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The Honda S2000 was a two-seat, rear-wheel-drive roadster produced from 2000-'09. It featured a high-performance, high-winding inline four-cylinder engine along with a superbly balanced chassis. The S2000 was the first sports car to roll out of a Honda factory since the tiny S500, S600 and S800 roadsters of the 1960s, and it ended up having one of the longest production runs of any modern car.

With minimalist cockpit comforts and a racetrack-ready suspension, the Honda S2000 was a pure sports car. More powerful than the less expensive Miata, yet not as pricey or luxurious as a Z4 or SLK, the S2000 occupied a niche within a niche. Quick and communicative steering, an ideal 49/51 weight distribution and an engine that loved to rev coupled with a slick six-speed gearbox promised a lot of fun for the serious driving enthusiast. Today, the S2000's reputation for reliability and reasonable resale values makes it a superb pre-owned choice.

Most Recent Honda S2000

There were two versions of the Honda S2000 roadster for its farewell 2009 model year, the standard version and the racetrack-oriented CR (for Club Racer). Notable hardware on both included a feisty 2.2-liter inline-4 with an 8,200-rpm redline coupled to a short-throw six-speed manual gearbox. Without resorting to forced induction (turbo- or supercharging), this jewel of an engine utilized Honda's variable valve timing and lift system (VTEC) to squeeze 237 horsepower out of just 2.2 liters. No automatic transmission was available in any S2000.

Standard features on later iterations of the S2000 included a power-operated top with a glass rear window (with defroster), lightweight 17-inch wheels, leather seats, keyless entry, air-conditioning, an eight-speaker CD audio system, stability control and HID headlights. A lightweight (44 pounds) aluminum hardtop was optional on the standard car. The special CR version deleted the power top, A/C and stereo to reduce weight and added a removable hardtop, track-oriented suspension settings, a beefed-up structure for higher rigidity and more aerodynamic bodywork.

Debuting in 2000, the Honda S2000 started life with a 2.0-liter inline-4 that redlined at 9,000 rpm. With 240 hp, it put out more horsepower per liter than any other naturally aspirated engine on the planet. Although it provided a thrilling ride when driven aggressively, our editors did find some faults. Among the more notable ones were a lack of low-end torque that made the S2000 a bit flat-footed around town, a sometimes persnickety shifter, a weak audio system and a plastic rear window.

Honda gradually made upgrades to the S2000. For 2002 the company amped up the radio, added a glass rear window with a defogger and smoothed out the short-throw shifter. Some styling changes took place as well, including chrome taillight rings, a new shift knob and a few pieces of well-placed silver trim in the cockpit. A lightweight aluminum hardtop became optional, a blessing (albeit a pricey one) for those in colder climes.

Several key improvements came about in 2004 that made the Honda S2000 a more viable choice as a daily driver. This is when the 2.2-liter engine debuted. Honda also added shorter gearing for the six-speed transmission's lower four gears, thus giving the S2000 more snap at lower engine speeds. Larger 17-inch tires (versus the previous 16s) were fitted, as were minor suspension tweaks designed to make the ultra-reactive S2000 more forgiving of less-than-expert drivers. 2008 was another notable year, as it saw the introduction of the CR version as well as a revised gauge cluster and claimed improvements in high-speed stability.

Any version of the Honda S2000 should speak loudly to the driving enthusiast. With its finely balanced chassis, quick and communicative steering, eager-to-rev engine and snick-snick shifter, the S2000 makes short work of twisty roads. The initial 2.0-liter engine is more thrilling for those who don't mind taking their engines to redline on a regular basis, but the trade-off is an edgy, tail-happy nature that Honda softened with the 2004 refresh. Even with all this performance potential, the S2000 retains strong Honda attributes such as sound ergonomics and comfortable, supportive seats with enough adjustments to accommodate short and tall pilots alike.

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  • 4 wheel motor cycle - 2005 Honda S2000
    By -

    Have owned S2000 since 2006. Quick and dangerous (if your not paying attention). After 6500 rpm this car really is fun. My favorite is driving in 3rd gear between 6500 & 7000 rpm in traffic. It screams loud enough that drivers beside me think the pistons are about to swap holes in the engine :) Hard to imagine a replacement after 10 yrs. car is in pristine condition. Thinking of Lexus RC 150, but the Honda is still a lot of fun. For gas consumption, it uses all in the tank, as who cares what the mileage is! Cheers -ga

