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Since its launch for the 2003 model year, the Honda Pilot has helped shape the market for crossover SUVs with three rows of seating. Offering V6 power, respectable fuel economy, a comfortable ride, plenty of interior space and seven-to-eight-passenger seating, the Pilot is exactly the kind of vehicle that appeals to growing families who are leery of traditional minivans. Other crossover SUVs might be sportier to drive or more stylish on the inside, but Honda's three-row crossover appeals to your practical side and packs in a lot of functionality.

Choosing a Pilot is straightforward, as Honda packages equipment in a few basic trim levels rather than offering countless options. Regardless of the year, all Honda Pilots give you three useful rows of seating and lots of storage slots, though early models are smaller and aren't quite as accommodating for teenagers in the third row. Cargo capacity has also increased over the years.

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  • Rock solid,easy to drive,great family vehicle - 2006 Honda Pilot
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    We bought this 2006 Honda Pilot with 14,000 miles on the odometer and could not be more pleased. The Pilot now has 216,000 miles on it and runs as good as the day we bought it. Maintenance over the years has been brakes , rotors , a timing belt at 140,000 miles. Other than standard upkeep , the radiator was replaced ( pin hole leak ) and an alternator around 200,000 miles. We still make comfortable trips from Ma to Nyc.It is still the vehicle of choice when transporting the grandchildren to various functions ,soccer and hockey games. We have even had two adults in the third row seat for one of our evenings out. We will now look at a 2016 Pilot because my daughter wants this one. Great Car. Hope the new Pilot is as good.

  • Meh - if you want no surprises and can settle.... - 2014 Honda Pilot
    By -

    Brief summary - If you want a predictable vehicle with good resale value, good safety and plenty of room, the 2009-2015 Honda Pilot is the right vehicle for you. If you want some comfort, good looks, updated design (Pilot hasn't changed much since 2009) and modern technology advances (touch screen navigation), look elsewhere. Coming from previous Honda vehicles (Accord, CRV), we almost purchased the Odyssey before settling on the Pilot. Starting with the trim levels, Honda has these pre-designated so it doesn't confuse consumers. The only way to get both navigation and factory entertainment (DVD) system was the Pilot, which had a MSRP of $42k. Note that for the "top of the line" vehicle in 2014, this thing was well behind the times. Not only has there been no major updates to this Pilot since 2009 (when the first ever Samsung Galaxy smartphone was released), it was well behind the competition. The 14 Toyota Highlander came with LED's, adaptive cruise control, panoramic moonroof, blu-ray DVD player, heated steering wheel and the 12-speaker JBL system. The Honda Pilot came with regular lights, regular cruise control, regular moonroof, regular DVD player, regular steering wheel, and regular "premium" sound system. FOR ALMOST THE SAME PRICE ($42k Pilot Touring 4WD vs $43k Highlander Platinum AWD) The Honda is very utilitarian meaning it serves it's purpose. You want a dependable vehicle that has history of few mechanical issues, good resale value, a lot of interior passenger & cargo room, it is a good vehicle. But on top of a lack of value, it actually is uncomfortable (comparably). Hard leather seats that are far from plush, very hard-plastic interior (same materials as the base Pilot LX...) covers the interior of the vehicle, and a less-than-plush ride. Took a 19 hour road trip over Thanksgiving and it was less-than-desired comfortable, though I have been in worse vehicles. The navigation is an outdated & un-intuitive input system that requires the user to use a knob and turn to the right character, one alphabet at a time...think of a rotary phone but with the whole keyboard as possible options. Also note at 15k and 30k miles, Honda recommends the rear differential fluid to be flushed (~$80-$100 per instance) which wasn't an expected maintenance item. It's in the manual. Also for those who swear by Honda reliablity, google "Honda Pilot VCM" to read through the horror stories many Pilot owners have had with their ENGINE. With the new re-designed 2016 Pilot's now out, you can really get a good deal on a low-mileage late model Pilot because the new one fixes a lot of the issues a lot of the old ones have. We got a decent deal (over $4k off MSRP) when we purchased the 14 Pilot 4WD, at the time of this posting new 15 Pilot 4WD Touring's could be had around the $35k mark with all incentives which is a great deal. PLUS - Good gas mileage (23-24mpg highway is realistic) - Aside from the VCM issue, no major concerns around reliability a lot of over 100k mile Pilot's still on the road - Great resale value, Honda has done a good job here - Stellar interior room middle row seats has much leg/hip room as a minivan...without being a minivan - Boxy shape means flexibility to haul a lot of cargo like oversized gifts, bicycles and such - Sound system, for being no-brand, sounds pretty decent NEGATIVE - Comfort, comfort, comfort...almost 2 years into ownership, the seats haven't gotten any better. - Cheap-ish interior material the fact the leather stains so easily to the very hard plastic that covers the interior of the vehicle from the dash to the door panels, even in the "top of the line" trim is disappointing - Less than plush ride, especially compared to the 14 Pathfinder, 14 Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon, 14 Highlander, 14 Enclave/Traverse/Acadia and even the 14 Durango - Old design, this thing hasn't been refreshed since 2009 when almost all its competitors have come with something new Would I do it again? Absolutely not. Do I regret it? Not really, I am confident this vehicle will run for a long time to come and hold its value respectably. But when you itch to trade the car in almost every month because making car payments on a car that you "settle for", it isn't a good feeling.

