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Sold from 2003-'11, the Honda Element compact crossover SUV remains one of the most distinctive and practical vehicles on the road. Happy Element owners are often city dwellers who appreciate both its small size and generous 75-cubic-foot maximum cargo capacity. Another notable element about the Element is the ability of its access-style rear doors to pivot backward a full 90 degrees, providing unimpeded access to the roomy and creatively configurable rear seats.

A used Element of any vintage is easy to recommend thanks to its functional interior, smooth four-cylinder engine and carlike handling, not to mention Honda's reputation for reliability. That said, it's worthwhile to focus your search on 2007 and newer models, as they offer a bit more power and enhanced safety features.

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  • Such a cool car! - 2007 Honda Element
    By -

    Lowest maintenance of any vehicle Ive ever owned, but its time to move on. I dont need the large cargo space anymore to transport my wares. Fun to drive, easy to take care of, I love the element.

  • Love the toaster,! - 2006 Honda Element
    By -

    Fun, easy to drive and so versatile with the large cargo area, its like having the storage space of a minivan but the compact exterior for smaller spaces. The only tricky part for me is getting in and out of the back seat (having bad knees) is a bit awkward. A backseat heating/cooling vent would also be nice for ventilation, but Ive travelled back and forth across the country several times and it has been a great ride every time. The all wheel drive makes snow and ice travel possible, where Ive had other vehicles unable to do the job in bad weather. Honda Element owners seem friendly and happy - many Element drivers wave to me as if to say, "isnt this a great car to drive!" Ive also found it humorous when I come out to the parking lot where Ive parked far away from cars, only to find two to three other Elements parked around mine.

  • 2008 element - saved my life - 2008 Honda Element
    By -

    Wonderful car. Airbags everything worked head on collision with Tahoe going 45 to 50 miles an hour. Walked away with minor injuries. Recommend this card to everyone I meet

  • 2008 Element SC - Yes, the hard to find SC. - 2008 Honda Element
    By -

    Very practical and useful car and at $22,500 (Had a Honda $1500 end of year discount and the dealer came down another $1600 or so), its not too much cash. Yes, a BOX ON WHEELS. I always get looks from other ELEMENT Owners because I dont think many of them knew about the SC version. I didnt like the ones with the flat black fenders (LX) and the flat black bumpers (EX). The SC has no flat black body panels. I bought it new in late summer of 2008 and it was HARD to find an SC! There are 6 or 8 HONDA dealers within 20/25 miles of me and only 2 had SCs. And only ONE dealer had every color. The other dealer had ONE black and ONE blue one. Thats it. I have 110k miles on the car and aside from a problem with the Throttle Position Sensor at about 80k, the car has been flawless. 110k miles and just that one repair (outside of the usual brakes, tires, battery) Seats are comfy, the doors open a full 90 degrees for easy loading and unloading, and with the rear seats removed there is quite a bit of room. THE AC is powerful as is the heater. The XM radio sounds great, especially with the 8 or whatever speakers this thing has and the sub-woofer up front. Its the newer 2.4 Liter engine used in the Accords and CR-Vs with a TIMING CHAIN, not a BELT! Thats a maintenance saver right there. Timing Chains rarely wear out. Just had new plugs put in at 103k miles and while driving out of Chicago on the Expressway, I just noted to myself that his car drives as good as it did when new. My original Honda tires lasted about 68k miles. My original brakes up front and on the rear last about 75k miles. I am still on the original discs with 110k miles but I suspect Ill need new discs in about 4 to 10 k miles and it may be time for brakes again. With the SC package and the wider, lower profile 18" tires it grabs the road good and corners well. Brakes could be a bit better. My last car was a 4800 lb SUV and it stopped better. The only drawbacks I see are the ride, the MPG, and the quality of plastic used inside. I have the SC, which has lower profile tires, stiffer springs, and is a bit lower to the ground than the other Elements. So, not sure if the other models (EX and LX) ride better but the SC has a jarring ride at times. Where I live (Northern IL) the roads are pretty crummy. Lots of trucks and snow and salt. The Element SC seems to go over the bigger holes good but some of the smaller dips in the road are really noticeable. My wifes 20 year old Civic with 20 years old shocks has a better ride on the roads with these little dips in them. I get about 23 MPG city and 26 on the highway. I am getting 1 MPG better or so than the sticker indicated but I would have figured a small engine like this would get a few more MPG. Second, the interior plastic scratches quite easily. I have hauled a few things and it does not take much to scratch/gouge the plastic inside. It only seats 4, which is sometimes a pain if my kid has more than 1 friend that needs to be brought someplace, that one has to sit in the front. But, on the bright side, the rear seats have plenty of room AND THEY RECLINE! My daughter loves reclining the seat a bit on long drives and relaxing. The Vehicle Stability control is a joke. The SC only comes Front Wheel drive so this may seem like a valuable feature but and Im able to maneuver and drive better in the snow with the VSC OFF.

