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GMC is a division of General Motors that focuses on producing SUVs, trucks and vans. Though GMC's vehicles are mechanically similar to related Chevrolet products, they are typically differentiated by unique features, trim levels and minor styling tweaks. The automaker's full-size pickups and SUVs are the most compelling offerings in its lineup; in many cases, its products in these categories are class-leading.

The marque's roots lie in the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, a truck manufacturer that was founded by Max Grabowski in 1902. The outfit was purchased by General Motors in 1909 with the intention of having it serve as a division dedicated to building tough and capable trucks. The brand came to be known as GMC Truck; early models include the T16 and T20. Most of the manufacturer's trucks were very utilitarian in nature and functioned as dump trucks, fire trucks and military vehicles. GMC Truck's 3/4-ton Model 16 saw duty in World War I, serving mostly as a battlefield ambulance.

Sales continued to climb in the 1920s. After switching to a six-cylinder Buick-built motor, GMC Truck's 1- and 2-ton trucks earned the distinction of being the fastest in their classes. By the '30s, the line had grown to include everything from half-ton pickups to 10-ton trucks and buses. New models included the popular 1936 Suburban, which was essentially a truck-based station wagon that paired a truck's utility with a car's creature comforts.

World War II was a time of expansion for GMC Truck, thanks to its acquisition of Yellow Truck & Coach. Once again, the automaker's vehicles were tapped for wartime duty. New models like the Jimmy and the DUKW (nicknamed the Duck) were widely used by American troops.

Postwar, GMC Truck models became more consumer-oriented, and many were revamped to offer styling that more closely resembled passenger cars. The 1950s and '60s witnessed an upswing in sales, thanks to the popularity of recreational vehicles like GMC-based motor homes and pickup campers. The Jimmy name was revived and assigned to the brand's first ever sport-utility vehicle in 1970. That decade and the next saw a continued rise in the brand's popularity. The early '90s saw the brief appearance of the Syclone and Typhoon. The former was a small street pickup that burned up the asphalt with its turbocharged V6 and all-wheel drive. The latter was essentially a two-door SUV based on the same platform. Either one of these oddball speedsters could rip through a quarter-mile in around 14 seconds flat, making them among the quickest vehicles ever offered by General Motors. Also, by this time, GMC Truck had trimmed its moniker; the brand is now known simply as GMC.

In the past few decades, GM has consolidated its products and GMC's trucks have become less individualistic as a result. Today, most of GMC's vehicles are virtually identical to those sold by Chevrolet. The main differences lie in minor features and design tweaks that give GMC's offerings a more upscale image.

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  • Locking gas cap for this model - 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited
    By -

    We have this 2022 Sierra 1500. It is a very nice pu. Just wondering why it doesn’t have a locking gas cap or locking door for the gas ?

  • Good investment on this Envoy - 2002 GMC Envoy
    By -

    I purchased gmc envoy in 2004 through Certified dealer and it last me until now. The car have 178.000 miles on it and still push out power very strong, I used this car for trailer every summer and it done great, the Dash board light start to fade out but it an easy fix.

  • I would not recommend to a family or friend - 2017 GMC Acadia
    By -

    I agree with all the negative reviews. The issues I’m having and have had are in the sensors. I’m having a couple of sensors go out on me every year and the repair is very costly. For example, recent sensor issue was with the emergency brake. Cost to fix over a thousand. Two weeks prior to that radiator fan sensor went bad. Cost close to a thousand to fix. Prior to that shifter sensor. That went bad twice. First time replacement was on the shifter. The second time went bad and the they replaces the harness shifter. It’s been a nightmare. My wife and I share a car. We have seen a lot of loaner cars since we purchased this car. Other issues, passenger number rusted. Onsar sensor went bad and they had to replace the entire housing unit. Had issue with the roof flapper. They changed the clip on that. I’m sure there’s couple more issues, I just can’t remember what they are without going through my service maintenance history. This is a GMC Acadia 2017 Sport Denali. So it doesn’t matter what trim you get, the cheap trim or very expensive trim like mine, you’ll have problems either way. We decided to buy the expensive trim because my wife and I decided to share the vehicle and didn’t want to have problems with the car for this reason. The only thing I have to say is the dealership has been good to us in regards to giving us loaners and shuttling me back and forth from work when needed. I don’t know why these sensor fixes are costing thousands of dollars to fix? Can it be due to the loaner car costs being baked into the overall fix? I’m just not sure. I did buy a car warranty for $3k but I’m finding out the dealership is charging so much money that the warranty is only covering about 50 percent of the bill. This is adding up to be a lot. Looking back I made a big mistake buying this car. I’m now looking at trading it in. I’m looking at companies that are giving 100,000 mile warranties. I’m just tired and wish these sensor were better designed and more reliable.