  • We like the 2015 - 2015 Honda Pilot
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    I bought this car a year ago. We have found the car to be fine with the power of the engine. I use the cruise control often and don't have any problems with sluggishness. In fact when driving on the turnpike I set the cruise at 80 and I don't have any problems. Purchasing the Pilot was a financial decision when comparing toyota and Ford. The car has been at the dealership for minor fixes due to assembly though nothing has been engine related. The glove box handle worked sporadically, the rear Hatch control button didn't operate, the button on the gear shift sticks. Honda service is great and of course these have been fixed with no questions asked.

  • hesitation - 2013 Honda Pilot
    By -

    This Honda model has a terrible hesitation problem. Often it will quit running and let you sitting in the middle of an intersection, and sometimes it just quits running altogether. I had to have towed to the dealer recently and after having the vehicle two days thet told me it had a bug, the size of a gnat in the air/fuel mixture chamber. Told me it was repaired, but it still has the same problem.

  • Bought With Some Reservations - 2013 Honda Pilot
    By -

    I will preface my remarks by saying that I got a great deal on a left-over 2013 model so I am not overly disappointed with this purchase. With that being said, the engineering that went into designing the cargo area with either row of back seats down is horrible. The cargo area has a terrible backward slope resulting in anything you stow ending up at the lift-gate. The road and wind noise are excessive, overall outward vision is poor, oil change cost is expensive with the 0w-20 oil requirement, and the electronic gadgetry lags behind other like-level vehicles. And finally, at 14,000 miles the left front inner CV boot self-destructed resulting in a new driveshaft and bearings. I do like the power lift-gate, the back-up camera, storage slots and cubby holes, and the center front console is cavernous. I hate to say it but, with the exception of better gas mileage, I sometimes miss my 1999 Isuzu Trooper LS.

  • 200000 miles and drives like new - 2008 Honda Pilot
    By -

  • Incredible vehicle - 2008 Honda Pilot
    By -

    2008 Pilot is quiet, roomy, comfortable and reliable. Best vehicle I've ever had!!

  • Great car for business and family travel - 2010 Honda Pilot
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    Selected car for inside room and ride since I travel a lot. It compared with Lincoln Towncar for ride, since it isn't around any more. Car is great buy, I have company car now and do not need it anymore. Great car!

  • Over 278,000 miles... - 2003 Honda Pilot
    By -

    My wife and I are now Piloteers. I bought my first pilot--an'03--in 2013. The guy I bought if from had sent his last kid to college and didn't need the extra car, otherwise I'm sure he would've kept it. It had 245,000 miles on it. Since we've owned it (it's been my wifes primary driver) we've rolled it up to 278,000. Other than standard maintenance, I've put no money into it. It literally still handles like it's brand new. The invinceable V-tech engine is very quiet, and the transmission doesn't slip in the least. As of a week ago, we are now piloteers for life. I gave away my perfectly good Chrysler Pacifica and bought my wife a newer pilot with half the mileage. The '03 is now mine. I will never buy another vehicle. When my oldest gets into high school (in the next two years) I will give him the '03 and buy another. Make no mistake, the honda pilot is the absolute distance you can take your dollar. It is well worth the money.

  • love after 10 years - 2005 Honda Pilot
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    I had times with 13 mpg in the city traffic holdups. So prepare to pay for gas. Reliable, but dealer maintenance prices are $500-650 after a few years.

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