passengers, though the third row is not as comfortable two adults can sit and endure a short trip. I am keeping this one!

  • 2015 QX 60 - 3.5 V6 AWD - 2015 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    We purchased our 2015 QX60 in April of the same year. Despite a few build quality issues, glue on the windshield and off color interior trim pieces, our experience was great. We took a couple of long road trips to see family and the ride was comfortable. Gas mileage has never panned out as advertised, but not horrible either. After a years ownership the gremlins have begun to emerge. Paint is flaking off of the factory (dealership) mud flaps, roof rails pop up on occasions, dirt and water behind the clear door edge guards, and now an annoying squeaks / rattles from the dashboard. My dealer had this car for seven days and added foam insulation to a harness in the dash. About two miles after I leave the dealership, the squeaking is back. I return to the dealership, take the service writer on a road test and he claims he cant hear it. I can turn off my hearing aid and hear it just fine. So far drive ability is fine, but I cant help but wonder whats next. Infiniti needs to evaluate who is putting these cars together, because they are not winning any awards for craftsmanship.

  • Why they didnt make them no more? - 2001 Infiniti I30
    By -

    Just bought am i30 2001 with 147, doesnt seems like it thought best car i ever had love all the space on the trunk affordable luxury im wondering why the discontinued that model would of loved to bought a new one .. Would the performance chip be a good idea?

  • Incredibly fun to drive - 2015 Infiniti Q50
    By -

    I have owned my new Q50 for a couple of months now and Im certainly glad I made the purchase. It is incredibly fun to drive and actually wished I had a longer commute to work. Although a little jerky around town because of the 330 horses that push it along, the highway ride is a treat. It looks awesome in and out, however the most impressive attribute is the alertness of the engine and the comfort that is next to none. I would strongly suggest checking this car out and place it above the Mercedes C and the Bemmer 3 series.

  • Great Performance Sedan - 2005 Infiniti G35
    By -

    I autocrossed this car twice so far. The handling and acceleration are terrific for a sedan. This car is so versatile. Trunk space for long trips, quiet comfortable distance cruiser, and wolf in sheeps clothing on the street. The exhaust growl when accelerating hard is just right.

  • The Best for Less !! - 2004 Infiniti Q45
    By -

    While everyone has been paying so much attention to Lexus, BMW and Audi, Infinitis Q45 has quietly slipped into the show room, and ahead of the class. Elegant styling, inside and out, and a warranty that rivals most others,but for less money than many cars in the same class. If you want dull and regular, go elsewhere, and pay more, but Infiniti is clearly thinking outside of the box.. and beyond

  • Infinitis greatest luxury SUV - 2004 Infiniti QX56
    By -

    The QX56 may be the best SUV on the road right now. Its big (the FX looks like a little kid next to it), its powerful, and it has all the luxury items that are expected of the Infiniti name. Traded in my 02 Escalade for it and never looked back.

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