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The BMW 4 Series is the company's replacement for the two-door 3 Series. BMW's recently revised nomenclature dictates that odd numbers indicate a sedan, SUV or wagon, while even numbers denote a coupe or convertible. The 4 Series, which is available as both a coupe and convertible, boasts top-notch build quality, spirited performance and a pleasing balance of sporty handling and a comfortable ride quality. Although it is heavily related to the 3 Series sedan, the sleeker 4 is distinguished by a lower height, a more swept-back roof line and front fender vents.

If you are at all familiar with BMW's long-running, incredibly popular 3 Series coupe and convertible, then there are really no surprises here. Given the 4 Series' handsome styling, welcoming cabin, strong yet efficient engines and athletic handling, we think this is one of the best entry-level luxury sport coupes and convertibles available.

Current BMW 4 Series
The BMW 4 Series debuted for the 2014 model year and is available as a coupe or convertible. Trim levels consist of the 428i and 435i. Rear-wheel drive is standard, and all-wheel drive (called xDrive) is available on the coupe.

Powering the 428i is a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that makes 241 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. For the 435i, BMW employs a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6 with 300 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard, and a six-speed manual is available on rear-drive coupes. All 4 Series feature an automatic engine stop-start function that turns off the engine when the car stops in order to save fuel.

Inside the 4 Series, you'll find classy styling and top-grade materials. There's a 6.5-inch display screen standard, though the larger optional screen is more user-friendly. The iDrive multifunction controller is fairly easy to use, thanks to logical menus and quick response. Seats are supportive and comfortable front and rear, and compared to the previous-generation 3 Series coupe, there's more legroom and enough headroom for a pair of average-sized adults to sit in back without much complaint.

In reviews, we've been impressed by both versions of the BMW 4 Series. Choosing the 428i doesn't mean you're settling for the "base" model given its very strong performance and the four-cylinder engine's entertaining soundtrack. Of course, the 435i doesn't disappoint with its even stronger output. The one demerit on the 4 Series is the automatic engine stop-start function, which isn't the smoothest when the engine restarts (though this feature can be disabled).

A curvy road is this car's playground, and getting up early for a Sunday drive is well worth it. Compared to the sedan, the 4 Series rides a bit lower, and both the suspension and the steering have a sportier state of tune. Those who find the ride too firm can opt for the driver-selectable adaptive suspension, which nearly erases road imperfections while further boosting the car's stability.

Used BMW 4 Series Models
The 4 Series is new, but if you're looking for a used two-door BMW, the 4 supplanted the previous 3 Series coupe and convertible.

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  • Daddy like! - 2015 BMW 4-Series
    By -

    If you have the extra money and are looking for a quality built vehicle, the BMW 4 series Coupe is hands down your new car. Handling, acceleration, comfort and just a damn fun car to drive. There are to few cons to mention except for the elephant in the room. The fully or even semi fully loaded 4 series will cause you to dig deep into your pocket book or wallet. The only look the basic no frills 4 series Coupe gets is as you pass them by in the lot on your way to the well equipped model. The price was the only obstacle that prevented me from owning one of these dream machines.

  • Just about perfect for where we are in life - 2015 BMW 4-Series
    By -

    I just retired and my wife is about to retire. It was time for a "life-style" car. We wanted a convertible but, it had to be a hard-top for city parking and, to deal with our snow, we wanted either front wheel drive or awd. When we saw this car at a car show it spoke to us on an emotional level and it had those important features. There arent too many hard-top convertibles anymore the EOS is on the way out, the Volvo C70 is history as is the Chrysler 200 hard-top. The Lexus has zero trunk space even with the top up, and the Z4 and SLK are rear wheel drive. The 428 x drive vert is just about perfect! We decided to take delivery at the SC Performance Center near Greenville and it was a spectacular experience. They let us drive their cars at high speeds, on a slalom course, on an off-road course, and, most impressively, on a skid pad that dramatically demonstrated the anti-skid program that prevented spin out. Amazing! Our car was dramatically delivered (and programmed) in perfect condition and we then took a 1500 mile road trip through the Outerbanks and mountains. Over that distance, the car gave us ~31 mpg on 89 octane gas in ECO mode. Its true that that hard top does take up trunk space but, we were able to easily carry two carry-on suitcases that allowed the top to be lowered. (Our extra debris ended up on the small back seat.) With the top down, the included wind blocker installed and the windows up we were able to easily talk without any buffeting. Our local dealer has been extremely solicitous on price, and they threw in winter BMW mats, caps and usb charger. Were very satisfied!

