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Why are Honda vehicles so highly regarded by American drivers? Certainly, their excellent reputation for reliability and quality is a major factor. But it also has to do with the overall driving and owning experience. Read any Honda review and you'll likely notice common themes such as thoughtful design, a friendly nature, better-than-average fuel economy and attention to safety.

Japan-based Honda Motor Company was founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda. The company got its start making motorbikes. Japan had been rendered cash poor and fuel-starved after World War II, and its citizens were hurting for an inexpensive, fuel-efficient mode of transportation. Honda's first motorcycles mated engines with bicycles to create a motorbike that was cheap to make and operate.

Honda's bikes quickly evolved into vehicles far more sophisticated than small engines stuck into bicycle frames. The manufacturer's 1949 D-Type could reach speeds of up to 50 mph, and offered front and rear suspension. The 1950s saw the launch of the successful Juno scooter, built to steal market share from the Vespa knockoffs that were popular in Japan at that time. In the latter part of that decade, Honda introduced the ultra-successful C100 Super Cub. The motorbike was remarkably easy to operate and featured a crossbar-free frame that made it popular with women. It went on to become the first Honda motorbike sold in the U.S. via then-new American Honda Co. in 1959.

By the early 1960s, Honda had built its first automobiles for the Japanese home market and entered Formula One racing. But it wasn't until 1970 that it exported its first car, the diminutive N600, to the U.S. The automaker initially had a hard time sparking interest among American buyers, but that all changed in 1973 with the introduction of the Civic. The car was larger than Honda's previous models even though it was still very petite compared to compact American cars. The Civic's high fuel efficiency (an important selling point given that decade's energy crisis) and affordability made it Honda's first American success story. By 1976, the Civic had been joined by the Accord, which quickly became a favorite with U.S. consumers as well.

By the 1980s, Honda's success and its reputation as a maker of well-built reliable cars and motorcycles continued to grow. It began building Accords in the U.S. in 1982 and by 1989 had earned the distinction of making America's most popular car. This was also the decade in which Honda created the Acura brand as a way to sell more upscale and luxurious vehicles. Throughout this decade and into the 1990s, the Civic and Accord were huge sellers and considered class benchmarks. Also during this time, Honda continued to innovate through such technologies as variable valve timing, aluminum body construction and improved safety features.

Today, Honda's lineup runs the gamut. Included are fuel-sipping hybrids, a spacious minivan, reliable family sedans, practical SUVs and even a pickup. Although the latest Civic and Accord aren't quite the benchmarks they once were for their respective classes, Honda's brand as a whole continues to be one of the most well respected in the industry, with millions of loyal and satisfied customers.

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  • I love my Honda - 2003 Honda Accord
    By -

    My 2003 Accord LX is as good as it was when I bought it in 2003. With 267,844 miles it still runs like the day I bought it. Of course I kept the maintenance and changed the timing belt and water pump every 60K miles. I will be buying 2016 Accord in April.

  • Like it, but not in love!! - 2014 Honda Accord
    By -

    I bought this car based on price, room, and fuel economy. I commute over 100 miles a day for work. The fuel economy is excellent for a car this size. It doesn't feel slow at all and averages around 33 mpg. The engine is smooth when raving, but does idle a little rough when cold. It is direct infected, so that isn't a surprise. The car has good looks for the price. For just over 20 grand it has Bluetooth, dual climate, leather wheel, back up camera, and paddel shifters. What I don't like is the noise from the tires. Within 35000 miles I am forced to put a new set of tires on this car. All four of them are cupped and drone enough to drive you crazy. I'm not expecting the car to be like a luxury car, but it shouldn't sound like a jeep riding on mud tires either. I check tire pressure religiously and rotate at oil changes. My other complaint is I can't seem to ever find a comfortable driving position. I find myself constantly adjusting the seat. I am a tall guy at just over 6'2'' and the steering wheel always seems to be covering half of the speedometer also. That is unless I act like I am driving a bus. The speedometer is just way too large and the 45-85 section is the part I can't see. You know the part that is going to get you a ticket. I am constantly tilting my head to see how fast I am going. It's not a horrible thing, but really gets annoying after a while. The seat back that only folds as one piece I don't understand either. I took the car sking and it was quite loud with the whole seat folded down. I guess going sking with more that two people in a four door car is out of the question also without the purchase of an expensive roof top ski rack. I live in Vegas, so the handling has always been good, but in the snow that isn't the case. I had to have a friend come get me less than 800 feet from the hotel as I watched front wheel drive cars pass me. I am pretty sure that has to do with the horrible tires though. Based on my experiences, I can't say I am a diehard Honda fan like others on this site. There are other cars in this category I think I would choose if I had to do it again.

  • Great Dad car - teens won't like it but it's safe - 2009 Honda Accord
    By -

    For this model, Honda reduced the size of the rear brake calipers. As a result, you'll need new rear disc brake pads every 30,000 miles. I still have 70% of the original pads left on the front pads. This issue was subject of a class action suit. After litigating, Honda did not address the problem. You'll be buying lots of rear brake pads with this car. Additionally, the rear brakes don't release the brake dust. It just accumulates on the pads and makes for a nasty grumbling sound when you hit the brakes most days. It's annoying and it contributes to uneven rotor wear. This means more trips to the brake shop. The seats in this car are pretty basic. Fabric covered foam seats that aren't the best for long drives. Okay for short trips - bad for a long road trip. Fuel economy, for such a large car, is pretty good. High 20s for most driving - higher on the highways lower in the city. Winter formulated fuel (here in Chicago) will lower MPG by 3-4 MPG. It's spacious. I've hauled a ton of things in it. visibility is really good My kids won't drive it - it's too much a dad-car. But they did use it to move into college!