  • 15 years going strong - 2001 Honda S2000
    By -

    Have had this car since new, mostly a weekend cruiser or summer, store it for winters, only 30,000 miles. Love everything about the car, but as I get in my older years would enjoy something a little more softer, years of football and basketball have taken a toll on the joints and this car is not forgiving, a true sports car. Only been in for one repair at Honda besides usual service, how is that for 15 years>

  • 4th S2000 Ive owned. So far the best! - 2004 Honda S2000
    By -

    The title is correct. Ive owned 4 of these amazing roadsters. 2007, 2002, 2003 and now a 2004. The 2007 had the VSA and the throttle-by-wire feature where there is no physical throttle cable to the manifold. The larger 2.2 engine in the later models makes commuting easier and less noisy. The earlier ones rev higher,are louder and (in my opinion) faster. The 2004 is my favorite so far. Not as encumbered with electrical nannies. The immediacy of the throttle mirrors the earlier model and the styling changes are very much to my liking. Overall this is a great car for any enthusiast. Ive owned many cars and this is the most visceral car Ive owned. My advice is get one while you still can!

  • One with the road - 2007 Honda S2000
    By -

    Im not going to lie, there are a few things I could complain about with my S2K, wind noise, lack of features, rough ride...whatever...but the truth is, I dont care. This car isnt for people looking for luxury, its for people who want performance. No, not that American IVE-GOT-MORE-HP-THAN-YOU performance, but responsiveness, agility and above all, fun. This is a car for people who love driving their driving raw and unfiltered. If you want a luxury car, get a Porche, if youre looking for a cute convertible, get a Miata, if you want to be one with the road, to hug every curve and to huge smile every time you turn the key in the ignition, then the S2000 is the care youre looking for.

  • A real sports car! - 2003 Honda S2000
    By -

    I went to market to buy a real sports car. I test drove Porche, Audi, BMW, Lotus, Fiat and Mercedes. I was set to buy a Boxter when our Motoring writer for the newspaper I manage said to me "have you tested a S2000"? I tried one and was hooked. I guess everyone has a different take on what makes a great roadster but the S2000 ticked all the boxes compared to the others. Amazing engine and transmission was a great start nothing else compared to the driving experiance here. The handling is good but will catch inexperianced drivers out who push it to the limits compared to the Porsche which was idiot proof in this area. Overall though the combination of drive, reliability and sheer fun wins!

  • This is my 2nd review here after 1+ year of driving - 2006 Honda S2000
    By -

    Now have almost 47k miles and car runs like a champ. Easy and cheap to do all maintenance, found out since this is a high performance car in needs valves adjusted every 30k or so. Havent had any problems with car. Gets decent MPG for a high performance high rev engine.

  • Tough Decision - - 2004 Honda S2000
    By -

    I love this car. I love the way it handles, I love the way it accelerates, and I love the way it feels zooming down the highway at 80 mph with the wind rushing by. I bought a used 2004 with 39,800 miles on it and in amazingly good condition for about $18,000 hoping to have both a fun car to drive and an investment that would maintain or lose very little value over time. I nailed it. I show the car a few times a year and still find myself clearing my calendar when the weather is going to be good so I can take it for a nice long drive. Tough decision? Drive it or store it? Driving is a blast, but storing it will only increase the value (or bleeds out the value more slowly).

  • My Baby Blue S2000 - 2007 Honda S2000
    By -

    This is a beautiful sports car. I will tell you Im in love with my car. I purchase brand new 2007 Honda S2000 convertible 6-speed manual. Let me ALERT you in a few things. Is the most stolen and wanted car in the state of Florida dont matter the age nor conditions of the car. Mine has being stolen twice. mainly for the seats. This last time they really striped the car down. Alarm system & tracking devices dont work for this crooks.

  • S2000 foverer - 2005 Honda S2000
    By -

    I bought my 2005 S2000 in AUG 2011 with 40k mileage. I am 61, I live in NY, this is my daily car all year , pushing hard in dry, wet condition, average 15-20 mpg.

  • Not for everyone, but it is for me! - 2003 Honda S2000
    By -

    I have wanted an S2000 for several years and finally purchased one last spring. Owning the car is a little different than I had imagined, but not in a bad way. PROS: the car is absolutely thrilling, extremely direct/controllable with a perfect transmission and exciting 9000RPM engine. Great MPG (25-28), outstanding handling, very fun and agile. Makes every shopping trip feel like an adventure. It is a very special, hand built car and feels like it through and through. CONS: Terrible highway car - loud, obnoxious and buzzy. Very tight on the inside, feels great on a curvy road but not on the freeway. Burns 1qt oil/1.5k mi, but I drive it hard.

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