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  • Long may you run - 1995 Ford Aspire
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    I bought my 95 Aspire in 1997 with 11,000 original miles on it. It wasnt fancy but it had a lot more room than I expected. The greatest thing about it was it allways ran. It got me thru blizzards, hail storms and city traffic. My son just texted me a picture of the aspire before he took it to the UPULLIT lot. I felt like I was losing a friend. Long may you run-long may you run!

  • Great Little Gas Saver - 1995 Ford Aspire
    By -

    Bought mine for $800 with 72k miles on it, immediately got new tires and a tune up. Other than spending $100 on a reman fuel pump is been excellent however its not fast by any means and going up any hill is a challenge along with no power steering or AC but I average 40mpg and is great in the snow. Love the little guy.

  • My Prim is growing up! - 1997 Ford Aspire
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    I received my 97 Aspire about six months ago as a gift from my fantastic grandparents, and immediately named her Primrose. Prim had 38,000 miles when I got her, and the previous owner kept detailed records of all maintanence. Shes been a fantastic little car with amazing gas milage and small, inexpensive repairs. I certainly plan to keep her for as long as shell hold up to my busy lifestyle!

  • Not the best looking car, but never gives up! - 1995 Ford Aspire
    By -

    My dad bought me a 1995 Aspire (Automatic) back in 1999. It was my first car and at first glance, I wasnt too impressed, but after driving it, I quickly fell in love and although its not the fastest little car, it certainly handles well. Drove it on a trip, 12 hours of non stop driving with out any problems and watched it roll over to 100,000 miles that night! It lasted me until 2008, when the transmission finally gave out. I drove to death! Its been sitting in my back yard ever since as I just cant seem to let it go lol. Ac is STILL freezing cold to date! NEVER GAVE OUT! Did have some repairs done during the time that I drove it, but nothing we couldnt do ourselves. HATED GAS :]

  • The Most Dependable Car Ever - 1997 Ford Aspire
    By -

    I purchased this car in 2001 and its been going strong ever since. Im only giving it up now due to a check engine light that wont go off (so it wont pass smog). Its been bashed up on all four sides, had the axles replaced, a new clutch at some point, and driven almost 200,000 miles. (And the speedometer recently fell off and now makes a horrible noise!) AND, Ive been very negligent about maintenance. I will genuinely, truly miss my car, "Casper."

  • A Compromise - 1995 Ford Aspire
    By -

    I drive a 95 automatic Aspire with about 180K on it. I agree that the car is fairly reliable, always started with no problem until it was about -5 degrees outside. Doesnt accelerate well at all, but gets me where I need to be. Gas mileage is excellent, until you need to turn the heat or AC on, then it just drops. However, the car is not at all comfortable, I drive friends around a lot and its always cramped. Leaks in the door let air in everywhere, and I spend the whole ride wiping frost off the INSIDE of the windshield. Back defrost is a joke. In the cold the speedometer slides right to 110. Honestly, I hate driving the car, but I do think some of it might be my own personal Aspire.

  • Owned it twice now - 1995 Ford Aspire
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    Originally bought it for my 600 miles per week commute to work. Loved the car from the start. My family of four - 2 middle/high schoolers - often took it for trips to town as well. Weve even used it like a truck (the hatchback is great) hauling nearly everything with it - hay, 14 foot long 2x4s, 20 foot long PVC pipes, etc. If we could fit it in, the car would haul it. It now has over 200,000 miles - no major work or problems other than a broken speedometer and cable but I drove it that way for two years! We gave it to my sister for a few years and just got it back for my 18 yr old to drive to college and work. He loves it over his 2000 GMC 4x4 - it is cool, sporty and great MPG gas!

  • Ok first car - 1997 Ford Aspire
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    I bought my ford aspire last December as my first car. I paid Five hundred dollars for it. Since than i have put at least eight hundred dollars in repairs into the darn thing. From Bad motor mounts to tires, Ive replaced it. I dont blame the car itself because the previous owners never even changed the oil in the car. It took four oil changes to finally get it cleaned out! I have to tell you for what this car been through Im surprised it still goes, the engine is good condition just everything around it is whats wrong. If Im gentle with the throttle i will get 35 mpg city and 35 mpg highway it has the 3 speed automatic. The transmission requires you to floor it to shift down.

  • Better then a Scooter - 1995 Ford Aspire
    By -

    I was in the market to buy a Scooter to go shopping and run around. My limit was $1,000. I found this little car at a Charity Auction with 40K original miles. I actually outbid someone else with $800. Needed tune-up and headlight bulbs. I decided to drive to work now every day 40 miles round trip, get over 42 MPG on a regular bases. Takes 6 gallon to fill it up once a week. Better then my 350z or my F150. Zip in and around big cars, park anywhere I decide. No fancy toys to break. I took out the back seat, now I have a large cargo space. Better yet, I can drive this all year round. Ill drive this toy till I cant find parts for it. Why buy a Prius?

  • 95 Aspire - 1995 Ford Aspire
    By -

    This car is small yet powerful. The only thing is that the car has virtually no pick up (acceleration). With a very little bit of work, the car is incredible. I got my aspire with 25,000 miles on it and put about $300 worth of work under the hood and the car is amazing. I wouldnt hesitate to buy another aspire at any time.

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