  • Lost my favorite aspects of car - 2014 Honda CR-V
    By -

    Happy with reliability of CRV. However, there were 3 things I loved about my 2010 CRV that are now gone. Floor to roof cargo height reduced by 8" (have to put bike on slant now). Open floor area between front seats (great for computer bag) now filled with a useless console. Middle folding rear seat good for putting skiies through and 2 passengers - gone to 2/3, 1/3 split - now skiied and only 1 passenger. Plastic grey trim on top level trim - ugly and cheap. So my favorite things about car gone and I am in work around mode. Probably will look at other alternatives. Hoping the tires on this car last longer than the 30K on 2010 model. "Sport utility" is a completely different concept than "family" vehicle. Keep it in mind Honda.

  • 2011 Honda Fit Review - 2011 Honda Fit
    By -

    The car rides very sporty and handles very well on the road. Good acceleration and braking. Very efficient fuel wise. Can put much larger things in the hatchback cargo area when back seats are pushed forward. Much larger cargo area than regular sedans. A fun car to drive.

  • great little car - 1998 Honda Civic
    By -

    my son and i purchased this car in 09. he was a junior in high school, now he is a senior at unniversity of ar, started out at 28,000 miles now has 112,000 miles. we have replaced radiator, 2 water pumps , 2 timing belts , head gasket job, thermo stat , brake pads, right front door window regulator , new, interior, new hubcaps and $200,00 econo paint.................. the honda is just like new and we sure enjoy it........................ my son charlie likes it and loves the 35 mpg .............. he stated that he would drive it another 7 years and then apply for antique plates................. one of the best vehicles ever built . sincerely, andy birmingham

  • Innovation abounds in this Solid Truck - 2008 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

  • A wonderful deal for us - 2015 Honda CR-V
    By -

    Rating very high for: - excellent deal for 2015 CR-V close to $30,000 after negotiation - Touring trim, needs hardly any additional equipment or package at that price compared to the other similar cars whose price goes up 8f you opt for those accessories or technologies - SUV feel and cargo space - right blind spot camera standard on most trims is a marvellous idea most other brands don't provide much superior to the blind spot warning beeper. Rear and blind spot cameras and splash guards should be standard equipment on all automobiles. - only accessories I agreed to were 4 splash guards already fitted on the car, although pricey, but I figured it would cost me not much lower after market, and trying to screw 4 of them in a crouching or lying down position would be very tedious for me. In Oregon where roads are wet at least half the year, it is very annoying and dangerous having the vehicles in front or side of you splashing all over your windshield all the time even when the rain is stopped , especially on the freeway at high speed. I am amazed there is no legal requirement for this low price equipment that can prevent accidents and save lives! - really liked the dealer placing number plates on the car immediately on buying for a fee that was reasonable and avoided the wait time involved - cannot rate reliability now, but historically, is excellent. - no sales tax in Oregon. Bought in Portland. Not so good: - Honda had year-end 0.9% promotional financing on all other models except on the CR-V WHY? I will quickly refinance to lower the interest rate to half. Haven't started paying yet. Spoke to Honda Financial they said go for it and have no strings or penalties attached if we do refinance early. - the dealer tried to sneak in additional fees and amounts over and above of what was agreed before visiting the showroom, repeatedly angering me and making me almost walk out a couple of times

  • Honda Odyssey is a must for families - 2005 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    We have gotten every penny out of this car. It is 11 years old and still only requires routine/expected maintenance. It is great for packing in a bunch of people comfortably. My only criticism might be that the middle seat belts (2nd and 3rd row) hit too high on neck even for an adult (5'8"). That is something to consider when you count out how many people/kids you will routinely transport. Really can't go wrong with any Honda, in my opinion.

  • Honda's brand is not worth it - 2015 Honda Fit
    By -

    I've owned my 2015 FIT for 4 months. It had a recall, and I also brought up a bluetooth issue sigh Spreen Honda. Here is where the fun begins. The bluetooth has software issues that Honda Corporate passes the buck as well as Spreen Honda. If you want a car where you can transport, its fine but don't count on Honda to resolve its known issues. Service manager at Spreen (Jim) concurred with me that the HandsFreeLink has issues. Honda Corporate was pulled in as well, and its a merry-go-round of pointing fingers. When I asked why can't I get the software of the Courtsey car, I was given an excuse that made me laugh. Silence of ones knowledge about programming is worth its weight in gold. Amanda from Honda corporate technical support tried to help, but Grace who I initially had contact with transferred me to a department that can do nothing. That's what I call pass the buck. As of the date of this post, I remain in limbo. It's a pity that Honda points fingers, and sells inferior quality. Face it folks, audio is part of what you bought. How sorry I am that I every did business with Honda.

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