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  • truly the best vehicle we ever had - 2003 GMC Safari
    By -

    our 2003 gmc safari is the best vehicle i could ever hope for . weve put over 200.000 miles on it and almost no maintence. it never breaks down and all weve had to replace is fuel pump and alternator. This van is perfect and i ABSOLUTELY recommend it . GMC did a great job with this one . VERY RELIABLE

  • LOVE MY VAN BUT ...... - 1997 GMC Safari
    By -

    I got this van in the summer of 2007 with 69000 miles on it, RAN GREAT was my daily ride. I drive over 100 miles a day and in 2010 the fuel pump problem happened with my van as well. We replaced it and it still is not running right, so it has been parked for over a year now for the day I have the money to take it in because I really do not want to give up the van. Also there is a clunking sound when you take off. Still love the van..

  • Good but not Great - 1996 GMC Safari
    By -

    Towed a pop-up camper across country several times, and camping every summer, w 5-6 people. But u gotta tow in 3rd gear because of trans calibration. Full size trailer several trips. All the electrical problems others mentioned, ww and window motors (one side twice), alt, fuel pump, blower mtr, radiator, a/c compressor $1200, water pump, 4 idler arms, tire life not good, rear dutch door handle completely rusted off, needs injectors cleaned, otherwise engine and trans run good

  • I LOVE my Safari! - 2001 GMC Safari
    By -

    I have nothing but good things to say about this van. Maybe I just got lucky with my particular vehicle, but I have had to put nothing but tires on this thing! I bought this 2001 SLE in April of 2009 and it had 120K miles already, so I brought it by my mechanics shop and it passed with flying colors. Its now over a year and 25K miles later, and I had to put tires on it. Runs strong with 145K miles, no smoke, plenty of power, handles wonderfully, very comfortable for my bad back with 4 herniated discs, and I use it almost every weekend to haul a large amount of musical gear to the stage. I really dont understand why they are discd, but a 2011 or 2012 return would be VERY SMART!

  • The Vans a Rockin - 1994 GMC Safari
    By -

    Very sound mechanically and a work- horse when loaded. My kids love the room inside, its like having a mini motor home on vacations, very roomy. Had to replace fuel pump, alt, wiper motto, actually all these were very reasonable as the 94 has less expensive parts then the newer models. One thing I appreciate is the vehicle does not leak a drop of anything, were heading into 20 year territory and the vehicle is very mechanically sound. We have a fleet of Ford Focuses at work and every one of them leak oil. So this is an excellent acquisition, even though its look is a bit dated the heart and soul is still there. I recommend not as a commuter as the gas mileage is to be expected for a 4.3.

  • The best there ever WAS - 1994 GMC Safari
    By -

    Bought this car because I needed the room and the power. It was a wreck when I bought it , previous owner didnt take care of it at all. After some work it has performed flawlessly. It has amazing ability for heavy cargo and mileage is not affected by how much it is pulling (although fuel economy is not good to begin with). It has 186000 miles on it (300,000 KM!!!) and I have no plans of selling it anytime soon.

  • Ill be sad to see it go - 2000 GMC Safari
    By -

    And here I promised myself I wouldnt get attached to this vehicle! We bought it less than 4 years ago when we were expecting our 5th child, knowing we would likely outgrow it in a few years. But I LOVE this van. The battery & alternator have been replaced since we bought it. Otherwise, nothing but regular maintenance. After our 1998 F-150, some of the peripherals like door handles, locks, seatbelt guides feel a bit "cheap" (lighter weight plastic, a few rattles), but its still holding up fine at 150k. We are now expecting our 7th child so will be moving on to a 15 passenger.

  • very good automobile - 1995 GMC Safari
    By -

    I bought this vehicel in 1995 it had 13000 miles and has been a great car but now the gas milage is so bad that I need to trade.

  • My 4th Astro/Safari Van - 1999 GMC Safari
    By -

    Excellent overall Van - I have owned 4 of them, and probably 5 full sized fords before that. Bought one new, put 200,000 miles on it without a problem. Bought 3 used with 100,000 miles at about $5,000.00 each and ran them to just over 200,000 miles each, and sold or traded them for about $2,500.00 each In all four combined, I replaced 2 window motors ($26.00) a couple blower fan relays ($6.00), a couple fuel pumps ($200.00), one drive chain ($300.00), and one CV joint ($60.00). Do the math - $12,500.00 vehicle cost: got 500,000 miles, about $600.00 in repairs. No brainer - this is a great little truck (and it IS a truck), hauls a trailer well, fits lotsa people, extremely comfortable,

  • Great Van - 1996 GMC Safari
    By -

    This van has been great I have 0ver 250000 miles and other than upkeep maintenance I’ve had no issues. Yes I’ve had to replace tires, breaks, hoses, belts, and so on but never any thing major. The electric windows work fine. I would highly recommend this van to anyone with kids it is a great traveling van.

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