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The Chevrolet Colorado is Chevy's entry in the highly competitive compact truck segment. Like its rivals, the Colorado is closer to midsize than truly compact. Accordingly, it offers a reasonable amount of hauling capability without the added cost and bulk of a full-size pickup. As is customary in this segment, Chevrolet offers extended-cab and four-door crew-cab layouts, multiple bed lengths and available off-road preparation.

Older versions of the Chevy Colorado could be worth a look if you need a basic work truck, but their four- and five-cylinder engines are weak for this class (though you may find a few examples with a robust optional V8 engine). Colorados from 2015 and later are dramatically better, with competitive powertrains, up-to-date technology features and a spacious interior.

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  • Owner - 2021 Chevrolet Colorado
    By -

    Love the truck. Have 14000 miles on it. The Crush color gets a lot of (I like that truck).

  • Mechanical issues - 2017 Chevrolet Colorado
    By -

    We were very excited when we purchased our 2017 Colorado. Beautiful truck and well designed inside and out, but I guess they should have paid attention to the mechanics of the vehicle and the quality of the paint. Our driver’s door handle has to be replaced due to the paint chipping off and at 9900 miles it is sitting at the dealership waiting for a torque converter and I am number 2 in line of 8 trucks waiting. GM seems to have lacked quality in mechanics as we have a 2009 Silverado and it has 92000 miles on it and absolutely no issues. Would I buy the Colorado again? No. Like so many have said in other reviews I didn’t buy a new truck to be at the dealerships service department all the time. And the turn around to receive the part is horrible. I am now in my 3rd week waiting with no promises from GM.

  • Lots of Flash - 2015 Chevrolet Colorado
    By -

    Truck is beautiful. We have a very bad shutter when excelerating from low speed. Also have trouble with brakes grabbing. GM says it is normal and there is nothing they can do. We do not feel safe in the vehicle. If you are looking at this GM product, I suggest you look at something else.

  • Very Disappointed - 2015 Chevrolet Colorado
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    First the good: The look of the Colorado is excellent. I think it is a very attractive truck. The options are great also. The one that I owned was loaded with all of the bells and whistles. The Dealership and Service Department was great also. (I just had to see them too much.) Now the bad: I also experienced the crazy shifting and total under powering of the truck as mentioned in other posts (The one I owned had the 6 cylinder in it). Several safety recalls, and having the torque converter changed out at 3,600 miles to try to correct the shifting problem, left me very disappointed in the Colorado. The dealer that I worked with was very understanding when I informed them that I did not buy a new vehicle to stay in the Service Department. I had an old car that was paid off if this was what I was interested in. Unfortunately, I decided to trade the truck in on a different vehicle. I had the truck 8 months, and felt like I would be better off just getting rid of the headache. Hopefully Chevrolet will get the bugs worked out in the coming years, but they totally missed the mark on this truck.

    By -

    Had truck almost a yr now and had no problems with anything. I have just over 13,000 miles now. The only thing I dont like is the Chevy MyLink. Im not going to pay extra money every month for Navigation that sux. My Garmin is way better and its paid for.

  • Great mid-size - 2015 Chevrolet Colorado
    By -

    The other reviews I have read are nowhere near my experience. I have owned this truck for a year and I absolutely love it. The fuel economy is tremendous and the overall value of the truck has been terrific. The MyLink is a little wonky at times, but the overall driving experience of the truck far surpasses that of the 2012 Silverado that I owned before this truck.

  • Confused transmission !! - 2015 Chevrolet Colorado
    By -

    It is a nice ride with a transmission problem that should have never been in any new vehicle. The shift and spike in rpm during shifts is a disgrace. I had it cut off on me the other day. It started back up but it leaves me worried about when will that become an issue. I have had several Chevy cars and trucks in my life but this is my last.

  • What a piece of crap!! - 2015 Chevrolet Colorado
    By -

    I have owned this truck for 7 months now. Im about to take it to the mechanic for the 5th time. The first month I had it the radio, back up camera, blinker clicks, horn honk, and USB port went out. At month 4 the ac went out. The transmission skips when you are doing a constant speed, the dealership told me its because the "gears are wound so tightly the truck is having a hard time figuring out what gear to be in." The radio and back up camera have went out a total of 8 times, every time I take it in they say nothing is wrong when they run their diagnostics. Im paying 600$ a month for a truck that runs like crap! I will NEVER buy another Chevy as long as I live. Save yourself the headache! The headlights went out tonight. So I have a truck less than a year old that I cant drive at night. This truck is a nightmare!

  • Government Motors FAIL - 2015 Chevrolet Colorado
    By -

    Engine misfired at idle and occasionally stalled. Driver power window repeatedly failed despite being reprogrammed by dealer. Multiple cosmetic problems - gas door always slightly ajar, hood not even, etc. 4WD would "stick" and required turning car off and restarting to shift back to 2WD. Three recalls requiring service - seats not attached properly, hood fluttered at highway speed, and power steering required reprogramming. All of this occurred before 15,000 miles. Mediocre performance. I traded for a more reliable truck made by a company that did not accept government bail out money.

  • Never shouldnt have gotten a government bailout - 2015 Chevrolet Colorado
    By -

    Let me start off by saying I had a 2013 Chevy spark after seven times to fix the air condition they bought it back under lemon law under the condition that they ask me to buy another chevy which I did I got A 2015 work truck Chevy Colorado well this is definitely POS I had to go to the dealership several times the transmission ships very awkwardly on the highway Ive already problems with the speed sensor and traction control which has shorted out due to the rain which makes no sense.. it was also missing annoyed silent boot on a the engine which made it sound I like the engine was in the truck with me while I was driving.. and also the hood shakes and moves a lot on the highway looks like it wants to come off shame on you general motor.. if I wanted junk I would have gone to the junkyard

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