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It's no exaggeration to say that the BMW 5 Series sets the standard for premium sport sedans. Introduced for the 1972 model year, the midsize 5 Series has long offered a near-perfect blend of performance, luxury and interior room. It's also highly regarded for its refined styling and innovative technology features.

Most BMW 5 Series models you'll come across will be rear-wheel-drive sedans, though you'll stumble upon the occasional 5 Series wagon on the used car market. In addition, all-wheel drive has been optional for some time, and many used sedans in colder climes will be so equipped. Traditionally, the 5 Series has featured an inline six-cylinder gasoline engine, but BMW has also offered V8 engines, turbocharged four-cylinders and even diesel-powered options. When people ask us to recommend luxury cars, the BMW 5 Series is invariably high on the list, new or used.

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  • Disatified Owner - 2012 BMW 5-Series
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    I owe a 2012 BMW 528i. This car has been nothing but trouble since I got it. It breaks down without warning only to find out it can not be towed because the vehicle cannot be put in neutral. The car has to be put on a lift to deactivate the transmission which cannot be down when you are stranded. Dont waste your time with this vehicle. It looks great but not dependable. Not worth the price or inconvience.

  • @6 months - 2010 BMW 5-Series
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    2010 BMW purchased in 8/15 with it, love it.....I traded in a 2006 azera bought new, but caught a little deer damage and never quite felt the same....went in to buy a Audi, left with the bimmer.....for a 5 year old car, it was a better driver than my Hyundai was new.....the ride is incredible the handling is original sticker was 57k and I got it for 17k.....I dont know if I lucked up and made a good find, but for 17k Im very satisfied.....oh and the power is bone chilling for a sedan....

  • New to vehicle - 2006 BMW 5-Series
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  • My 2008 535i - 2008 BMW 5-Series
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    I got a great deal buying a used 535i for $9000 cash. The car is great in terms of performance. Turn off traction control in the rain and the machine is a blast to have all sorts of fun with! However, things seem to go wrong electrically. My adaptive headlights, rear brake light bulb and reverse light bulb all went out in the same week. Also the fuel pump was leaking when I bought it but I was aware of this. I live in the Philadelphia area so there is a repair shop that specializes in German cars. They were able to get me a reasonable price for the repairs. However, if I had to take this to a BMW dealer, I wouldve gone insane with the prices.

  • Great Performance Sport Sedan - 2008 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    This car performs amazingly well given the facts that is a heavy midsize sedan. The look is great! Definitely a head turner with the Sport package. If you are looking for gas mileage stay away from the V8 but if you are mostly looking for performance and power, this is definitely the car for you. I have owned different cars, but this car is very special. You feel in control and you feel like you own the road when you are driving it. It is definitely a joy. I have owned the car for about 2 years now and I bought it with 73,000 miles. Currently at 104,000 miles and no major problems so far. The only major issues was resolved under warranty after a few days I bought the car at the BMW dealer it had an oil leak and a rattle in the engine but they fixed it. Also the cars transmission would malfunction sometimes but they reprogrammed the computer and the problem was gone. Other little things that I have done myself are the angel lights that went out, fog lights, brakes, etc. Something that does bother me is the transmission at low speed, it is a bit jerky especially when you drive it first time during the day. Ive been thinking about upgrading to the F10 version but reading about all the mechanical issues they have, I think Im sticking with this one for now since it has been such a great car so far.

  • My 550i - 2008 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    Greatest Car I have ever driven.

  • Not nearly enough bang for your buck - 2008 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    Considering the steep price, this vehicle is mostly a disappointment. At 39k miles, the water pump went. Shortly afterward, three injectors failed. At 62k miles, the lower bushings needed replacing. While the vehicle is fun to drive, much of my experience has been quite pedestrian. Needless to say, my next vehicles will be a Mercedes and an Audi, as my wife will be getting a new vehicle next year as well. The Ultimate Driving Machine needs to be examined more closely, in terms of reliability.

  • 10 year old BMW 525xi still going strong! - 2006 BMW 5-Series
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  • A Quiet and Powerhouse Diesel - 2015 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    We are normally MBZ people. My last BMW was a 75. We drove the 2015 MBZ 250d and it was noisy and the steering was awful. We decided on the 535d and never looked back. The seats and front seat comfort are wonderful. The car has power to burn when you need it. It gets over 40 mph on the road. The radar controlled cruise control is wonderful on the road. I never stop praising this car. I have owned many cars and feel this is the best ever. I am 80 years old and know how to use all the electronic features. That said, the average older person will have a tough learning curve. The cruise control needs to be made more simple to use. It is a bit too involved. The electronic string needs tightening, though the MBZ 250d is much worse. Bottom line: A greats road car with all the power and comfort anyone could ever want.

  • Worst Car Ive Ever Owned - 2009 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    At 58,000 miles this BMW began failing on nearly every other drive. Even when I was selling it, it broke down on two consecutive test drives. The repairs were nearly $3,000.00 just for those two repairs. Its a fun enough car when its running correctly but, given the performance of far more economical cars, I would never consider another BMW. I also have to comment on the tires: if you think this AWD car is going to perform in snow, youll be disappointed. Theres not enough tread depth in the low profile tires. Youll need dedicated snow tires if you drive in snow regularly. All in all, it was a bad experience. The car is overpriced. The dealership service department tries to gouge you (politely, of course) and the car is completely unreliable. I would never consider another one.

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