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  • best car ford made - 1993 Ford Tempo
    By -

    I bought this tempo new. took it to California when it had 188000 miles on it. round trip was 4000 miles. 35 mpg. wanted to trade for new 2013 fusion dealer said he give me 150 dollors for it I still have it now has 200700 miles will go anywhere I want. if the fusion lasts as long the tempo ill be happy.

  • Like A Timex, She Can Take A Licking & She Keeps On Ticking! - 1992 Ford Tempo
    By -

    1st Tempo & She Is Awesome, Bought This Tempo As A 2nd Car To My Mercedes Benz S 420 & I Love The Tempo Its Reliable, Cost Efficient & Built like A Tank, 1 Of The Major Factors In Buying This Tempo Was That I Owned Her Sister, 1991 Mercury Topaz & I Rolled This Topaz Down A Mountain God Knows How Many Rolls To The Bottom But I Can Tell You There Was A lot Of Extensions Added To The Tow Trucks Winch To Get her Back Up On The Road & There Was Very Minimal Damage To That Topaz, Reset The Fuel Switch & She Started Right Up & Drove Her Around For 6+ Months Like That & Then She Got T-Boned On The (L) Side At about 80MPH & Was Still Able To Drive & no Injury To Me Either Time, Invincible Safe Cars.

  • Love my Tempos - 1993 Ford Tempo
    By -

    I bought a 1993 2 yrs ago...the engine had blown on my van ... got the car for $600.00 it has 57,000 miles on the engine (verified by a couple of mechanics)...the whole car is immaculate ... came to visit my sis a few thousand miles away & am staying a lil longer than anticipated so decided to check craigslist for a car and found another 1993 Tempo for $400.00 in September 12 and I kid you not, same story, immaculate...God was lookin out for me! anyhow, both cars are, well unbelievable inside & engine knocks, dont use oil, bodies are in good shape...economical on gas ...I highly recommend this car! Mine are automatic transmission

  • Impressive car. - 1992 Ford Tempo
    By -

    I have owned this car for years, and I seriously cannot fault it for its service despite my constant abuse. The one item that has been troublesome is the 3-speed automatic transmission, but I love the car so much despite it that I am planning to swap it out for a manual trans as soon as I can. I love the car so much that I just bought a 91 Tempo GLS 4cyl/5-speed to drive until I can swap a manual into the LX. Ive taken about 20 cross- country trips in the LX, it never let me down. Despite the 3-speed/V6 combo, it gets respectable MPG as well. It currently has just under 200K on it.

  • Excellent car - 1992 Ford Tempo
    By -

    I love this car. Cant believe the engine still purrs. Doesnt use oil. Very cheap to fix. The front wheel bearing just went out but would love to fix. Hate to give it up yet very dependable.

  • 1993 GL V6 Tempo - 1993 Ford Tempo
    By -

    Got it with 86k on it, needed complete tune-up, 3.0 V6 is great, trans has no O.D. or lock up converter, but shifts great, (shades of the 1960s), put 10% over size tires on front, get 22 to 26 MPG average, everything works on the car, 42 Degree A/C on 95 Degree days, change oil with 15w40 Diesel oil every 4k miles, runs like a Swiss watch, no oil leaks, usual maintenance items, car now has 102k on it, good riding car, kind of boring to drive, but so far very very reliable, good daily driver, what more could you want for $900.00? Looking for a reason to get a newer car but the darn thing just wont give me a reason to retire it!

  • small comfortable smooth riding car - 1992 Ford Tempo
    By -

    This car seems to a Nice small but comfortable car it rides smooth I just bought it last week from a individual person for $300 I think I got a great! Deal the body is in great condition and the interior is also in great condition I just dont like the fact there is no cup holders in this car and it has only 3 out of 4 cylinders working which makes it stall sometimes gas mileage is just ok! It goes like 20 to 25 mpg city type driving but I think it should go like at least 30 miles a gallon for a 4 cylinder the engine only has 82,000 plus miles on it and its quiet no engine or transmission problems so far and the heater is great!

  • Buy A FORD - 1993 Ford Tempo
    By -

    Ford Tempo for us was an excellent choice. Still in wonderful condition, not a spec of rust. Rarely repaired - (no majors!)oil/filter every 3 months/ new brakes/ tires, that is basically it. Drives and runs like a gem! We also currently, own (bought new) a 2000 FORD TAURUS wagon, again more than pleased. We have had FORDs - always bought new, since 1966.

  • Great car - 1990 Ford Tempo
    By -

    I purchased this car about a year ago for 200 dollars, with only 68,000 original miles. Great fuel economy! Turns on a dime. Alot of interior space in front, & back seats. Hugh trunk. Best heater Ive ever had on any car. Starts up well, even on the coldest mornings. This car had sit for about a year, without being started up or run, so I was shocked when I went to get it, and it started up on the first try. The only thing that I think I will have a problem with in the future is the transmission. Its a little sluggish, and with talking to others that have owned, or has this car, they have had some problems, when they get up to 90,000 miles.Ive owned newer cars thats not as reliable.

  • Best Used Car Ever ! - 1990 Ford Tempo
    By -

    I bought my car from my neighbor almost 1 year, for $500. I figured It would last a month or so, 6 months tops. 1 year later, Im still driving it. Its been a great little car. Sure, Ive had to have a few repairs done, but none of them were major and most were things I had to have done with a car 20 years newer! Ive considered selling it, but its been so good to me, I think ill just do a few cosmetic repairs and keep it. Its reliable and it has never left me stranded. Great car for the money!

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