  • Fantastic first vehicle!! - 2001 GMC Jimmy
    By -

    I bought my Jimmy second hand as any first vehicle, and it’s an awesome learning experience. I’ve had my fair share of issues with it, but they’re issues that came with the previous owner not taking care of it. I’ve had to have the break line redone, the steering, the tie rods, and so on, but after all that, this thing is a powerhouse! For an older SUV, this thing means business. It runs smooth, it isn’t super loud, and it’s fairly comfortable inside. The back seats can be dropped down, and the trunk is spacious. The back seats can get a little cramped, but that’s a small price to pay. The front is super comfortable, the seats have lumbar support which is awesome after a long day. The steering wheel has a lot of up and down movement, so you can adjust it as you please! I absolutely love my Jimmy. Maybe it’s because it’s my first car, but she’s reliable. Starts up everyday, and has taken me far. She has about 170,000, and doesn’t show any signs of stopping!

  • Help - 2008 GMC Yukon Hybrid
    By -

    I just purchased from a used car dealer and about a week after falling in love with my vehicle, it will lock up while using the head lights and the message on dash says “power steering locked” “check hybrid system”. After being towed twice, seen by GMC, broken promises made by the dealership it was purchased from, I couldn’t be more aggravated with what may be causing this to happen. It only cuts off and jerks when head lights are on. Come to find out, they are not factory headlights and a bulb is missing out of each one. Would this be throwing off the system? Can anyone help. I love my truck but I need it to be reliable and safe and right now it’s neither of those things.

  • Excellent little truck - 2000 GMC Sonoma
    By -

    Love my truck...power when you need it, great for winter icy roads. Religious oil changes and maintenance, new rad and ball joints. Almost 400.000 Kms...body is starting to fade, but keeps on ticking...!!!

  • I love it - 2003 GMC Sonoma
    By -

    My aunt bought my NFC Sonoma new in 2003 and put over 160 thousand miles on it with no major maintenance. My sister then bought it and put over thirty thousand miles on it and now I own it. It had almost 200 thousand miles on it now but it is still running excellent. Body is rough around fenders and rocker panels but it has spent the past six years outside. Overall I love this truck and would not hesitate to buy another one

  • Piece of crap!!! - 2011 GMC Terrain
    By -

    This car is only 5 years old and needs a new engine, bought it used one year ago! Piece of crap! GMC never ever again! You left me broke!

  • New Transmission and Clunking/Vibration - 2015 GMC Yukon Denali
    By -

    Had to have my transmission replaced at 7,000 miles (problems started at 5k miles). Have had clunking in the drivetrain and vibration non-stop since 5k miles but no fix. Dealer keeps saying he cant replicate it yet every passenger in my car asks what is wrong with it. Also have an on again off again burning electrical smell. 6 total visits to the shop, not fixed. GM has been no help.

  • I recommend a 1999 JIMMY SLE 4-wheel drive! - 1999 GMC Jimmy
    By -

    You should be somewhat mechaniclly inclined if you do your own maintenance.Spark plugs& wires are a challenge. I highly recommend a K&N high flow airfilter,the trucks performance over all improved better than new even with 165,000 miles,it just wants to go! The truck is loaded & everything works.Do a little homework and make sure it has not been abused if youre interested in such a purchase.

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