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  • 16 and Going Strong - 1994 Acura Vigor
    By -

    This is the best car I have owned new or used and I have owned ten other cars including a Mercedes. Bought the car new. Great road car that is very agile when you need to pass. Can drive it in very heavy snow and not get stuck. No major problems with the engine or drive train. Replaced timing chain at 65K and again at 125K miles as prevention maintenance. The muffler system lasted for 15 years. Tune-ups every 30K miles, oil changes, brakes about every 50K miles and tires pretty much sum up the cost to drive it for 16 years plus. Honda should think about putting the 2.5 five cylinder in their new TSX instead of the six.

  • Everything broke - 1994 Acura Vigor
    By -

    We have owned this car for 7 years and I have had to replace almost every major part except the motor. Trany 128,000 miles, starter, alternator, axles, 02 sensors, seats are torn etc. This is the worst car that I have ever owned. if Acura is one of the best car lines in the world I would hate to see the worst. would never buy an Acura because this was such a lemon.

  • Love My Car. Never want to give it up. - 1993 Acura Vigor
    By -

    I purchased this vigor as a used car in 1997. Till this day I own it. It is an exceptional automobile. Yes, they only made it from 1992 to 1994, but the cost of repairs, minimal. Love it, it is my collectible. Would not trade it in, no doubt about it. Acura should clone this and put it back on market for 2010. It is a great car, love it , love it. Yeah as it gets older more loving tender care, but if you ask me she sure is worth it. I see newer cars in the shop more than my 1993 vigor. So that goes to show you, this car was made like a gem.

  • Never owned a better car!!! - 1994 Acura Vigor
    By -

    I absolutely love this car!!! I bought it from my brother who beat the tar out of it and she still runs and moves like a champ after 15 years and 365,000 miles. Back seat is a tad small for the car seat, and cup holder would be a plus... But all things considered, I plan on dropping a new engine sometime within the next year just for the sheer joy of driving it.

  • Electrical nightmare - 1992 Acura Vigor
    By -

    I have owned mine for 2 weeks and had the heater blower motor fail, the alarm goes off sometimes when I use the key to unlock it, the stereo display only works sometimes and I have expensive repair quotes for anything that comes up. I find the car attractive to look at and fun to drive. I believe the engine and drivetrain are solid but the electrical issues are awful. This is a money pit that will cost you as much as a newer more reliable car would have from the beginning.

  • More cars should be made like the GS - 1992 Acura Vigor
    By -

    I heard that these cars were very good and so far it has lived up to its reputation. My GS handles like a dream. Is so quiet even with 133000 miles on her that I can hardly hear the enging. Parts are available cheaply. I have replaced a few things but only because I had no record of replacements, such timing belt, water pump, breaks and clutch. But these things do wear out.

  • Oh My Vigor - 1993 Acura Vigor
    By -

    The older gentleman that sold me the vehicle said that he was getting rid of it because he thought that it was going to start to have problems. 20,000 miles later other then a couple of new cv joints and other small mechanical issues the car is a gem!

  • None better for the price - 1994 Acura Vigor
    By -

    A great achievement in engineering. At the time of release, the Vigor just didnt attract a big enough audience to keep up the pace with the lexus 300 series (which wasnt built as well as the Vigor at the time). This car has the total package for the mula, and still outperforms many modern sedans. Ive driven many cars, and this design is very impressive. They are quickly turning into classic collecter items all over. Classic lines, fun to drive, and reliable even over 200k. Test drive a Vigor if you ever spot one for sale. If it doesnt impress you, then it hasnt been maintained well. I will have this car until they dont make parts for it anymore!

  • InLuvWithMyVigor. - 1993 Acura Vigor
    By -

    Ive owned my Acura Vigor for 10 months and Im happy with my purchase. Handling is on point, pickup is awesome and style is excellent. Acura has won me many races along with my heart!

  • Best car - 1992 Acura Vigor
    By -

    This has been my most favorite car to date. I drive it hard and it hasnt let me down. Im very lucky to get to drive it at speeds of 160kms to 180kms for hours. Great car!!

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