  • Happy NC driver - 2015 BMW 4-Series
    By -

    I just bought a 2015 428i last month. I added a backup camera and the oyster dakota leather seats but kept the price under $42K. The 2015 model also comes with bluetooth streaming. (The tech is OK but not on par with many other 2015 offerings from a range of brands.) Im a big guy (63" and 300lbs) but I fit nicely in the wider, longer interior of the 428i whereas I always had trouble in a 3 series. I was also a bit cramped in the 2015 MB C300 and I didnt fit at all in the new Acura TLX. In my opinion, the ride, transmission, and handling are far superior to my previous two cars (an Infiniti G37 and Lexus ES350). The closest competitor is the 2015 MB C300 (or wait for 2017 Audi A5).

  • Try the 428i - 2014 BMW 4-Series
    By -

    Picked up my 428i yesterday. Was worried that the 4 cyl wouldnt be enough, and that I would not be getting the BMW "experience" if i didnt get the i6. None of these fools must have driven the 428i, because they could not have been more wrong. I started driving my car around and seeing what it can do and WOW... I couldnt possibly want more. This car is fast, and I mean FAST. This car is superb, and does not need the i6. In all fairness I am sure that the i6 is fantastic but make no mistake ladies and gents, the BMW 428i will knock your socks off and gives very, very little reason to upgrade to the 435i. I am aware that the M4 may be another story,but that will be reserved for big spenders

  • Excellent car for demanding drivers - 2014 BMW 4-Series
    By -

    Got mine a month ago with the sport package. Drives really well especially in sport and sport+ modes. Cornering is excellent as is acceleration and braking. Road noise is higher that I was expecting and there is a little bit of vibration in sport model at slower speeds especially with the sunroof open. Asbsolute fun to drive for demanding driver..

  • I (almost) love everything about it. - 2014 BMW 4-Series
    By -

    As far as I could tell there were only two cars that met my desires for a coupe with AWD, Manual transmission and forced induction for Colorado altitudes. The BMW 435 ended up being my choice. The other choice was the A5/S5. The 428 would have been a competitor for the A5 if it was available with manual. Anyway I drove a S5 and compared it with the 435. I preferred the S5 looks but engine dynamics are noticeably better in the 435 (if the sport mode is active). My car has a manual, so sport mode doesnt fool with the transmission shift points as it does in the Automatic cars. As expensive as it is the 435 seems a better value than the S5. I wish it was all wonderful but it could be better.

  • European Delivery Experience - 2014 BMW 4-Series
    By -

    Weve just returned from our European Delivery experience and it met and exceeded our expectations. We picked up our F32 at the BMW Welt and toured the factory. In the week before turning it over to be shipped to us in the US we put over 1,800 miles on it and toured Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. The ride was super and although I did obey the break-in guidelines, did not exceed 100mph or 4,500rpm, the car performed very well. Its a much smoother ride than my 09 335i which has the sport package. Having the ability to select between "comfort", the default, and "sport" or "sport +" was very nice. Although the numbers dont reflect it the cabin feels noticeably larger.

  • 435i xDrive - They got it right! - 2014 BMW 4-Series
    By -

    This is my fourth BMW coupe and my favorite by far. It is powerful, yet refined, it can be a beast or a comfortable daily cruiser depending on what mode you put it in. Gas mileage is decent for a car with 300 HP, but Sport mode will of course decrease efficiency. I decided to custom order and get almost every option, including the M Sport Package. I test drove a "Luxury Line" and almost changed my mind about ordering the car - but glad I didnt since the M Sport just felt and looked 10 times better. Dont go cheap on the options unless they dont matter to you. I like the fact this coupe is larger than than before, it is actually a tiny bit longer and wider than the 3 series sedan.

  • Very balanced car - 2014 BMW 4-Series
    By -

    Ordered a 435xi luxury edition in sparkling brown with cold weather, driver assistance, premium and tech packages. The sparkling brown paint is lovely and depending on the lighting, it can appear black or purple too. The acceleration is quick and the car is fun to drive in sport/sport+ mode. I find the eco mode to be a little slugglish, especially after starting from a full stop. The engine auto shut-off is a nice feature and you can how much fuel you are saving by driving it in eco mode. The rear seats also have decent room for a mid sized adults. Overall, its definitely an improvement over the 335 since it has a wider stance and it feels more sure-footed especially in fast corners.

  • Amazing car - 2014 BMW 4-Series
    By -

    Just traded in my 2011 328i coupe for the new 2014 428i. I am very pleased with it so far. Right away, I have noticed that this car uses a lot less gas than my previous car with the new engine and transmission. Youd never know its a 4 cylinder with how fast and smooth it is. This car also seems smoother and quieter than the previous one. The iDrive and modes makes it feel more up to date on the interior. I have gotten lots of looks and thumbs up driving this car around town. The mineral gray paint color is amazing.

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