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  • So far so Great! - 2016 Honda HR-V
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    I had been on the hunt for a new car for several months (luckily my previous Escape had been running great so I had time to shop!). Moving from an SUV, I wanted something a little more fun to drive, with better fuel efficiency, but without sacrificing too much space. I had narrowed down my search to the Corolla, the Hyundai Elantra GT, and the HR-V (Yes, 3 very different cars, I know). After endless pros and cons lists, multiple test drives, reading every review on the web, and making myself insane meeting many different car salesmen, I finally opted for the higher investment with the HR-V. As soon as I made the decision I felt relief. Now having had the car for about a week, I have already packed it full for an art show and have a road trip schedule. This car is fantastic! A little sluggish on the pickup, the sport mode gives it a little more "oomph" to improve the driving experience. I really enjoy using the paddle shifters as well. The road noise is very quiet when in drive mode, but when in Sport mode, the CVT shifts a bit higher and is definitely a little louder, but still far quieter than my Escape was. I opted for the EX, as this option adds a moonroof, heated seats, and side view camera (when turning right) and only added about $2000 to the price. One thing I have noticed that Im not the fondest of, is the extreme lumbar support in the drivers seat. I think that, due to my small stature, this will take some getting used to. I also wish Honda offered a powered drivers seat option for the EX model (I dont think they even offer it for the EX-L either). In a nut shell, if your looking for something that drives like a car, gets great gas mileage, and has the capacity of a small SUV and will last you forever, this is the car!

  • Just about everything I was looking for in a SUV - 2016 Honda HR-V
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    Great little SUV that meets all my need. I was looking for a reasonably priced SUV with AWD and good fuel economy and the HR-V fits the bill. Most SUVs are too large and heavy which results in poorer MPG and often more expensive when equipped with options and AWD. I wasnt looking for something with a lot of power since I dont tow or haul a lot of stuffs nor do I drive very aggressively. Within my price range. Plenty of features. Excellent MPG. Very spacious for this compact segment. Hondas legendary reliability with a proven 1.8L Civic engine and CVT transmission. AWD traction for extra assurance in bad weather. I am not an off-roader, so I dont really need a very sophisticated AWD.

  • Great CAR - 2016 Honda HR-V
    By -

    Perfect CAR

  • Content, maybe a better word - 2016 Honda HR-V
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    Im still happy with my HR-V because of the economics, not a gas guzzler. The acceleration is fine under normal situations. However, when at a complete stop, if I accelerate quickly, it doesnt respond well or when merging onto the highway...if I press on the gas pedal heavily, it wont move out as quick as I want, but these are rare situations and now I know what to expect. The interior is quite roomy, seats are comfortable, but manual. Theres plenty of leg room, rear seats can fold down or lifted up for traveling with bulky cargo. I live in an region where winters are rough on cars. In traffic, I had to brake quickly and the car just slid. I was in an area where salt trucks arent out as often as where I live or maybe they couldnt keep up with the continuously falling snow. I like listening to music on the radio, unfortunately my car doesnt indicate the names of songs/artists automatically. The manual was not helpful on this subject. The Honda HR-V is reliable, still kind of new so its expected.

  • First Honda - 2016 Honda HR-V
    By -

    I saw this car was going to be released this past Spring, so I waited to see it before decided on a new car to purchase. I like everything about it, but as some reviews indicate, after driving it a while, it starts to make noises that seem to come from the back seat on the drivers side. I initially thought it was the cargo I was carrying or perhaps the wheel and other stuff stored under, but Ive checked and everything seems secure. Its weird though. Seems to only happen at low speeds under 35-40 mph. My passengers hear it as well. The second week I had it the wheels seemed to make noise and drag, but it eventually stopped, so I didnt get checked. Now this noise. Perhaps they are related. Ive had my first oil change, but forgot to ask them to check to see why all the noise. I expected quality from Honda brand, especially in a brand new car! I see Im not alone. The HR-V has noise issues after driving for a while. I already got a recall notice, but not for this issue.

  • behind the brake plate? - 2016 Honda HR-V
    By -

    I love this car...except two weeks in it was making a horrible noise. The noise stopped and the dealer told me a rock had probably gotten stuck behind the brake plate. Freak occurrence, right? Then, it happened again yesterday, while driving in a rainstorm in unfamiliar territory. I stopped the car, then accelerated quickly and the noise went away. A second freak occurrence? I will check with the dealer when Im back home. Feels like a rough start 6 weeks in.

  • Love my Honda EX Manual! - 2016 Honda HR-V
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    I was looking for another Crossover that was manual since my Nissan Juke cant hold an adult around my height in the back seat. Plus I wanted a Crossover that got as good if not better gas mileage then my Nissan. Looked at the CX-5 but just wasnt feeling it in the manual 6 speed so I went with the HRV Ex. I got plenty of room for the family now and the luggage . Been gettin great gas mileage so far 34 avg and love the ac system no one complains its not cold in the

  • Most fun car ever! Awseome sound system! - 2016 Honda HR-V
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    We LOVE our new HRV! This is truly one of the most favorite cars we have ever had, and it is the most fun to drive. I have a pair of Bose headphones that I listen to a lot, but the HD radio in the HRV sounds even better than Bose headphones, which is hard to believe. I am 63 and have plenty of room in the front and even in the back seat with the front seats all the way back - unbelievable. The fuel economy is great and we have found the 1.8L engine to be adequate for everything we need - glad to have that engine since it is "tried and true" and has been around so long. Great value and investment!

  • Love my little SUV - 2016 Honda HR-V
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    11/16 I still love this little SUV, the one fault I have found with it is accelerating - sometimes when pulling out from a stop, I get no acceleration and it can be unnerving. I had it checked, they said it is because it is a 4 cylinder - well all my SUVs have been 4 cylinder and I have never had this problem. My last 4 cars were Honda CRVs, all basic models, great cars, but did not feel the need for a SUV that big. Tried out the Honda HRV & it was love at first ride - I still has an SUV feel, not low to the ground like I feel when I drive a sedan. And this time I purchased all the bells & whistles and so far I am extremely pleased.

  • They tried to sell it 4K over MSRP. - 2016 Honda HR-V
    By -

    And another dealer tried to sell it 2,500 over MSRP. Trust me, that didnt fly. Additional Markup, they said, because the car is so pupular.

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