  • From soup to nuts, it does it all. - 2007 Honda Element
    By -

    The only thing Id change is the drink holders. They are hard to get to with the arm down. I love the cargo room with the seats folded up to the sides. I have brought a 50 gallon water heater home with my car and a new dishwasher. I wish they hadnt discontinued the Element I would buy a new one. My husband simply doesnt fit in other cars and I got this to ease his getting in and out. It provides him with the necessary head room. Hey Honda bring it back just like it is.

  • I LOVE my Element! - 2005 Honda Element
    By -

    The Element is a great car all the way around. I have the EX AWD version, and it handles great in the snow. It has never left me stranded, period. My car has over 200k miles, and you cant even tell at all. The engine runs like a million bucks and doesnt leak or burn any oil at all. It gets really good gas mileage for an AWD SUV (I average 20 city, 25 highway). I think it is a very sharp-looking SUV. I will say that it does seem to be prone to dings. This is a great SUV for you if you have animals that are going to be riding in your car, since it doesnt have any carpet. I love that feature! The seats are also water and stain resistant. I think the seats are comfortable despite this feature. I have taken my Element on road trips and it has been very comfortable. This is a great SUV and I definitely recommend it.

  • You can pull a boat with one of these. - 2005 Honda Element
    By -

    Have owned since new, 10 years. Last year I put a trailer hitch on and started pulling my 17 fiberglass fishing skiff with it. Boat, motor and trailer weigh 1600 lbs and it tows and stops well. Easy to launch and retrieve boat.

  • It became a legend - 2006 Honda Element
    By -

    In 2003, I hated them. They were square, somehow shy looking, and yet moved with unearned confidence. Then, in 2009, when a friend told me he was looking for one, I gave it a second glance. I test-drove one. Seven hours later, it was in my name. I bought my 2006 Element EX with 30,000 miles on it. Six years later, when the odometer read about 77,000 miles, I found it hit by a driver and totaled. Very sad. This Element is the perfect companion. Its resilient, adaptable, and always two steps ahead. It finished my...sentences. As long as I fed it oil and kept it up, it was dependable. In 2015, Im looking to buy my second Element. I love this car, even if its a bit nerdy and too forgiving.

  • 2008 Honda Element EX automatic bought new - 2008 Honda Element
    By -

    I owned four Hondas before I bought the Element and like them all. The Hondas I owned were two Accords and two CRXs. The Element has too many blind spots, the clam-shell doors begin to squeak and rattle after a while, they blow around on the road when its windy, fuel economy is not that great and when facing a head wind decreases even more. The windshield pillars are large enough to easily hide a mini van and even a school bus depending on position. Vision to the sides and rear suffer the same. I took it on several long distance trips and it proved to be not comfortable. It pitches and yaws enough to make you feel motion sickness. I eventually traded it for another Accord.

  • Ugly as heck, but very reliable - 2008 Honda Element
    By -

    I purchased this car for my wife back in 2008. She was not good about cleaning her car, so something like this (no carpet or frills) was better for her. I ended up with is 2 years later because it gets a little bit better gas mileage then our full size Chevy Crew Cab with a V8. Real poor gas mileage for a 4 cylinder 22-24 MPG, and I am on the hwy most of the time. I would not buy another one, but it is real good to haul bicycles around in fact, I have put 4 bikes in the back with the seats up. The thing is built like a tank, and like I said, very reliable. I now have 114,000 miles on it, and it runs like a top...An ugly one!

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